Heavy Tank No.6 for Japan BR5

Development of Type 4 Chi-To and Type 5 Chi-Ri began before Type 3 Chi-Nu, but there were problems that delayed their combatize. And Chi-Nu was put into practical use first. The reason for this can be seen from the fact that it is numbered “Type 3” which is younger than Type 4 Chi-To and Type 5 Chi-Ri.
Also, Chi-Ri had a problem with its turret, so it is likely that Ho-Ri was able to become a force first.
Therefore, if you are adding Chi-Ri or Chi-To to your game’s development tree, it would be appropriate to place them after Chi-Nu and Ho-Ri.

As a side note, the “Chi” in the Japanese medium tank code name Chi-XX is the initial Chi of Chi-yu-sen-sya (medium-sized tank).
The XX part contains the Japanese syllabary “I-ro-ha-ni-ho-he-to-chi-ri-nu-ru-po”. This code is assigned in the order in which tanks are developed, so the development order will be as follows.

Chi-I (Type-89)
Chi-Ro (Type-95)
Chi-Ha (Type-97)
Chi-Ni (prototype only)
Chi-Ho (prototype only)
Chi-He (Type-1)
Chi-To (Type-4)
Chi-Chi (unknown)
Chi-Ri (Type-5)
Chi-Nu (Type-3)
(Type-95 and Type-97 were classified as heavy and light tanks at the time of development, so it’s strange that they were called “Chi,” but that’s how the people at the time decided.)

Looking only at the code name, Chi-Nu is the last to exist. The Japanese military would have had Chi-To and Chi-Ri before they developed him…or so you might think.
However, in reality, Japan, which was under economic sanctions from the United States and exhausted by the ongoing war, did not have the ability to mass-produce Chi-To and Chi-Ri. Therefore, they hurried to make Chi-Nu, which can be produced at a lower cost, into the military.
A small number of Type 4 Chi-Tos were able to be deployed in combat before the end of the war, but the war ended without them ever seeing combat.
(This is a commemorative photograph of the Type-4 Chi-To and his crew, taken shortly after the end of the war, before it was requisitioned by the US military.
The tank was then taken to Aberdeen Proving Ground, where it was targeted by American artillery fire and destroyed. :cry:)

Type 5 Chi-Ri had problems with the new 75mm turret, and it was very slow to get it ready for mass production.
They developed a 75mm cannon to counter American and Soviet tanks, but the Soviet Union had already completed the T-34/85, and there were concerns that the 75mm would not be powerful enough. There were various other problems, but all problems were resolved in March 1945.
Ho-Ri is a prototype machine that uses the already completed Chi-Ri chassis and is equipped with a 105mm large-caliber gun, but the gun itself was completed before the Chi-Ri’s turret. As mentioned above, Chi-Ri had difficulty putting its turret into practical use, and its very existence was questioned, so if the war had continued after 1945, Ho-Ri would have been put into action before Chi-Ri.
in historical fact, both were prototypes and no orders were given for mass production.

The president of a Japanese model kit company called Fine Mold talks about what happened at that time, as he actually heard from Type-4 crew members.
The photo above was also owned by an actual Type-4 crew member, and was made public for the first time by the president of Fine Mold, who was given the photo.
(2) 社長が発見!四式中戦車のスクープ写真 発見当時を振り返る 四式中戦車動画2/3【ファインモールドの放談録】 - YouTube


Yes because no one wants to see this garbage on a Pacific battlefield, thank god none of the helpers forwarded this ridiculous post.

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It’s probably going to happen because Japan has extremely limited number of options for BR5 tanks


Dude, get this through your head, if it wasn’t forwarded, the devs won’t even acknowledge or know that this suggestion exists, and it will go right into the pile of dumb suggestions that they ignore, and thank god for that.

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If the Japanese military is allowed to own Tiger tanks, they should also be allowed to own Type 61 tanks.
It is an advanced version of the Type-4 Chi-to, and can be considered a brother tank.
The only problem is that it didn’t exist in the 1940s.
The Japanese Navy, due to its incompetence and inertia, was unable to supply the army on Guadalcanal with even a can of pineapple.
But when DarkFlow gives them fantasy logistics capabilities, transporting Tiger tanks from Germany to Japan, and from Japan to Guadalcanal and New Georgia, a mere 20-year time difference is a minor problem.


Never forwarded yet are in the game man if he likes it and wants it to be added don’t come to him with HA and not forwarded excuses he is as powerless as you against the wishes of Devs so if devs decide to add it what are you gonna do? cough HO-Ri cough if you want HA there is always custom but there are not many people even in discord servers I’m in that want to do HA custom in General HA is not an acceptable excuse if you feel it should not be added you do you and I feel like I’m gonna enjoy blasting 'mericans with it to each their own . again this is not an argument just a simple statement. To each their own💓

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eh im fine with anything at this point i just want to have fun stuff (like the P59 or Me262 and whatever)

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My argument has nothing to do with historical accuracy, for a suggestion to be added and taken seriously, it has to either have a lot of likes (a sign a lot of people, not just one guy who loves fantasy bullshit, want it) or be forwarded. Guess how many likes this post has? Only 10, guess how many people viewed it? Over 250, goes to show only a small minority wants this garbage in the Pacific. If it gets added? I could care less just would never play high tier Japan again. If it doesn’t? Good riddance.


exacly why i love enlisted it has wierd stuff in the game that i can enjoy and only enlisted has some wacky stuff that exist only in Enlisted like RMN-50 which is exist in media only on Enlisted that means enlisted is the first game to have it

To each their own I respect your opinion but that’s as far as I’m going to go imma enjoy it I can say that for sure

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One of the many reasons I like enlisted, no matter what your opinion on historical accuracy is, you can still have fun in this game.


In the latter stages of the war, the Japanese military was overwhelmingly inferior in weaponry to the United States. Even though we were lacking in everything, we devised ideas and fought tenaciously, even though we could not defeat the American troops.
I want the Japanese army in the game to be like that too.
If developers and players only focus on short-term “balance” and continue to give the Japanese army tanks and aircraft equivalent to those of the United States, the appeal of the Japanese army will decrease day by day.
If Japan has tanks and aircraft that can fight on an equal footing with the United States, there is no reason for it to be the Japanese military. They should rename it Fantasy Asia Army.
The number of people playing as the Japanese army will decrease, but I hope they remain weak. I’d like to see a Japanese army where enthusiastic players compensate for the weaknesses in their weapons with their skills.
Or, I want to see the Japanese army just keep losing because there’s nothing they can do about it.
We don’t need a Japanese military that looks like a fantasy dreamed up by a far-right junior high school student.


you’re quite aggressive, aren’t you?

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Lend lease really is just giving the Soviets a few things. America and Britain are pretty much joined at the hip as a single faction.

It’s a different story if we’re giving Germany captured M1 Garands and America captured Stgs. If you want your enemies stuff just capture it in a battle

I have never said I want 200% historical accuracy. Yeah Germany didn’t have any tanks or planes defending the beaches or this prototype gun wasn’t mass issued. It’s a game and we all accept that. But as always everyone draws their lines differently

I just have my standards. Volkssturm weapons not showing up in Moscow and Tunisia, if it’s a prototype made in X year it goes in X year battle, AVS is an early war gun and can appear in early war battles, that sort of stuff. It’s basically semi-historical. It’s very simple

I’m not even saying that whatsoever so that point is silly and moot

I see more likes for supporting this ideas than those disagree.

Lol helpers rarely forward suggestion anyway.

Lol you really think dev add new vehicles based on our suggestion?
They will just check what vehicles War Thunder has and implement those that they think suitable.
So they already know this tank without being forward by helper since this tank is in War Thunder.
As that guy said, Japan has extremely limited number of options for BR5. So it is possible for them to add this tank.

Lol, by your logic basically all suggestion are garbage, since the number of likes is small minority compare to the number of views.

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I do agree that they shouldn’t add this Japanese Tiger, but I am just speaking meta in that I don’t think a suggestion getting forwarded means whether or not a suggestion is added

I’ve made lots of suggestions before such as new Engineer constructs and other things. None of them have ever been forwarded, but I like to think one day some of these suggestions would be added. Like new grenades, etc

Once again still hope this Japanese Tiger isn’t added (I’ve already given my reasoning in other replies)

You have fun in this game? I doubt that with a pissed off attitude like yours :laughing:

You want them to have shit gear so you can go back to farming them again :joy:

Like, wtf is this ? You want your enemy faction weak :skull::joy:

if the heavy tank no.6 is the worst idea ever conceived, then please submit your own ideas for how to improve Japan’s BR5 tank selection