How to start the mod

The new update has caused great chaos. I can’t figure out how to run the mod using custom profiles. For example, I select a titanium profile, in the editor I set the armies to Stalingrad, in the sandbox I also set Stalingrad, and when I start it gives an error: armies do not match. If I set up all the armies, that’s also a mistake. Does anyone know what to do?

It seems that you will need to a bit rewrite your custom profile file.
Need to use ussr/ger/jap/usa armies names and id.
For example replace berlin_axis to ger. And it should work:

Some code:

   "ussr" : {
      "armyId" : "ussr",
      "boosters" : [],
      "classBonus" : {},
      "country" : "ussr",
      "curSquadId" : "ussr_modern_inf_1",


   "ger" : {
      "armyId" : "ger",
      "boosters" : [],
      "classBonus" : {},
      "country" : "usa",
      "curSquadId" : "usa_normandy_assault_1",
      "exp" : 0,

Also in sandbox portal settings I turn on only campaigns with USSR vs Germany (Moscow, Stalingrad and Berlin only). But it seems that you can just turn on all campaigns. And it still will work fine.


thank goodness for you being exceptional at what you do ( being fast, and precise ).

i was already panicking for quite some time

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It worked, it’s not for nothing that they say that the simplest things are always more difficult than the most complex ones.May he be with you Petr Likhanov:)