Small enlisted stat comparison

5 months have passed since i made enlisted stat analysis. in this topic i will compare one sunday 5 months ago and last week sunday. will make bigger analysis later when i gather more data.

number of unique players 28.05.2023

number of unique players 22.10.2023

i have made some changes regarding data to give more accurate display (there was negative bot entering match before cause of overflow of prematch deserters and this was corrected now)

anyways here are stats:
global crossplay on+off

global crossplay on

global crossplay off

by campaign and mission type with total number for campaign

crossplay on+off

crossplay on

crossplay off


couldnt upload directly cause of limit

and here is further breakdown by hour

crossplay on+off

crossplay on

crossplay off

will later put google spreadsheet with data so people can play with it in post below.


added google spreadsheet.

anyways some interesting things from data:

  • lots of data is pretty much the same or slightly changed on global level… number of unique and non unique players, number of battles, deserter percentage, bot filled lobbies
  • crossplay off is relatively shitty place to be with almost double the number of bots entering the match on average compared to crossplay on
  • berlin, moscow, normandy and stalingrad are pretty much unchanged in their player distribution. normandy is somewhat balanced
  • tunisia and pacific have seen big changes in player distribution.
  • tunisia has gone from ~2 allied players to 1 axis, to 1:1 (this is probably temporary cause of event).
  • pacific has seen shift from axis having 26% advantage in playerbase to allies having 36% advantage in playerbase for crossplay on. crossplay off players have been playing allies before and now and lead has just widened from 22% to 68%.
  • there are some changes in number of battles per campaign/mode, but i will wait for bigger sample size before making conclusions about it.

btw min prematch deserters column represents people who 100% deserted prematch (aka matches with over 10 human players per team). this does not represent all prematch deserters and the number is probably significantly higher cause of limitation of data and you cant catch prematch deserters with 10 or less human players per team.


Thanks for your work, man.

Igood to know enlisted has pretty small, but sustainable playerbase. Merge could truly solve a lot of stuff. At least in some capacity.

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As always - appreciated!

The shift in Pacific is quite remarkable. And Tunisia is becoming the new Normandy with equally distributed players.

Very interesting numbers and it actually reflect what I’ve been thinking.


good work robihr . amazing stats !

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60K is a small player base?

Or did I read that wrong?

I guess it’s like 100K if you count the console people as well .

For me personally yes, but that’s extremely subjective. Sorry if my statement offended you.

I am not definitely the who saying this game is dead btw.

Compared to well known f2p games like War thunder, Warframe, Apex, Dota 2, LoL that population feels super small in comparison.

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I must say I’m surprised to see this high numbers. 107k one Sunday is a lot of players!

and like robihr said himself:

Merge is very much needed …


You’re still talking about tens of thousands of people playing at any given time, I mean I know it’s all relative, but I just still seems like an awful lot of people to me.

Even a game as small as something like postscriptum, That often with only see a few thousand people, like a couple of thousand playing at any given time made the developers millions of dollars, so this game, which is easily a 100 fold increase in terms of total numbers of players must be doing just fine financially.

Indeed. they should have done that years ago.

it is about 10-12k concurrent users across all servers/campaigns in peak hours.