How do i change the clothes soldiers spawn with?

Face Tac managed to change the outfits of the soldiers in his mod (check it out, seems nice) and i wanted to ask how this is possible?


why not send him a private message on the forum, click on users and use the search bar :smiley:

We currently time can’t make full custom squads for players.
Only use squad settings from events.

For that you need:
Add path to json file in custom_profile and custom_bot_profile.
And change teams.

Then you can use Unknown War (Moon) event, Modern Conflict and Latest event (don’t need team changes).
But keep in mind that Modern Conflict have allies vs allies.
So it’s don’t works correctly in custom rooms.
Mixed teams will make it works.

You can download and then check map blk file in userGameMods folder.

Here my posts:
The Last Fight - Firefight - Squads.
The Last Fight - Firefight - Lone Fighters.
Both have Unknown War squads. USSRvAxis.
Battle in the City - Firefight - Squads.
Battle in the City - Firefight - Lone Fighters.
Both have Modern Conflict squads. For some reasons it’s only USAvUSA and don’t have tanks.

Others posts with custom squads settings:
Face_Tac: Wars of Star - Unknown War (Moon, USSRvAxis).*
Face_Tac: Escape from Stalingrad - Modern Conflict.
G1R0SCOPE: Nuclear Wasteland - Modern Conflict.*
G1R0SCOPE: Battle for Mars - Unkown War (Moon, USAvAxis).*
Kucho01: Enlisted Squads - Modern Conflict.

*—Good maps.


Game ATM do not recognize your personal custom profile.
I am trying to edit one to test if game recognize it at all.

With custom profiles. I have tried to datamine the 3 event profiles (We need to know the code syntax) but couldn’t find it…

Well… I hope that I will not got many problems…
Anyways here many maps with squads from events.

In custom_profile and in custom_bot_profile
You must write:

Unknown War (Moon, USSR, Berlin vs Axis, Berlin):

Unknown War (Moon, USA, Normandy vs Axis, Berlin):

Modern Conflict (USSR, Berlin vs USA, Normandy):
Recommends use bot’s profile also for custom_profile because of tanks.
Also Soviets don’t works in multiplayers prob because Allies vs Allies.
So… Need turn on only mixed teams.

Latest event:

After name profile I write teams (USSR) and army (Berlin).
You must rewrite old teams to another ones then profiles can be used in editor.
Better do it in txt editor.

  1. Find object team_tunisia_allies+team_narrator_invasion_attack+respawn_creators_team
  2. Change tunisia_allies to ussr_berlin.
  3. Find team__spawnBotArmy:t="tunisia_allies" and change tunisia_allies to berlin_allies.

If you will not do it… Then atleast enable campaign in custom matches.

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It’s good to share :wink:

I also want to know how to generate AI bomber formation in the editor? Just like the radio operator in Stalingrad did

Thanks for sharing the codes for these profiles. However i wasn’t looking for these, but the json files, i want to take a look inside, how were these made. But as i said, i haven’t found them. Yet.
EDIT: Found them.