Mine discussion

Done. I have no issues with them as they are.
The only issue i have its the placement of them. I have to manually place one by one and can’t ask my bots to do it for me.
Asked for an option to our ai soldiers plant mines at our request on a area we mark beforehand.

With this said, I would still want to see wire traps / dig my at mines on the ground or have the option to construct a minefield with my engineers (maybe engineer level 3 option)


our game has so many “Flash superman”, 1 second time detonation only can be used to kill new players… so please let we can choose which kind of anti-personnel mine , we like to use. like:1. has a powerful explosion, and immediate detonation,but need more time setting; 2. nomal explosion, 1 second time detonation, Faster setting. 3. jump explosion, immediate detonation, need more time setting; and other kinds…we need multiple optional types to choose. @Keofox



many players try to use mines as a useless AT explosive.


currently its lot easier and effective to use explosion pack over AT mine, maybe after the mine update mines can be more useful

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@Keofox Any chance your team could do a foum poll vs having to have me make an account? You have a lot of console players on this game, and if they are like me and don’t have an account nor want to make one for just a poll, you will lose out on a lot of voices to your polls.

I do like the option but make it more accessible to everyone.

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100% I also added in the suggestion box that they should make it so that all engineers have the ability to de-arm mines, and reward the engineer XP for this activity.


The main problem of AT mine is not the visibility. To be honnest they are quite obvious, you only get killed by a mine if you pay attention to something else, like during a fight.
In reality mines should be burried, that why mine field are dangerous, however it could be awefull for the gameplay:
On the ground, not burried seems to be fair.

For me the main problem is: the AT mines are not enough resistant to explosive.

You can loose all your mines because somebody throw grenades everywhere when trying to kill infantry on the road.


Anything you will do to mines will be positive change. They are useless now.

good thing they do not have weight to slow soldier down…

@Keofox Sorry I forgot to put this in the poll, but you can add the option to disarm a mine if you see before activating it and you are too close to destroyed with a shoot without killing yourself or a squad/team member. Is good to have alternative options.


The only current problem I have with the mines, and more so with the Soviet mines, is that the enemies step on them, the mines explode but the enemy does not die.


Consol player can acces the forum.

Mines work the same on PC or on consol

I have replied to poll, but feel that not enough people use them cross-campaign they don’t need a nerf, a deploy minefield squad option for engineer III is good.
Also allow us to add new magnetic / sticky mines on tanks as AT class item (?)
As for AP mine, a choice of equipping bigger explosion / slight delay or smaller, but faster would be good.
I really don’t think uncovering the AT mines is a good idea, it is a direct nerf to something people barely use.

@Keofox sorry just have to say, we did similar for planes and feedback and then saw nothing change really, no bullet holes plane model damage in cockpit etc, tail Gunner, FW… so just conscious we don’t waste our time providing this for it never to get realised.

I think the idea of polls is very good though! :+1:

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Woops, I stand corrected, must have been a glitch with phone not allowing me to login to the Gaijin site (worked on my PC).

@Keofox ignore my previous post, it was a technical glitch on my end.

I also know mines are the same for both sides, I never said they were not anywhere?

Do no deviate from the thread!

Hi, You need to add the sticky bombs they allow the player to move away from the explosion and would be easier to use, moreover they were used during the war


@Keofox , I did the poll. But we also I think would benefit from dedicated AT mines. The Germans used a lot of them (god I want that panzerwurfmine).
Lets add some options, variety is good!


They really don’t need to nerf mines.

They do NOT need to be more noticeable

They do NOT need a slower detonation

They are way too sensitive to explosions.


And dont for get the H35 magnetic mine.

I’m REALLY happy to see the return of polls! That’s a move in the right direction! :+1:

Mines indeed needed a rework in my opinion. I never used them before as they were not worth the hassle… But with that suggestion I might start to.

I only hope our bots won’t trigger our OWN mines all the time. :thinking:


Most players see them as not worth the hassle, I don’t see how making them easier to survive and easier to spot will make them more enticing to use however.