Which country should I choose?

I started a couple years ago strictly playing Allies, and when I first started my w/l % was only about 32% with the Allies, but I did not know anything but kept playing. Then, they started winning and I got up over 50% before the previous ranking reset, then I couldn’t win a match to save my life and it dropped to 47.8%. I begrudgingly started a German squad where I had almost an 82% w/l ratio before being clubbed down to 73% following this past rank reset. People were saying the Russians were the new hot team to play and started a Russian squad. Here are the results. So, I guess you gotta go with the flow.

My kill/death ratio is not high, but I play like Charlie Sheen in the end of Platoon…“It’s f**king beautiful man”. :grinning:


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Look man people may think I’m a scumbag but I only follow the flow of destiny for 1 reason: I want to chill yep you heard me I want to sit back and relax cause I know what fighting against the flow was like and I hate it tbh (see my many pre merge Stalingrad complain and you will know what I mean)

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Yeah, I resisted for a long time, but finally got tired of being clubbed, so where the heard goes, so shall I. :laughing:

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Depends on preference, but if you are going for endgame, just count the number of unlocks each country needs to get their final items, Germany have a much bigger grind than any other country (not counting underlaying stuff in the research tree). Also one of the things i dislike about Germany is the constant defence. its like 70% Defence maps.

I love the Americans as they get to attack much more, and they have a nice lineup.


chose another game,any nation you chose you are gona get into:unbalanced matches,groups off ppl,try harders,camping noobs,and potential cheaters.

:thinking: They’re all fun…

And trends switch constantly…

Go for the faction you think has the coolest looking stuff? :thinking:

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I also like Americans because they can get matched with Japan and Germany. Japan(filled with bots and bad equipment) provides xp quickly, while Krauts give players an exciting match.

Check “all factions” and embrace the fate.


Russians, Germans and Americans…I have had no close matches in 6 tries tonight and had my ass kicked no matter which faction I choose. I surrender. :neutral_face:

The trends…

Usa and sovs are easy mode (they received newest goodies, population flocked there)

Japan and axis… there will only be some leftover boos. Mostly empty.

Devs should probably consider giving interesting things to the 4 factions at the same time to mitigate the trend effect… yet another recycled pz4, won’t cut it.

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I went back to just playing Russia and now won 6 in a row. I prefer US, but I gotta go with the flow

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idk man my experience with US have been chill so far (altho there are some strong axis stack sometime but only like 1/5 match)

Usa wins just as much as sovs lately (t20 & now stinger).

It’s not even because those new toys are really good… it’s simply because they are new.

Shinny new attracts ppl.

AT LEAST the trend changes from time to time. Because I was quite annoyed that USA was so empty before the trend switch.

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Not Japan.

I was ok with the Browning 1919, but the Stinger good to. . :innocent: Since I am half blind in one eye, I like to mostly play level 1-3 as level 5 is so much faster paced Helter Skelter, and at level 1-3 my US and Russian squads are both winning quite a bit since the last rank reset, while not so much with my Germans. Russians are now at 75% and I would say since the last rank reset my US squads are probably about the same. Harder to judge the US since I have over 1300 games with them, and they had dropped to 47% before the last rank reset and now over 53%. So I imagine it would take a lot of wins to raise that much.

Up to about 6 months ago, I was almost solely playing level 5, then dropped down and started playing some level 3-5 and now playing 1-3. With the exception of the Allies Machine gun options, I like the weapons at this level. I will say, when I play a level 1-2 battle, it seems to be much tougher as there seems to be an awful lot of Marshall’s at this level. :joy: I still play all levels though, just depends on my mood.

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You don’t like the BAR? Not only it got the coolest weapon name of all time, but gameplay wise the A2 is just, sooo good.


I prefer the besal and the WAR but BAR is nice

But one is event, the other gold order… they don’t really count, no? :thinking: (War is also really just a BAR)

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eh depend on what we are focusing on if we allow all then yea those 2 but if we are going only TT then yea BAR

I love the BAR, but I use the A2 at level 3-5, so the base 1918 BAR goes unused and I think should be dropped to level 2. It has more recoil then the other two level 3 BAR’s so it would be a better level 2 gun, especially since you can get Thompson’s at level 2 and it will go unused as a level 3 gun. Even the WAR is a little better in the BP, but it also is a level 3 and is basically a BAR clone.

BTW, I actually own a Thompson M1. It is not a ww2 gun, but it is built by the same company that manufactured the original Thompsons. I had to leave it with my son in Iowa since I highly doubt the Philippine government would approve of me bringing it here when I moved. :rofl:

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