Why didnt M4A3 (105) get HEAT round like warthunder version?

Irl? Likely, after all the roof armor of an M4A2 is only ~20mm so if you hit the turret front next to the hull roof it should be able to cave said roof in.
Ingame? I’ve never once seen this happen, and from a friend using the Chi-Ha short gun I’ve heard that it never worked out that way (is overpressure even a thing in this game?)

Which is a shame - customisable loadouts have the potential to bring quite a lot of balance to the game.


in game it is possible but probably hard on the live server because of bad servers and yes overpressure is a thing in this game just you have to know how it looks in the in the hit cam

Interesting, never seen it working with the 120 as I said, maybe once I get it myself but considering I’ve seen zero 120 on Sherman kills I don’t have too high hopes.
Would be pretty cool if this system gets an overhaul, already annoys me to no end that we don’t have HEAT rounds for Ho-I so your only options for Japanese AT shells rn is APHE (or premium Chi-Ha, I know).

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Yeah it’s garbage. You can’t (well, you shouldn’t for the sake of your team) bring this vehicle out against the Germans because of Panzer IV(J) spam.

After just getting the m4 105 i was disgusted that it doesnt have heat, just like i was disgusted the Stuart didnt have cannister rounds. Then my brand new 105 HE took out 4 tigers. It looks like they mixed some heat into those rounds. :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: . Yeah I would avoid this tank :rofl: if you are smart. As a brick.

You rang?

I dont understand the fuss about US and German tanks. I use Jumbo often and have no problem killing Tigers and Panthers. You need to hit their sides or butt and they go down with a few shots. Just make sure you are facing them with your front as its the strongest on Jumbo. Sure they kill me more often but still…they are not impenetrable. Just play your cards right.

That’s pretty funny way to say “Just flank it bro”