Danger in the air!

Soldiers! We begin to reveal new game mechanics and content from the upcoming major update of Enlisted. Today we present to you the devastating air strike option to saturate the enemy lines with dozens of heavy bombs.

In the update, the Radio operator class will get a new option. Besides calling an artillery or smoke artillery strikes, they will be able to mark the target for bomber air group.

After receiving the coordinates from you, an AI-controlled group of bombers will be dispatched with approximatelly 2 minutes arrival time. The enemy will hear sirens warning them of danger from the air.

If bombers are not intercepted with fighters or shot down by AA guns, - they will begin their bombing sequence, targetting the designated area.

Heavy bombs will destroy both enemy infantry and tanks, endangering any kind of group in situ. Whilst you should plan smart, taking in to consideration the time it takes for bombers to arrive and drop their load.

Air strike will surely become an interesting tactical option in smart hands and will make playing the radio operator class even more interesting. Consider that a specialized radio squad will have a lower cooldown time than a sole radio operator in another squad.

Additionally, this new mechanic will make engineer-built AA guns and their clever placing more important and interesting, as well as the usage of fighter aviation. Though bombers will try to counter fighters with own gunners.

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Arty spam is back on the menu boys!


these ones get gunners but not my poor stuka :sob:


2 minutes for arrival

2 minutes isn’t too much?


Do you follow the news?)


Is the Bomber appearance different per nation?

We naturally try to make unique for all countries. And we plan to make unique models of engineering machine guns and anti-aircraft guns.


This sounds like a great excuse for flak 88s, 85mm Soviet AA gun and the m1 90mm


any news for Battle of Stalingrad?

I personally think the appesrance should be striker aircraft instead of bombers. My idea would be Ju 87 Early, P 47D, IL 2 and Beaufighters for Britain

yes. i read everything, i am omnipresent, some might call me god himself

yet i have not seen anything about gunners for player controlled aircraft in the news


But they don’t have the cool factor of 4 b-17s


Are you planing to make them LMGs bipoded on sandbags (like current MG nest)?
I hope not.

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First, dont get ahead of your role, you were just a replacement for the TV show.

2nd I think thats a hint… And I like it


Meh more bombs and explosions…I dont think we need more


maybe you forget you haven’t released the news. So it’s coming in next big update? gunner for player plane, i mean

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Man this feels so questionable. Just more nuking options against infantry just to artificially make fighter relevant :neutral_face:


Oh another important question

Will this only work on radio man squad, radio man squad(level 2?) or on any radio man in a diferent squad?

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That is the main purpose I’m afraid


I dont really think it is even going to be possible to shoot down these AI bombers until changes are made to damage models and how much punishment plane can take before going down.

So in short, this addition is bound to be problematic.