[GUIDE] How to remove phyisical objects in your map! ( Scenery_Remover Tool )

greetings everyone.

over the forum and dms i see alot of people that struggles to understand how to get rid of objects that has been placed in the map, or how the scenary remover works. ( and so i did in the past! ) so with this post, i wanna help and teach anyone that is interested in the editor how to do both things :slight_smile:

without further ado, let’s get into it:

first, find something that you want to remove. in this scenario, to follow along, i’ll do the process with pictures and stuff.

in this occasion, the subject that i want to remove, will be the truck with the apples:

1)st, open the entity menu:

( either by pressing t, or clicking on the yellow icon on top:

2) on the newly open menu, click under the arrow under entity, and select the highlighted category:


3) once you selected that specific category, select the scenery_remover and place it on top of the object that you want to remove:

4) upon placing the scenery, use the property panel ( with P ) or click the little note in the tool bad:

which will open a new menu on the right:

5) Press the Scan square Button in that said menu

6) Click scenery_remove_apply square and … voilà!

the truck is gone!

but before you leave, it’s important to know the tool and it’s capabilities. weather the description does a great job, for me it wasn’t that intuitive at first.

so, to dive even further, i’ll leave a small tutorial on how to surgical and remove only few parts.

what i mean by that, is for example, let’s take the same example as before, but instead, i want to ONLY remove the truck, and not the apples ( for later on replace the truck with something else.

so, let’s start again, shall we?

1) place the reindist, and click scan:

2) if you look closely, it looks like nothing changed… but in reality, it added a " sub folder " of what it has been scanned through a list. which can be saw just below the scan button. as such, click it:

as you can see, there’s a bunch of names which are related to what the scanner has detected

this will be very usefull because if we only ( in this occasion ) want to remove ONLY the trucks, BUT NOT the apples and boxes, we need to copy those names, and introduce them in the Excplude Scenary remove selection.

as such,

3 ) Click the " + " ( as many times you need ) in the scenery_remove_exclude ):

as you can see, i added those blank spots which i will be able to copy the correct names from the scanned list, and put them in the exclude list.

4 ) Select the text that you want to keep ( and not the ones that you want to be removed) and paste it in the empty fields above ( as you can’t technically select the text, all you need to do, it’s just click near the text when it will appear the | , and then ctrl c, ctrl v ):

( and you do it for all the stuff that you want to keep ).

4 ) select scenery remove apply to remove all the objects that are not inside the Excluded list.

and voilà ( 2.0 ) !

ready to put something else instead!

one last thing that i forgot to mention ( and didn’t know where to put it, but in order for a more smaller / bigger selection regarding the scenary tool, you will have to tweak this number: )

if you are going to be a little bit more precise and want to avoid the hussle of having to include more objects i do not reccomend to go over 0.5

but if you do want to remove more than just a few inches / meters, just go for the 1 to 5
( although, again, play around it otherwise you might eradicate entire villages ).

and that was all.
( if anyone thinks i have missed something, let me know )


Good job erika :smiley: i suggest further to make all this in pdf format for the download

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AFAIK you can just transform remover box with movement, rotation and scaling and then everything inside this box will dissapear. It will be more visually understandable.


it’s not precise:

hence, if you have to be surgical, just make the value smaller

I didn’t get what “not precise” means. Every rendinst with their bounding sphere inside box will be removed for me. You can see bounding spheres by selecting rendinsts from RendInsts mode.

well, it doesn’t for me.

most of the time it eithers remove more of what i want, or less of what i need.

hence, why tweak the value to be more precise, and be sure of it.

later one add in the exclude list stuff that you do not want to be removed.