❓ Your questions about the mission editor and launching user missions in the game

The mission editor is currently in early stages of open testing, so some of its features may not be clear enough for you. So ask away!

In this topic we collect your questions about the editor until June 8th, and then we’ll release a selection of answers.

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Advice. Do you want to test the mission? Use the draft at Enlisted Sandbox // Best posts. Such a post is not visible to other players, but you can take a link from it.



how do these config fields works?

team_roundscore (???)


current score in this round of game?

can the current score number being confgured be always show in the game?

team_scoreCap (totoal score initial ?)

team_squadSpawnCosts (squad spawn costs)

maybe 10(configured respawn costs)/3000(configured total) * 1000(to display)


  1. SOLVED.

Could a simple brush tool be added to allow the user to draw trenches and add bushes or trees?

How can I change the weather and sun position in the editor? For example the dark sun ritual in CRSED.

proved. YES we can.



How to move or delete multiple RenderInsts. Or group multiple RenderInsts in one operation

is it possible to rebake NavMesh ?

  1. SAME AS (4)

redeployment by conditions? such as enter some area


well, yeah, i do have a question.
might as well ask it here.

are there any plans for us to make PVE missions?

i saw that we can use AI airplanes ( although not very functional ) and AI controlled machineguns ( such as the auto-mg42 ). will we have more tools regarding AI control and behavior in the future?

spawn bots in determinated locations that also use logics?
change their loadouts?

and also, will you provide more guides? and if you can, can you tell us which ones?

so far, this editor it’s quite big and i absolute love it. but quite hard for me to understand many things.
either way, that’s all from me.


I dont know why, but for me, the undo button does not work, sadly it makes editing really difficult. I press ctrl + z and nothing happens…

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Will it ever be useable on consoles?


Yes. In future.


It is difficult to set cameras into the right angle, as there isn’t any sign where they are looking. An indication for cone of vision would be much appreciated. This also applies to spawners


Can we be able to start a map from scratch and place buildings and actually build a map?

Are there any plans to make the ui more, way more, user friendly?

Why so many assets can be selected but don’t show nothing? Can you remove assets that aren’t compleate yet so that don’t fill the list?

Is there any plans for us to move a house or a destroyed tank with a single click and mouse drag instead of selecting the entity, make it a drag box, then we can only rotate part of it…

So far the tool feels amazing, but so early into development. The options are endless, but sadly it’s only mission options right now and not actually build a map from the zero.

I m more interested in building a map… Will you make a list of placeable assets (houses bunkers trenches streets roads posts trees etc) so we can make our maps?

Thank you and keep the good work


The Stalingrad’s map generated spawns can cause players spawn in other places.
And spawn in points function not working properly.
And sector chain. Sometimes map cancelled the chain by itself.
And in my new map: A 1 vs 1 Tunis Airport tank race track map. With speed checkpoint support I deleted all AIs but AI still appears in editor testing. But in real games, there’s no AI. There’s difference between editor testing and real game.

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The main instruction has been updated 03.06. Changes are marked with color.

  1. Group_Activator does not activate (first zone e.g) when you restart or load a map?
  2. Need more info about how to create mission more indepth like assault or the new game mode. (can you mix an match modes like having a bomb placement as the third point for example?)
  3. Clearer information about each option that you can edit, or at least the interesting ones. it’s only vague what most options do.
  1. Thanks for releasing the possibilities through Creator Mode.
    MONEY doesn’t seem to have been the top priority this time.

  2. Dont forget the Consoles
    here are a few questions that you can answer for the consumers before there is a tumult

  • Passwords for Custom Matches?
  • when will we see that portal full of created maps and mods on the consoles.
  • When will it be possible to increase the number of bot squads.
  • As a console player, can I use the Creator Mode on the PC to create something so that I can use it later on the console, or are there problems because of the account transfer.
  1. I know that’s probably asking too much but a translation into all languages ​​would make creating maps even easier.

Why Devs do not add Mouse and Keyboard Support for Consoles???


Editor’s activate capzone function of zone_bidirectional_two_chains_box is not working as intended!

Only blue ones can work, the red one, which should be the supposed place, is not working,
I put next capzone Number in blue ones can work, but it is not working in red ones.

If this isnt working, then two-way capzones then only has 1 possible next sector.

Even though this can work in all other sectors,
And according to your maps, confrontation mode allows multiple next capzones.

Hope you can give an answer to this soon.

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Yeap, the bidirectional sector has serious issue.
I deactive the capzones and use the group activator to active the middle capzone.
I deleted the upper two box, but when restart, the editor automatically added the WRONG capzone to it.
Causing mission logic corrupted.


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i know, but we have no guides about that

Described more generally in terms of code programs, we need some kind of simple conditional logic for dynamically generating units and entities

In my mission map, I would like to be able to some kind of auto-attack AI anti-aircraft guns or AI-controlled anti-tank guns for custom missions. I’m sure this will be more interesting

  • How do I set the initial ammo status of a vehicle?

A basic question, how should I set the initial ammo for the vehicle, I have a broken KV1 on the road, I probably don’t want it to be fully loaded with shells


  • How do I set the damage status of a vehicle?

  • How to set up subtasks?

  • How to generate objects dynamically, such as spawning 10 mines after capturing a control point?

  • Any plan about terrain surface brushes?