Mine discussion

When introducing weapons for Enlisted, we try to make sure that you can find as many cool weapon types as possible to liven up the gameplay and still stay within the bounds of a believable depiction of war. Mines are not the least on this list and today we would like to ask you for ideas on how to improve them.


As in reality, in Enlisted a mine is an explosive charge that is triggered by a detonator when the enemy comes within a certain radius (in the case of anti-personnel mines), or when heavy enough vehicles pass over the mine.

We feel that the current version of mines do not provide enough options for gameplay, and according to your feedback, they are not very effective either.


Add some gameplay options to mines for players caught in a trap, and make the trap more convenient and effective for those who set it.

Reduce the time it takes to set anti-personnel mines and increase their triggering radius by simulating the presence of tripwires.

Meanwhile, the new system creates a delay in the detonation of the anti-personnel mines - let’s say it takes about a second for the tripwire to stretch, tear the pin out of the mine, and trigger the fuse. Moreover, some types of mines bounce before they detonate which affects the shrapnel dispersion. From the moment you hear the click, you have the opportunity to react quickly - move to the side, take cover or lie down, which increases your chances of survival.

As a result, both players win: one will have a better chance that their mine will be stepped on, and the opponent, with fast enough reaction, will be able to save their soldier’s life.

As for the anti-tank mines, we also suggest speeding up their setting, but at the same time making such dangerous objects more obvious on the surface - “digging” them out of the ground a bit.


We are more than happy to hear your opinions on our suggested changes, and your ideas on how to make these weapons even more impressive in Enlisted.



Hope to see more and more polls like this @Keofox


I hope to see more feedback on the game in this thread. It’s just that it’s very hard for me to collect your feedback bit by bit from all platforms. They are few.

Well, polls. Topics where this can be done, I will try to turn into polls.


Thank you for answering

Personally i dont think AT mines should be able to be seen more easily. It will be an unnecessary nerf.

Also maybe let us put AT mines on tanks? Would be a pretty cool improvised AT weapon


Write this idea in the poll. There is a text field there.


Sadly i have already voted in the 2nd option, because i couldn’t chose 2 options :frowning:

i dont think AT mines should be able to be seen more easily


But you could vote and leave the idea.

OK. I’ll take it. You are not the first to offer to be each other’s mines in the face. This sounds in the Russian community as well.)

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Yet Enlisted is a game. And for the game to be interesting, the weapons in it should give you variability. Accurate, powerful, but slow rifle. Dangerous at a distance, but defenseless against a grenade tank. A dropped bomb that takes a few seconds to explode.

Mines, in our opinion, should be interesting, and not just guaranteed death.

An anti-tank mine is very dangerous. She has a powerful explosion and the tank that ran into her usually died. Therefore, she must have a flaw - she can be seen.

So we think. But you vote, not us)


Before weapon orders economy changes, I may think there are still players who will buy and use mines. (I bought some mines before the eco changes. And I stopped carrying them due to not useful also too heavy)
But now, at 2 silver tickets per 1 mine. I dont think players will waste orders on them. Before, when bronze can buy most things, and bronze orders are pretty overwhelming for players. They will try to buy something else that not that worthy, but fun to have. Now, players will only buy the most essential stuffs, with silvers.
It’s you who choose to let players only purchase the most high powerful weapons.
Why waste 2 silvers on a mine, that not very easy to use, while a explosive can do both AP and AT, and only cost 1 silver.


Dont like it either that you can spot mines easily. Same with AP mines. You can spot them if you really look as you can disable them. Its enough that theres a chance of all the places that a tank will even go where you put it so to speak and that the mine wont get disabled with all the explosions

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Honestly right now AT mines are really powerfull. I remember having a trooper II squad in Berlin axis, Reich chanclery garden defence, and placing them from goebels house to the bombed out craters by herman goering Strasse in a straight line.

At the end of the game 7 T34-85s died to my mines.

I would call these results very impressive

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I won’t argue. Because maybe you are right. And perhaps I’m right.

Shows voting.


no argue just my input to it

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Keofox I have an idea , how to collect feedback easily.
Whatever updates developers are working on should be made into 4 or more different types of update choices, and people should vote to whatever choice of update they feel best. casting of vote can be done through forums or even from inside the game.
This way only the most relevant and community favored updates will roll out and everyone will be happy about it.

Because Berlin has a limited ways for tanks to go.
In open maps, mines is much less useful.
Unless you know the spawn point.

There should be an option to dismantle/defuse mines for the enemy just like barbed wires. Other than that mines should not be destroyed by any other means. (explosions, grenades, artillery, bullets etc )
This would really increase chances of enemy encountering the mines and mines will be effective in stopping or at least slowing down enemy pushes.


Ministry garden is a very open map, but since i made a continuous line of mines, the T34s couldnt manoeuvre around.

My suggestion of that pll:

Go and play other FPS games that have mine.
ARMA3, Rising Storm, etc.
See how they deal with 1. Placing mines 2. Mine effectiveness (damage+how to avoid). 3. Spotting Mines. 4. Defusing Mines.

Especially this one:
This DLC gives me a real deep think of Mines. Also making mines not that boring and disgusting.