Which uniforms for the soviets can be used between the different campaigns?

In the same vein as Germany with its pea-dots, that can be used in Berlin and Normandy, and the US with its wide, though boring, selection of uniforms, that can be used in the Bulge and Normandy. I’ve yet to found a single pieace of customization for the soviets, besides helmets, that can be used throughout the campaigns like the other factions can. Specifically, I’d like to have something that works both for Stalingrad and Berlin, but I’m clueless of which work. Any idea?

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I assume by the lack of responses that either everyone is as clueless as me or there’s actually no interchangeable customization items between campaigns for the USSR, like other factions have, which makes it both unfair and furthers the point that customization is beyond broken.

are you asking which uniforms SHOULD be available for all campaigns? ( historical pieces, and hidden / editor equipment )

or you’re asking of the current uniforms present within the cosmetic selection, Which are available for all campaigns?

EDIT: ah i see:

yeah this.

you can currently only buy one type of customization for one specific campaign.

if you are lucky, it will either carry even if you haven’t bought for said campaign, or it won’t.

more of a hit or miss. ( but i can tell you you won’t see any amebas of berlin into stalingrad. and amebas of stalingrad are not available for berlin because those are actually different pieces.

it currently only works if pieces of a certain cosmetics are available in both or shared.

for example, pea dot camouflage helmet and pants are available anywhere. yet you have to equip them. or have the squad actively weared such items.

TDLR; they need to be the same or active and pray that the campaign you will be putted does have the item you are wearing.

( even though there are specific items that don’t do that such as the planetree of normandy and tunisia for some reason are counted separately )

which the customization is, to this day, very broken. and there’s no point in wasting your tickets or money into those because they won’t appear for all campaigns despite being there ( sometimes ), and there’s a chace you might actually lose them.

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Yeah I’m talking about shared items between campaigns. From personal testing, there’s quite a few on the US and Germany factions (most helmet selections, for the US quite a few torso pieces and for Germany the patterned camouflage helmets and pants) but it’s probably more of a bug rather than an intended feature, which is so irrational and dumb (you’d have to spend hundreds of orders to customize a single 7 man squad between 2 campaigns).

What further proves my point of it being more of bug rather than an intended feature is that I’ve seen, what I can only assume to be bots, soldiers in the Berlin campaign, both soviets and germans, wearing moscow trench coats and snow gear respectively, which can’t be bought as a berlin customization. I tried but couldn’t replicate this.

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is there anything interesting there? you can show me if it’s not difficult :upside_down_face:

I have my soviets kitted fully out.

Generally you want a winter and summer uniform, that means Stalingrad and Berlin, since the optimal thing is applying the SN42 steel plate armor just do that for ur teams and the plate will appear in moscow winter maps since the uniform is shared with stalingrad.

ie Soviets have the closest thing to a season themed uniforms at this time.

yes. you can check pretty much every cosmetics that there is in the game here ( technically, only a 98%. those 2 % are textures of non existing cosmetic that were either planned, scrapped or momentarily not available ) :

( i personally update it every time when there’s a new update / callisto test server )

i made a catalog because it’s useful for us modders to make custom profiles.

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