Some questions

How do I delete already placed mgs (from sandbags and bunkers)? I tried with the scenery removal and rendInsts removal tool and it doesn’t work.

Can I change the color of the terrain? Like from brown to make it green.

Where do I insert those coding things I saw around here? Like those entity { things.


Try scenery_remover. Make sure mgs is fully inside scenery remover box.

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It doesn’t work.

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You should place it so its box fully covers mgs, then in properties enable scenery_remove__apply (but it will not remove object instantly). Then save your map and Restart it. It will remove mgs at map start.


Thanks a lot this worked. I always waited for it to delete instantly. Do you have an answer to my other questions?

Looks like no. Currently time not.
But… You can try to edit weather entities.

And change map colors (just some examples):

I didn’t got it. What you mean?

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I mean this. Where should I write these?

Also another question, do you know how to make ladders work? I can create one but I can’t climb it.

Template it’s entity name in editor.
CustomProfile it’s property of this entity.

About profiles…
Create entity custom_profile and write enl/globals/data/aprilfools_2022_bot_profile.json.
And custom_bot_profile and write enl/globals/data/aprilfools_2022_bot_profile.json.
A bit more info about profiles here: How do i change the clothes soldiers spawn with?

Currently time you can’t create custom ladders.

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Thank you for your help.

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