Bigote Sound modpack V.05

This time i give you new sounds for: Kwk50mm (puma and Pz3J) Browning Rifle, PPSH41, thomson and a remaster of Kar98k and mg34 of my previous mod and more…

You dont know how to install: Here its a tutorial

Here are some examples of the new sounds:

Weapons whit new sounds since V01
weapons whit different sounds since modpack 0.1
PZB38, 39, PTRS41, Polish AT rifle
MP38,MP40, MG34, MG42
PPD34, 34/38, PPD40
Springfield 1903 common and pedersen (pedersen had mp40 sound)
Browning 1919A6
Suomi 31
Mosin nagant and Mosin m38, Kar98k, enfield series, M1 garand, Gewer 41, 43, STG44, MP43, MP34, MP28, MP18, welgun, M1 and M2 carbine, ZK383
Carcano and monchetto
fg42 1
m3 Grease gun
bereta m38 and all derivates
madsen, maxim MG, Maxim tokarev
MG13, MG30
PPS42, 43
SIG 1920 , Japanese MP28
Sten mk2
zb26, breda 30
all pistols less mauser c96
arisaka 38, 99
manlicher 1895 and m93
svt 38, 40, VG 1.5
Bren MG
browning M2, MG17, DP28, Tank DT, New M38, Some fixes, RD4
75mm usa
Rocket launcher (for all faction the same sound)
MG17 (stuka MG)
MG151 (the plane one)
Lahti Saloranta
Bereta 1918
Bar rifle
50MM Germany


Here its a demo of a mod who im trying


what a beautiful work!.. can’t wait to play with this mod cheers mate! :slight_smile:

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I want to give you the highest possible compliment.

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I just downloaded and tried it, it makes the game so much better! Great work!

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Just counting down the hours at work till i can download er, puuuumped!

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Really nice work thank you but why did you changed the kar98k sound? The old one was better, the new one sound less powerful almost like a pistol

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Man this is such a good update. MG-34 is fixed and the K98 has a really nice crack to it now.


Hi, I really like your modification so far.

But may I have a suggestion for you? Could you change the sound for the MkB42 sniper in next version of your mode? It’s my favourite weapon in whole game.
I think you kept the original one, which sounds a bit strange. (Especially since I already was using different sound mod prior to yours) And it’s a very different from sound of StG.

Sure (an mkb sound affects both weapons, sniper and assaulter)

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Thank you very much! :purple_heart:

well, i wont change the kar98k krieg version, i can change their sound by the old mod kar

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You mean you can change the normal version of kar98 and the pre war by the precedent mod? It would be very pleasant yes :face_holding_back_tears:

The Hell Let Loose Kar98 sounds beautyful… Also, the K98Kriegsmodel sounds nice with the original audio!.. like that very low quality wood. The one you chosen for Standard K98 sounds kinda nice, but need much more strength!

@Bigote0070 can you specify where you get the gun sounds from?

Maybe you’ve already been doing this, but I managed to properly open up BF1 and BFV and it looks like I can export gun sounds and vehicle sounds alike.

And obviously there’s a lot of the same stuff as in Enlisted: from Fedorov and M1918 Beretta to STG and Tiger engine.

that sounds beautiful.
are you willing to give this sound a try? this tank in the following videos seems to share a similar engine to the soviet ww2 ones, so they could be basically the same

of so much games
battlefield 1, 5
Insurgency sandstorm
Days of infamy
Some sounds was a mix of various sounds


certain people have problems whit springfield m1903

If you have the samme issue: File sharing and storage made simple

It appears that some of cold steel weapons such like axe, Katana and cavalry sword still lack their sound on melee attack, which had not happened until the update caused issues to version 0.4.

Could you check it at your convenience?