Custom maps uniform bug

There is a bug where you will be forced to spawn with berlin uniforms no matter the custom map origin or selected campaigns in settings
For example our map creater made a Isonzo map and we are now not able to run as italians with italian uniforms this needs to get a fix

It’s not bug. Answer is here:

In short: create briefing entity and edit mission_outfit property.

Thank you i hope our map creator can use this to fix the problem
Just for information our milsim community plays with lonefighter and hardcore so all we need is to equip one soldier with the correct gear so it was pretty much useless yesterday after i spend 53 cosmetic orders and about 2000 gold on italian cosmetics to spawn in berlin uniforms

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Our map maker says this works on AI only is there a specific fix to change the default outfits to a certain map? And make sure we dont end up in berlin gear on any non berlin map?

Did you make briefing entity? It works fine with me

It only work for players. For ai need edit team__spawnBotArmy in team or use custom_bot_profile.


Like what do i put i there just the word normandy or something else cuz j just tried it with Normandy and still spawned with berlin uniforms

Any screenshots pls?

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Of whay exactly? Il send one of the briefing entity

If the gamemode is conquest then i would use briefing_domination

I have tried that the first time

But did i do it correctly?

It seems so. Devenddar knows better so ask him to be sure

Any idea if some other setting or stuff could conflict with it so it forces us to ude berlin only outfits even though we selected normandy

i made it work for now only thing i changed was adding a mission name but what if we want the option to choose between berlin and normandy what do i have to write in the section?

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IIRC… There some problems with mod downloading. And you need two times download mod. Maybe because of it?

Hmmm… Thanks.

Sadly, but probably we can’t. If you have time then you can test: try to write something like berlin, normandy or berlin & normandy or berlin; normandy, but i’m not sure that it will work. Probably will be crash.

I see no image found logger? Some problems with icons? Or custom images for capture point/loading screen?


I tried:
normandy, berlin, tunesia
Normandy Berlin Tunesia
-1 (for undefined)
But didnt work all will result in default uniforms for germany (Berlin)
At least we now can choose what campaign outfits we can use.
Now all i need is to get the APCs working with sound and i will be called a hero by my side…

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Like rally points?