Will the U.S receive any love?

Hi! This is a little bit rant I know so sorry in advance. I feel after the last update the U.S side of the game has been largely mistreated. In the Pacific Campaign all of our equipment is to say crap. Our guns are inferior, tanks now also planes. Same goes in Normandy Campaign against germans. Yes we got a new tank…but it is pointless. The larger caliber gun well ok nice but the armor? It sucks butt…the Japanese have a HUGE gun AND good armor. The planes…The P-47 is only good for air-to-ground attacks since the Japanese new planes will ALWAYS out-turn you in air-to-air combat. Infantry weapons for the US are very bad compared to that of the germans and Japanese. So I feel all our equipment is way inferior in all campaigns. Will this be adressed in some way in the future? I feel I grinded the U.S to BRV pointlessly so now I am stuck playing with Soviet from BR2 since I havent played it much.


They deserve it after getting bullied by Jumbo and just wait US is gonna get Super Pershing so that’s a pointless argumen

Man I still believe P-47 is the best plane not to mention you can spam planes with M8 rockets and Hvars which Japan cant

America never had any like well armored tank compared to Germans anyways just wait for superpershing

P-47 good CAS medium flight performance, J2M3 good flight performance Bad at best mediocre cas (You can’t even compare a 250 +Hvars to 2 60KG bombs)
so simple every plane has trade-offs maybe stop using P-47 and use a fighter with bombs

well this is true with new update Japanese have a little edge over Americans
, German equipment is alright not the best but better than definitely Americans

Yes definitely just have to wait patiently like Japs who got farmed like shit by Jumbos but now can go throw jumbo with ease also we gonna get AR engs for both Japan and US which means at some point
we gonna get AR for these two nations

This is good try other nations in General maining is a bad thing it narrows your viewpoint on the balance issues hope you enjoy playing the soviets have a nice day


I will say you have skill issues. American weapons are still superior it’s the users on the American side who are the problem.


U.S. is going through the classic problem of veteran players going to another faction.


Ho-ri is good but extremely vulnerable to HVAR, M8 and bombs or even m1/m9 rocket launchers so it’s a non issue for your overpowered planes since nobody is using planes as the JP since matches end in a couple of minutes anyway so there are no time to fly off the carrier.
I really dislike Hei Automatic since you can’t see anything while shooting thanks to the casings hitting your face 50% of the time.
Tokyo Arsenal SMG is probably the best smg in a game.
Type 4 Rifle is better than m1 garand but reload speed is painful.

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Even flamethrowers or Molotovs can neutralize Ho Ri pretty easily. Because it’s basically open topped.


oh i thought that metal thingy on top would prevent that welp

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Hopefully, Christmas comes early…


So… you haven’t played high BR Japan lately I guess.

Top planes get air spawn and planes are in the air non-stop.

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Its funny how people notice when two new planes shoŵ up

Really nothings changed air wise, japan already had zeroes that can out maneuver anything.

Heck even the A5M4 can make any of the american planes look like a chump

Veteran shift and you notice


If I may, in the lower tiers, the US are equivalent, if not slightly more competent than Germany.

Almost every match I’ve had against America has pretty much either ended up with the attackers getting halfway or the attackers take all the points. Hardly ever is it one side obliterates the other.

Besides, I’ve only ever seen American bombers in all my games.

Aside from that, I’ve heard about the problems faced in the Pacific and, nevertheless, feel sorry for you, but I have heard the game is mostly judged by the most popular faction of the time (right now, Russia and Japan, it seems), so until the player base evens itself out, most matches will feel one-sided (I feel really good defeating the Russians after the slaughters they put us through).

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been playing Pacific for at least 20 matches only in two matches JP had any pilots it’s always the americans spamming planes and killing tanks

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Also.you know the US just got some love right?

Improved iron sights, pershing, super pershing on the way.

I know its premium but LVT 4 is niiiiice also


That seems impossible. Maybe you’re on the Europe server and the entire world is different there? Or you just don’t notice planes that don’t have HVAR? I dunno.

I eagerly anticipate a Pershing with the T99 missile system.
Until then, I continue to enjoy my Germans. Thanks to Jap brothers, they’re finally enjoyable again even when playing solo.


how many threads with so many tears


It’s a 500lb bomb

We did get love. They fixed all of our iron sights and got the mother fricking PERSHING. That’s bout the best they’ve done for us since I started playing

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My M9 seemed to barely pen it. Don’t think the M1’s gonna do much to it unless you have the experience to prove me wrong

Its 226 KG which i rounded up to 250 I don’t use lb sry

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