Do the devs enjoy making good things in this game bad?

Why would they lower the rewards earned by 39%? Do they find satisfaction in making it hard for players to enjoy their game?


They probably want to make us spend money to get silver


Sad if true.

they increased the grind. It was their goal, simple as.

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Highly doubt. Instead of necessity to grind 12 seperate lineups, now you have to worry only about 4.
Not even speaking of duplicate stages across several campaign.

Math used in those topics just isn’t right because it completely ignores those aspects.
It’s nothing else than just populistic nonsense.

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On the other hand now to have a whole rank 5 army it takes a lot more time.
For example before the merger I had almost finished the Berlin campaign. Now if I want for example to buy the Tiger I have to search for all the other tanks before (the small Italian tanks, the panzers 3 which were not in this campaign) etc.

The Russians I have the SVT in tier 4 and the T34 but everything else is to be researched so I won’t have a tier 4 army for a very long time.

Simple. Money. Its working too, worked on me and etc.

Well, you would have to do exactly the same thing in pre merge as well. Since Tiger I was in like stage 20+ in different campaign.
(Plus you had to grind the same shit you have already unlocked in Berlin as well.)

You just aren’t allowed to take advantage of merge. And you are forced to follow the same rules that every newbie will have to follow as well.
I don’t see how merge made it worse for you.

I’m talking about grinding and you’re talking to me about taking advantage and following the rules


Wut? xD

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Now if you want play with Berlin stuff IV you need to search the whole tree with stuff who come from normandy For example
So I grind some stuff i don’t want use

The same was true for pre-merge :man_shrugging:. So I really dont see what’s your point.

Merge has reduced the grind a lot. Because you don’t have to grind duplicates to get new stuff.

No since you were grinding stuff from a single theater.
If we had continued without the merger I would be at the end of the campaign with the tiger I believe.

But with the fusion I’m not ready to play it

I had to research Italian tanks for example even though I would never play them. So it’s more grind, right?

So i have the Panther and the Panzer 4 J but i need to grind the whole three to unlock
the rest, while in campaign mode I was almost at the end

If your goal was to play only one campaign over and over again, then you are right. Grind wasn’t as big as it is now.
But why? Because you are literally comparing 1/5 of the german content with full german content of the game.

But if your goal was to play all the campaigns and unlock all the content like I did, the grind was far worse before the merge.

Yes, that was the basic proposition of the game and I don’t only play enlisted so I only chose the content that interested me, practical.

My goal is just to please myself when I come home from work with stuff that I like.

yea the good thing from merge was stopping duplicate equipment grind tbh (after all i dont want to grind g43 like 3 time)

Mp 40 and mg 34 appeared in every campaign. Im happy that those days are gone