Enlisted's in-game social features suggestions/improvements

Some generic social features that would greatly improve the game’s experience.

Below concept on how it would look in-match if you just press ESC or just in regular menu.

Friend list :

  • Addition of “Status indicator”, to let people know what you are interested.
  • Friend “current game/match” or if in “menu indicator”
  • Friend “last online indicator”
  • Friend’s portrait
  • Friend “last online indicator”
  • Military rank indicator near friend’s name

Chat window:

  • Addition of basic chat with friends
  • Multiple tabs per friend chat window
  • Time stamp of messages
  • Tab green pulse indicator for new mesages
  • Invitation notification in chat and “Join party button” when invited, so invites don’t disappear so easy.
  • At the bottom right, “+ add friend to conversation button” and “invite to party” button
  • Bottom right corner, “resize window” (corner dots)

I am very surprised such basic features are not present yet in-game.

There are plenty of times where you are invited by people into parties and you don’t have a way to talk to them before joining unless you have them as friends on outside platforms, which is not ideal.


Would be nice to finally have this in game,


That similar of what I prepose with my color indicator for the status of the player

Yes that what i made a topic to remind them about but this post is basically all of those combine


At this point, even shamelessly copying War Thunder’s social messaging and features will do.

You still can’t chat from the spawn screen, nor see text, too.