No Mortars No fun No fun no one buy Premium

The only reason we play this game was mortars, with the last patch that limits ammo boxes to 10 shots the game does not have anything to offer… We spend enormous hours to open the mortar teams and now we got nothing… No endgame treasure no fun… BRING BACK THE MORTAR AMMO CAPACİTY!

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no because mortars were blatantly broken when they didn’t nerf it since you could just sit at the back of the map get 100+ kills and never die. and i don’t know about you but i certainly had fun when there wasn’t mortars in a match, and plus i play this game for exotic weapons and the ability to control a squad


Lol bye bye baby boi
Mortar players are scum and deserve nothing




The only reason I might quit this game is abuse of mortar, artillery and bombers. No fun, no one buy premium (well, when mine expires in a year :smiley: ).

I don’t want to remove any of them, but they all should have reasonable restrictions.


And did you honestly think that this rant would end well???


for no reason ever, mortars should be back to it’s ““glorious”” spam.

now, they have to be used precisely.
and nontheless, still effective.


No. Mortards deserved the massive bug nerf that banned reloading. That made it a very high skill weapon that I was perfectly fine with. Need to dislodge a group of people? Use a mortar round or two to do it. Now we are back to mortar spam.


this has to be a troll post


nice trolling post

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Other than getting off on ruining the game for other people IDK how sitting their and mortaring all match can be even considered fun. Same for just flying circles and spawn bombing people. sounds boring.


Flying can be fun if there’s opposition. I had to bring out my P-47 last night after having enough of artillery/mortars/bombs falling on my head.

I’m not the best pilot; however, was able to control the Air. It was brutal for them.

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people just enjoying farming exp with broken mechanics tbh, nothing new



Is this some kind of joke? Is it me only that enjoy the most playing with plain bolt rifles fireing some bullets here and there?


you aren’t the only one

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Get excited to play a game where bolt actions feel powerful and relevant.

Devs immediatley add a bunch of automatic weapons with zero drawbacks

Devs buff HE and airplanes so much that all I do is play tanks now because I can kill 100+ people with 300 assists and 30k xp per match.

It’s a shame really.

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I don’t think there’s ever been a true buff to tanks outside of HE getting fixed overall
›He thinks he has to play tanks or planes


HE got buffed and damage models are still broken despite releasing yet another premium tank.

Also I just realized re-arming vehicles is literally instantaneous. Why the hell is that a good idea? Shot all my HE in my tank, drove back re-armed in the blink of an eye and I was back in the fight farming the entire team.

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If they place the resupply back at the actual spawns for each team I wouldn’t mind it being instantaneous for tanks, but planes should honestly have a 15-30s timer where they’re rearming.