Engineer built machine gun nests

Machine gun nests built by engineers are limited to the ability of being able to aim low.

Example: Normandy campaign, D-day battle, defending side.

Build a machine gun nest on top of a bunker, you wont be able shoot at any troops because it won’t let you aim low enough.
This also the case if you build one on any slight elevation in ANY campaign and battle. If this is a bug it needs to be reported and adressed, if its not then obviously it needs to be changed. Machine gun nests were capable of aiming at lower elevations in WWll.


It’s completely intentional.

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Thought so. Why?

And why are the “non engineer built machine gun nests” able to aim correctly as a machine gun nest should? Im talking about the ones that are part of the initial spawn of the battle.

Imo A machine gun nest should be fully functional, they shouldnt only shoot level and up, seriously, wtf? Lol


Because devs thinks it’s better for the game that way or idk :man_shrugging: But we can only guess.

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For the balance I think.

If you can aim low with machine gun nest it could be so bad for the attackers.

The same reason as the AA gun become not aim horizontal.


But that’s kinda point of MG nests.


Legit the US MG nest can aim low while other country doesn’t

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Who the hell is making these decisions? It’s so easy to destroy a MG nest (just shoot it a few times with a rifle,smg, or mg), and the fact that the developers are catering to low-IQ players who don’t understand the basics of FPS shooters and survivability.


Mine can’t that i am aware of

I totally agree, it is EXTREMELY easy to destroy a machine gun nest, which is a good thing imo. Why even have them if they 75% useless? Troops run on the ground, machine gun nests are primarily to combat infantry, get rid of them in the engineer build or make them 100% useful, or are you going to nerf all other infantry related guns, like hand held ones, so they wont shoot downhill? See how rediculous that sounds? Its absolutely rediculous that a machine gun nest can’t shoot downhill, ya, who made that rediculous decision ffs?

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AA guns are for just that, aircraft. AA represents Anti Aircraft.

Machine gun nests are primarily to combat infantry, and yes “it could be bad for the attackers”, that is exactly what a machine gun nest should be, bad for infantry attackers. One sniper bullet easily takes out the gun, i do it very often, they aren’t meta armored like a tank, they are VERY vulnerable, so they should be removed or restored imo, balance was probably the reason they implemented this rediculous nerf, but seriously whoever made that decision obviously has a different idea of balance than the majority of players lol.

So, let machine gun nests “be bad for infantry attackers” lol

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There are numerous buffs that the standard MG nests need to receive.

I’d like to point out that the AMERICAN/ BRITISH mg nest CAN angle down, but none of the others can for some stupid reason.

On top of that they are far too easy to destroy. This would be easily solved if you were allowed to double stack sandbags again so you could protect the sides.

That whole conversation is completely outdated, as they made that change before HMGs were added as well as before SPAA vehicles were added.
I personally think that the current AA system needs to be switched out for autocannons and flak cannons.

Here’s some reading for you:

While I’m vouching for standardizing the standardization of firing angles, I do have to admit that HMG balancing would turn into a matter of rate of fire and who has the better sights.

In that regard, balancing them out like tank coaxial machineguns would certainly be nice- Where all bullets fired have the same overheat value, so higher RoF guns overheat faster.

The way HMGs are balanced, you can fire them at roughly the same length of time, so you have, say, the Japanese Hotchkiss spitting out the least number of bullets when compared to either the MG 131 or Dhsk.

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Hmmm, they dont on ps4 platform, so much for being the same as PC. Tsk tsk devs, caught ya again lol

I created this topic to suggest that MG nests were allowed to aim down hill, below where they currently are which is almost level, imo they don’t need ANY buffs, just the ability to aim correctly to be effective against infantry no matter if they are coming from uphill or downhill direction.

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Western allies has -25 on nests.

And so do Japanese MG (not hmg)

Which is quite decent.
And it doesn’t matter on which platform you are playing. You can literally crossplay with PC players.

No shit? I was explaing the obvious difference between AA and MG’s to the person i was responding to, that they are meant to repell totally different types of enemies, one shoots up into the sky at aircraft and one shoots at the ground, infantry. Not outdated just a reply, if you had read the whole thread you would see that, along with the fact i wasn’t suggesting ANY buffs for MG’s or talking about engineer SQUADS, i am suggesting that ENGINEER built MG’s SHOULD be able to aim down hill, no buffs, just aiming.


I know you can play crossplatform, never said anything about cross platform play, just that the devs say all platforms are the same, meaning: if you build somthing or use something it will behave and be the same on all platforms. And again, those angles you show in those tables, look good on paper, but have you tried building and using a MG nest and using it another platform other than PC? I have used both console and PC platforms, although its been a long time ago for PC, things didn’t behave exactly the same then, i doubt they do now. But thats a WHOLE different conversation.

This conversation is about WANTING MG’s to be able to aim down hill, ALL ENGINEER BUILT MG’s, no matter what campaigns or factions they are built for.

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I did not. But this guy @61839981 has experiences with playing on console.

I really doubt MG nests behave so differently on different platforms.

This suggestion is about wanting MG’s to be able to aim down hill, if you want to argue about PC platform and console platform, create your thread ffs, otherwise stay on topic

Omg, i just explained POLITELY that is a whole different conversation. Way off topic ffs. And guess what, i don’t care wether or not you doubt anything, why should i? After all you haven’t played on console. Last time i’m responding to to your off topic argumentative comments in this thread.

This was suggested numerous times already. :man_shrugging: They even slightly changed angles of various nests not long ago. So I really don’t think anything is going to change soon. Current stats are completely intentional and devs are happy with them.

Your argumentation of “you haven’t played on console so your opinion is irrelevant” is just hilarious.

And if you think you had encountered bug only specifically related to consoles, you should report it here // Issues , not here on forum.