Distortion effect for tank sights

In the upcoming update, tankers will look at the world through even more realistic sights, with all their advantages and disadvantages. We have reproduced the realistic distortions that the lenses of the gunner’s and commander’s observation devices have.

This effect isn’t fully finalized yet, and we’re still tweaking it based on your feedback from the test server, but even in its current version, it makes vehicles (and engineering guns!) more immersive and Enlisted even more realistic.


When will we have this feature on small arms scopes and binoculars?.


Looks nice. Could we get better movement animations next?


would be good if you could instead of focusing on new stuff fix old bugs.


when did we get sdfk251 and M3A1 Premium discount on Console? (Playstation)
Meanwhile its for PC players on discount, not fair.


Enjoyed the sound clip :metal:

Felt the need to play Red Alert Hell march

(and the sights are a nice touch too :stuck_out_tongue: )

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nice, very great for immersion.


What you should be focusing on regarding vehicles is:

Introduce same system for camo as there is for soldiers, changing according to Campaign, so we finally can have Winter Camo on Moscow, Summer on Normandy, Desert on Tunisia and so on.

Make all Hull MGs working, we need them, we got infantry in the Game you know, and those were there for exactly that reason. The Co-axial MG is for range finding, the turret mounted is for AA, the HULL MG is for fighting Infantry. many times we find ourselves not being able to target the pesky Infantry, because we can only use the MGs in and on turret, they are too high situated to be able to engage infantry at close range, that’s why they put MGs down in hull you know.

Towing system same as WT being able to attach Tow cable to friendly tanks so can pull out friends who are immobilzed out of harms way, and also to clear path of Wrecks that are blocking the road.

Base B.R on Vehicles according to what type of vehicle and list vehicles for what type they are.
Atleast categorize them as Tanks, SPGs and Armored Cars (Separate loackout for them on them aswell?). That way put Things like Puma at higher B.R being a top of the line Amored Car compared to other Armored Cars. that way

Work on better damage model and interaction with environment, not being able to climb steep hills, drive on rock and other stupid shit you see during matches, a Tiger going Mountain Goat looks to much outta place, aswell as make tracks be able to throw when crashing and suspension break if drive off high cliffs etc. You should not be able to climb uphills on rocks and then drive over cliff and fall 15 meter down and just keep driving, first off shouldn’t be able to drive everywhere, then suspension should break and tracks throw in that scenario, and maybe slight damage to crew inside depending on height of fall and speed of collision or impact.


The Sights update is nice and looks good and adds to immersion, but there are far more concerning things in game you should adress first.
this is same as when you add rustling of leaves, as in wow nice looks great, but meantime we don’t even have that map based camo system for the vehicles


Nice. Can we stop the black circle shaking/jittering as well?


Looking with that get me almost throwing please don’t add that!


oh that mean the update is close but in maybe 2 week nice gonna try it out when it release

The tank gameplay in Enlisted is now more realistic than in War Thunder simulator.

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Hope it a option and not mandatory because I love the current sight we have.


hopefully its a toggle so we can keep the old sights for tanks, just incase the new sights aint the best.


My headaches are gonna be severe after this one :slight_smile:



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Old CB tank scope for comparison


When can War Thunder possess these feature?


I will donate to charity in your honor if you can fix the G41(m) issues in the next major update :3