Bigote Sound modpack V.04 (outdated)

Soundmod V05+Patchfix : Bigote Sound modpack V.05

It’s the new year, but I haven’t stopped looking for good sounds to make enlisted an extraordinary listening experience

This time I bring you the fourth version of the mod, I added sound for cannons that felt weak or did not sound like cannons, like the 20MM of the T60 and the IL2, you can feel that now they feel like deadly cannons

New weapons: browning M2, MG17, DP28, Tank DT, New M38, Some fixes, RD44 and much more…

Here its a tutorial to install sound mods


Here some expamples:

weapons whit different sounds since modpack 0.1
PZB38, 39, PTRS41, Polish AT rifle
MP38,MP40, MG34, MG42
PPD34, 34/38, PPD40
Springfield 1903 common and pedersen (pedersen had mp40 sound)
Browning 1919A6
Suomi 31
Mosin nagant and Mosin m38, Kar98k, enfield series, M1 garand, Gewer 41, 43, STG44, MP43, MP34, MP28, MP18, welgun, M1 and M2 carbine, ZK383
Carcano and monchetto
fg42 1
m3 Grease gun
bereta m38 and all derivates
madsen, maxim MG, Maxim tokarev
MG13, MG30
PPS42, 43
SIG 1920 , Japanese MP28
Sten mk2
zb26, breda 30
all pistols less mauser c96
arisaka 38, 99
manlicher 1895 and m93
svt 38, 40, VG 1.5
Bren MG
browning M2, MG17, DP28, Tank DT, New M38, Some fixes, RD4
75mm usa
Rocket launcher (for all faction the same sound)
MG17 (stuka MG)
MG151 (the plane one)


can you do a mod that removes the annoying screaming sounds while charging? im sure people will love it.


Fantastic work. I just wish these sound mods were modular so I could keep the original MP-40 sound.

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or better yet, change the existing voices with some of these, or even add them if thats a option. there is many options out there, especially for germans:

the americans could do with better voicelines


the first one sounds like a tik tok parody from some zoomer, the others are much better.

Is it possible to modify the music or add more? This game lacked a bit of ambience.

the first one is from a old COD title, cod 3. from 2006

Doesn’t work for me. I’ve added ‘enableMod:b=yes’ line in the ‘enlisted.config.blk’ under sound, then I added a folder named ‘mod’ in the game’s sound folder and placed downloaded and extracted files in that folder. I still have default sounds.

check DM

or contact me on discord

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This is not exactly a high priority thing but if anyone remembers the Moon event maybe these voice lines might work there not the exact things happening in the video but just the silliness of it


fantastic work! except just some gunsound are little bit quiet and small amount of bass

What sounds

Maybe i can improve them

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hmm i only can test tier 2-5 each faction soldiers that i set up so maybe take some time to memo up…

here are all my feedbacks
All of thing is my suggestion that i felt
there is no need to improve it if you think feel better

Gewehr 41 - not better than vanilla too weak sound
all lee-enfield variants sounds are quite small
m1 garand sound variants - gun sound feels awkward to me
lee-enfield no.4 mk.1 T - also sound is quite small
Breda M30 - sounds are quite small
SVT-38, 40 - sounds are very cheap and light / just felt like firing airsoft gbb (echo of gun is fine tho)
Fg42 1 - little bit weak sound tho…
Mg34 variant & Mg15 - sounds really awkward not better than vanilla…
Kar98 variant & Gew98 variant - requires more bass boost… gun sound is too light
sig 1920 - too fancy gun sound this gun sound is liked to be used in battlebit remastered…

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The mod were bugged, gun sound not come out/not synchronized with firing. this issue is very noticeable with German Bolt action rifle, Garand and the SVT

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That’s a really good mode, but can you just allow some guns to change the sound? I like most of them, but I think some of the original ones are better
I think it would be good to select the sound of the gun and apply it

you can change it manually

It was really good to use this mode, but there’s a good part to make up for. Let me tell you that

  1. Springfield 1903 Series
    The basic Springfield 1903 sound has a clear feel (I personally prefer the original)
    The Springfield 1903 sound of this mode is good, but it’s a little small
    I recommend you turn up the volume (or use the original because the original sound is also excellent)

  2. lee-enfield no.4
    The sound itself is good, but the sound is set too low. I recommend you turn up the volume

  3. Sten mk2, Austen
    The basic Sten sound is already good enough, and the changed sound is a little low. I recommend raising the volume

  4. M1 garand, t20
    The original sound of M1 garand is also a great sound. The added sound has a low volume and light, which makes it less immersive T20 has the same problem

#Soviet guns#

  1. Mosin nagant
    Problem similar to Springfield 1903 The basic sound is already good enough and the sound is too small (the original sound was good enough for me not to need to be fixed)

2.svt 38, 40
Similar to M1 garand, the sound is too small and light

  1. DP28
    The sound of DP28 is too small and too light. The sound of the original DP28 is also good

#German guns#

  1. Kar98k
    The sound is too small and light

  2. Gewer 41, 43,
    The basic sound of Gewer 41, 43 was good enough already
    I recommend changing the sound to the default sound or changing the sound to loud and heavy
    (The basic sound to me was really refreshing and nice)

  3. ZH29
    The volume is too low. I think it’d be nice to turn up the volume

  4. MP28
    The sound is so small and light that it makes the sound of a gas gun. You have to increase the volume and make the sound heavier

  5. MG34
    The basic sound of MG34 was good enough
    The changed sound lacks impact and the sound is a bit low
    It’s also good to change to the original sound

6.Breda M30
The volume is too low. I think it’d be nice to turn up the volume

#Japanese guns#

  1. Japanese MP28, SIG 1920
    Both recently changed the sound, and it’s already good enough to have an impact. I recommend the basic sound

There’s an imbalance in the sound of guns You need to make the sound similar to the whole thing
Most weapons are very good and impressive. Thank you for creating this mode

More: I tried 5 hours to modify the .bank file to change the sound
.wav file does not convert to a .bank file and takes infinite loading
I used fmod bank tools and followed the guide, but the same thing happens. I’ve also used the past version version, but it hasn’t been resolved. It’s really frustrating
I couldn’t solve it in the end, so I’m asking for a change instead. Thank you

I’m playing whit 100 volumen

Might You try your volume

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set the in-game gunshot sound to 100, there is still a volume difference between weapons
there are several guns with low volume