Can we see player counter just like War thunder?

As tittle says, I’ve been enjoying this game so much. but I read alot of reddit post (i know reddit is full of unproven facts) but most of them saying Enlisted is dying and not gaining much players. but cant say its true as they dont have backup for that.
but we would like also to see player country for it.

they will not implement that. but if you want some numbers you can always refer to this topic

also i will post new numbers soon with comparison between 5 months ago and now.


I wish all mp games would be this “dead” i rarely see same faces and i mean real players not bots. Yeah there are a lot of bots especially in certain campaign but with the merge and steam launch that issue will be gone.

I’m really not so sure that this problem will disappear, even more so seeing that on the test server they did not want to show or implement matchmaking.

I think we are all waiting for something that (in my humble opinion) will not come. But we just have to wait and see what the devs will finally do.

if only i had this much confidence in steam launch… i have played WoWS way before they launched it on steam and it didnt get significant player increase with steam launch (e.g. ~5-10% increase in average numbers). also it got review bombed cause people couldnt merge their existing accounts with steam account.

it is impossible to show the MM on test server. from what they said they are implementing flexible MM and you would get pz2 with is2 constantly on test server cause of very low number of players on it.

It’s a very old game and everyone and their grandparents heard about wargaming games since they’ve been shilled for the past 10 years while Enlisted is relatively unknown and it’s peak is not going to be reached anytime soon. That’s why Steam launch and some 1.0 big event with advertisement is needed they better pay a bit of money to appear on main page of Steam to receive maximum exposure. They also need i mean NEED to fix crucial bugs like bipod not working, HE shells not killing people when hit on the ground/wooden surfaces, jumping through the wooden boards on the windows that doesn’t want to break and coin gain/cost since in test server it was bad for players.

You can’t see the player count in-game unfortunately. But, you can go observe player counts from some player stats website. Here one of them that I usually visit from time to time.

It’s funny, I’d say I’m one of the few players that tries to play MGs tactfully by bipoding

And yet I’d say the majority of players use MGs like assault rifles or smgs. In fact it makes me wonder why they would bother fixing bipods if the majority of players are like that lol

They work while proning but not while trying to set up them on the windows or tables or other obstacles. IIn that case it reduces recoil but dispersion gets increased by like 600% and you can’t hit shit. Not only lmgs have bipods for example AS-44 (premium), Mosin with nade launcher, some at launchers, and ZK-383 have bipods equipped by default, there is also new Gorov LMG that can be equipped by almost everyone so can you really call it a lmg?

Yeah, that’s what people were saying 8 years ago about WOT or WT.
Who cares?
All live service games will eventually shut down theirs servers, that’s the fact.
Will I think enlisted is going to die any time soon? Not really, devs wouldn’t be even bothering with such complex change like new meta update will be.
Will be ever enlisted comparable in playerbase to WT? I don’t really think so. But I don’t think that’s ultimately a bad thing. This game targets very specific type of players (excluding casuals) anyway.

If nothing happens in high management or so, I think enlisted will be here at least for another 3 years minimum.

and those numbers are total BS. it is estimation based on who knows what. you can datamine data from replay site and get actual numbers. their estimation is 30k daily players, while real number is 107k players (data from this sunday). problem is that those 107k players are distributed across 6 servers (3 crossplay on and 3 crossplay off) and then further divided into 6 campaigns across different hours, so actual concurrent number of players isnt that much.

do you still play it? I was hooked on it for the longest time, and ground out most tech line. Havent been back for a few years though, about the time Subs started showing.

Still rate it?

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It’s a little anecdotal, but I only starter playing back in August, so there’s at least one new player around here

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stopped playing it some 5 years ago… didnt like the direction devs were taking it…
btw that was somewhere around cv rework…

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fair enough too…CVS dictated games by themselves…was a bit shit.