Why didnt M4A3 (105) get HEAT round like warthunder version?

So i did a bit of search before creating this and the warthunder version have HEAT round so why cant we have it? i use my german guy to control the tank from practice and we only have HE round so why cant we have HEAT like in warthunder? i mean it the only tank with 105mm in US tree and everything else is 75 or 76mm which i guess is enough but come on this thing could probably revive the US team if given HEAT round like the warthunder version

i bet it gonna be a premium version or potentially event version then since we already have a HE only version


Because Heats are mostly only for premium vehicles. :shushing_face:


so im right that sad man

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I guess because that it was added with the Japan chi ha short gun. The chi ha short gun only has HE round, so dev balance it by only giving it HE round.

does the chi ha also not have any ap or HEAT? i swear man im going for that thing rn and if it doesnt have one i might cancel my research for it

it’s he only

dam man i guess im gonna cancel it since i need an actual tank not infantry support tank

still imo if tank like these dont even have the capability to destroy medium or heavy tank why is it br4 or 5? shouldnt it be like warthunder and be br2 or 3? dam i might make a topic about that sometime later


Only tank that has heat and is f2p is the m8 scott


Hmm let’s see what the M8 Scott has…oh it’s the 75mm M2 Howitzer
The M4A3? 105mm M2 Howitzer
Both should get their HEAT shells. The M67 HEAT shell for the 105mm


That’s a load of bull. I was hoping to at least have the occasional opportunity to BM Kraut tanks, but I guess that’s off the table. Welp, guess its only use is obliterating objective

They should have thier HEAT shells. Period. Germany gets everything which im fine with. But dont go off and nerf the already weak ass US. The US anti armor capability is nill. The only option you have is the P47 and Firefly. Which you cant use the firefly bc the sights are bugged and completely blocked.

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Well now we also have the M9 Bazooka which is entirely capable of deleting a Tiger II

And the Germans have the 88mm Ofenrohr and Panzerfaust 100, which also have 100 mm more pen than the M9, your point sir?

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Ok? Good for them, they have AT weapons necessary to pen IS’s

i am pretty sure that the 120mm HE can overpressure all yank tanks

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Woah where the frick are you finding 120mm HE?

chi-ha short gun

Ooohhh right that’s what dude was talking about. Lol. Forgot that’s what the conversation changed to

really? if i use it on german medium tank and it work then i might continue it but tbh i need it anyway since i need chi nu

Honestly they need heat. I sat there and got it researched and had to buy up several tanks besides just to get it and whats it actually good for?.. Like the M8 Scott gets a bit smaller but still decent explosive solution for infantry, has less armor yes but its faster, and it has heats for tanks… like im genuinely sat there wondering why should I take this tank over my M8? The other option being say the m4a2 with same armor then a lesser gun yes but OK anti infantry shells and a actual anti tank round that cant even always compete but still better then none… So America just gets screwed unless theres competent bombers with people marking tanks religiously or some insane man who gets lucky with a m9 bazooka…