XP Gains And Booster

Here, I’m mainly going to talk about the XP problem I experienced, and the duration of boosters, and how they can affect it.
I will also be comparing it between to what I received in pre merge Enlisted compared to now.
So if you want to read certain bits, I separated them in separate topics, for the people who are more interested in them.

XP Problem - (Main Topic)

Has anyone noticed the significant reduced amount of XP gained after battles ever since the merge?
Pre merge Enlisted, I could drop at least a 70+ kill game whilst playing objective and at least earn 15k+ every match.
After the merge, every match I’ve been playing I barely even get 5k. I usually get 3k or 2k.
Even if I try twice as hard, I barely even get any. Getting 10k XP now feels like an achievement. Even boosters barely help. I can now a days have a 100+ kill game, captured/defended all zones, and all I’d get is 7k.

Boosters - (Secondary Topic)

Now, onto boosters.
I have felt like boosters are just not good enough. I know it may sound like I’m saying that the merge ruined everything, although it ruined most things. I’m not saying pre merge Enlisted was the best even though it was better. However, it still has an imperfection which still dissatisfies me and possibly most players. Boosters.
As I mentioned before, boosters don’t feel rewarding enough, or as effective as they are. Take War Thunder for example. War thunder boosters actually are useful because they actually last longer, which is the main problem about Boosters.
Boosters would be better if they’d last more matches like War Thunder. 1 match is not enough for lets just say, a 50% XP booster etc.
It’s just frustrating because they are meant to help, but in the current state they are in, they don’t and are pretty much just useless. But they can still give good amounts. Sometimes. Not saying they are good or bad.


So in conclusion to this, I just think XP gains and Boosters should be more rewarding.


before merge you were playing mostly against bots. now you are playing with players against other players. so you are having harder time to kill and you have competition in your team for your kills.

i am always for any initiative to get xp/silver gains up.

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I think actually making boosters apply to a set number of base XP (pre-multiplier) instead of games would be a good idea.

Could do 100% XP Booster 40,000 XP

Could then have something like 21,323/40,000 XP earned replace the time / games requirement.

Getting a new booster of the same % would just extend the xp so continuing … getting another 20,000 XP booster before you completed would then make it 21,323/60,000 XP and so on. They would stack if they were different values though.

So could have all active simultaneous:

100% XP Booster 40,000 XP
30% XP Booster 25,000 XP
300% XP Booster 100,000 XP

etc etc.


I was aware of that.
But even after the merge, I get the same amount of kills. If not, even higher. And yet, I still get a horrible amount of XP.

for what i know they didnt change anything about xp gain with merge. there is debuff to xp gain if you are really effective with one squad, e.g. plane squad where you get 100+ kills with it, but you get xp like you had 30 kills.

you can check individual squad xp gain if you hover over base xp on end screen. you can see score you achieved with them and xp you gained from individual squad.

I did tank farming which gave me around 70+ kills with some support, but I got 17k xp. So I don’t think its the issue of exp, its more of the challenge of killing people now because there is less bots and more player.

Which is why I suggest that DF shouldn’t be focusing on boosting xp, but rather boost silver rates because its pretty shit like earning about 500-1.2k silver per match that is barely enough to properly equip BR 2 squads.

But if possible to boost both silver and xp, then im in. If its pick choice, then I would choose to boost silver rates more

This idea is pure genius. It would solve every complaint about boosters and crap games

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they need to boost both cause xp grind is also tedious.

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I doubt that they will ever do this since we get 100% or 30% xp everyday from battlepass + daily login box

Well if they can do it, then i agree

btw xp increase=silver increase cause 47xp=5silver.

Who chose “47” btw … it feels so … off.

50xp=10 silver is much easier to understand and calculate with brain that 47xp=5 silver lmfao

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Funny, when I did my math … that was what I came up with