Where is Darkflow getting these numbers from?

Soviet industry improved significantly after stealing equipment from German and Hungarian factories in late 1945 and early 1946, so much for your paper Tiger dream.



I dont need to go anywhere, if hes not even aware of metallurgical issues with axis late war RHA …

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Show me a real picture of a Tiger II frontally penetrated. I got a bunch of T-34s destroyed by Pak36.




That was not a penetration, the “hole” on the middle is actually the headlight.

According to this site, It was testing an abandoned king tiger using at weapon. They only penetrated to a depth of four inches, so not penetrated.

Search image with Google is a great way to understand story behind the image.


This is not based.

This is incredibly based. It is especially based on Gaijin’s part since before deleting the thread with the documents, they take screenshots or write down the necessary notes for the correct changes to the vehicles. This is why they have a monopoly on their genre.

stat cards are always wrong even in war thunder. I am not sure about the current forums, but the old one used to have google tables with the supposed actual ingame stats/performance but those weren’t 100% accurate because FM and the instructor are always being messed up.

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Its not always right for instance Leclerc tank had 30 degree rotation speed while IRL its 40 somebody posted it on forum I think it was declassified documents so there were no problem but anyway it took them while to Fix it simply put they use authentic stats where they can and where they cant they just fill it
with what best suits it

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This is true for modern equipment, I guess Dev need base themselves just on what is showed off by the one who produce the tank,AA,SPG, ww2 and cold war vehicles stats are mostly correct, if not is for balance reasons

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these are not penetrations. if they were, no one would have bothered shooting more shells. these are shots stuck in the thicc armor.

it was normal for strongly armored tanks to have collected dozens, sometimes even over 100 shell holes without penetration after hard battles. many famous reports for tigers (obv) but also KVs in early war.

Yep, there is an even more famous “penetrated” Tiger II picture which actually seems possible at first glance but still just a high contrast image.
These black and white images are easy to manipulate but honestly, don’t bother arguing with people, I refused to further answer because they will not accept German superiority in anyway because that would hurt their national pride.
It was my mistake into this in the first place.

What superiority ?

Adding more weight to a tank is something special and unique ?

It is weird that Soviets always avoided building heavy tanks (above 50 tones) even that they had enough fuel for that.

Because those need specialised railway cars, strong bridges and large armoured recovery vehicles ect.
Tanks don’t just need to be built, they require the worlds biggest logistic systems of land armies.

I don’t mind civil discussions about logistics and facts, but Im not interested in arguing with people who are just here to boost their national ego.

values on wiki are not always to be trusted. there can be lots of variance in stats depending on the maker of cartridge, year of manufacture and gun tested.


I know all that, I read the descriptions of the photos before posting them, I had to let the interested party respond but hey there are always people who think they are smarter :wink:

So you are purposefully spreading misinformation XD, nice. But:

I knew someone would hit me with some fakes, but I’m too lazy search up the original non edited pictures.


No it didnt. And that has nothing to do with war itself.
Socialist economic system is the polar opposite of efficiency.

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Every single tank that the Soviets made was to counter German tanks. Simple as.

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