AP-1 in Pacific

Just do as @WidowMakerUk73 advises.

It’s possible but not easy.
And dont expect too much from the AP-1.

BTW finally somebody writes about the AP-1, I didnt want to start complaining myself…it’s horrible to fly.
I like the SBD-3 because of the bombload but it’s so slow, maybe 350 is cruising speed.
I can take out some enemy planes with this big, heavy, slow thing.
So I was hoping that the AP-1, which is unlocked later than the SBD-3, would be better.
Faster and more manoeuvrable.
But no. It’s worse.
After unlocking the level I immediately got the gold order version.
But the speed is even more low than the SBD-3 and you can just forget about taking out planes that are not biplanes.
Taking off is difficult, extremely slow and heavy.
And the view from the cockpit is poor.
Take off at 150, flying to the objective takes forever (be advised, before you reach good altitude, the plane can start to shake, seems to go down but is does not), speed reaches about 200, then drop your bombs on target (you can do only one drop) and turn back to the ammo point more than 3000 ayway, turning loses speed and by the time I reach the ammo point the speed is finally 300.
All that trouble and time wasted, and you can do only one bomb drop.
And then you have to fly all the way back tot the target again…walking is faster.
This is so extremely ineffective that I dont use the AP-1 at all anymore.
I wonder what your opinion is on this plane.

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us planes take off for dummy throttle up level plane with wheels still on deck till you go of it then retract gear keep climb shallow till you build air speed.

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US planes in the Pacific face the general disadvantage of having to build energy for far longer than Japanese planes do, though they’re probably better overall once they have built up their energy. I’ll be curious to use some of the Pacific planes outside of the Pacific to see if my opinion on their effectiveness changes.
Conversely I would imagine planes like the P-51 would be a nightmare to fly in the Pacific because of how slowly they build energy in my experience.

how do you guy fly the dauntless? cause i have to drop my bomb or else i crash into the water and i didnt upgrade it cause i dont usually upgrade stuff

nvm dam that whole

is a really good advice

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Your welcome took me a few trys to figure out in game and watching a ww2 navy training film

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AP-1 is so bad that I switched back to the SBD-3.

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sad part is because they put the actual engine power of all aircraft down, just that it’s the most notable on the pacfic :sob:

And enough fuel in the tank to fly from Pacific to the moon while a battle lasts maybe 20 minutes…