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ParaDivison will show you all the grenade types featured in Enlisted. The video also includes useful tactics and tips, so it will be helpful not only for beginners but also for experienced players.

And remember: “Once the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend.


An old, but quite popular video among the gamers, edited in the style of “MythBusters”.

The creator has done his best. In the first episode, you will find out if you can survive under a moving tank, if it is possible to blow up a grenade in the enemy’s hand by shooting it and much more!

We truly hope to see more high-quality videos like this dedicated to our game!


Medic is a pretty respectable class that helps teammates get back into the fight on the battlefield. But we rarely see them used in combat. Why is that?

We’d like to hear more from you about how we can improve this class. Feel free to post your ideas on the forum.


Because they are unobtainable in 4 campaigns


Lol the IM A SURGEON one really made me chuckle after having a game where I revived the same guy like 10 times because he would get sniped in the chest every time I revived him lol

Side note, they are a little rare to see on the battlefield though (for campaigns that have them) although they are super helpful to your own squads but your team as well.

I think the issue for medics is that for a soldier to be made into an efficient medic, you need to invest a decent amount of time and effort picking out the right perks for them. So most people just default to semi healing assaulter1 setup


probably one of my favorites class.

going around and just checking everyone is fully hp, shoot the smg and provide help to teammates.

truly rewarding.

even better in lone fighter.

i wonder if after the merge will be possible to run with multiple medic squads.

Grenade myth: You cannot open doors or windows while cooking explosives even though soldier has free hand

Verdict: True :skull_and_crossbones:

Thanks for feedback, i’ll forward it с:

My problem with the grenade video is that he just keeps saying “impact grenades are terrible”.

That simply isn’t true, especially as you didn’t note that AI can and WILL throw grenades back if they aren’t cooked.


If you are using an impact grenade.
The fact that it might have a smaller blast, but you don’t have to spend any time cooking it nor can they throw it back is pretty important.


For a 150+ ping playerbase, crash grenades and rifle grenades(Includes: Tekken, anti-tank grenade, Bazooka) will have some chance of visually penetrating the opposing soldier, smashing into a wall, or having a small explosion at the feet of the opposing soldier and only getting a white X with no kill.
The countdown for grenades, explosive packs, and white phosphorus is very unstable after 5 seconds of cooking, it will have tiny differences in cooking time due to the client’s delayed asynchrony with the server and other clients.

When it comes to medics, many players find them less than useful just because they would rather have assaulters with extra ammo or grenades. This is due to the game having little to no reward for longevity of life, rather a meatgrinder mentality. That part of the game as a whole needs to be addressed first and foremost.

(Especially as it seems you get less xp the longer a soldier survives. I understand this could be done to prevent situations where they sit back the entire game, but balance needs to be brought in to where surviving up to at least x amount of time is actually rewarding, rather than your squad getting killed every 30-60 seconds.)

Beyond that part though, there are definitely a few key issues with medics specifically.

  • Due to their uniforms, they are easy to pick out and are usually targeted first. Meaning you rarely get to use them to start with.

  • Due to them attracting additional fire and usually trying to be up near the front trying to help downed or injured soldiers, they tend to take significantly more fire overall. There should be a built in perk or something that lets them heal faster AND more with medkits, or let them use a syringe on themselves.

  • The vitality perk is something that would be nice to have on them, but due to the extremely high cost of it, you can’t get that AND the perks to help out your heals. Perhaps upping the amount of points in that category could help this?

  • Major: Medic boxes restore medkits but also add an extra right? But how does that help when only one character (that a player is controlling) grabs it as they go by? What about the rest of the squad?
    Friendly troops as a whole, when passing nearby medic boxes should go over and top off their medkits.
    (Similar situation should be done with ammo boxes btw!!!)
    The assist points would still be applied per medkit taken.

  • Medic AI should stay toward the rear of the group when following a player, so they are less likely to be taken out first.

  • Major: Points for healing should be according to amount healed, rather than just the action of healing. Unfortunately in the current state of things, I’ve talked with some players that have said they intentionally DON’T take the better heal amount perk because then they only get 1 heal instead of 2 on wounded soldiers.
    If it were changed to give points according to amount healed, it would cut down on time and heals used per soldier, making it more efficient points wise to be as effective as a medic as possible.

I know this list is a little unorganized, but hopefully it helps.

Cheers @James_Grove for trying to help the medic class out!


Spamming explosives is trulely ParaPlebs speciality.


Already a feature since the High Caliber update

Now if a medic has the skill “+200% health restored when healing allies” when calculating rewards for treatment the amount of restored health is taken into account, and the more gravely an ally is wounded, the more points you get.

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Medic squad upgrade tab

Because the medic squad is too linear, player can’t add other soldier classes to this squad, and you can only get at most 5 medics. Due to the changing nature of a battle, the medic squad consisting solely of medic soldiers is harder to adapt to the different scenario a player might face.

I think the fast time to kill, the fast pace of a battle due to the small combat area also contribute to less people taking out the medic squad. It can be fun to roleplay as a medic for a couple of games, but if a player have limited squad slots, medic is a waste of slot considering there are other classes that are more powerful and/or more fun to use.
The revive time is a lot longer than the time to kill for most if not all weapons. To revive a player you need to run to him, hope that he survive, hope that you survive, and then start the revive progress. You and the player you’ve revived could easily die from 1 shot even after all of the aforementioned are accomplished. In a nutshell the risk is too high for the little reward.

Some things that could generate interest for the medic squad is to make revive instant, allow more flexible squad composition, allow more members in the medic squad.

I only bring out the medic squad in Stalingrad because I have 10 slots, more slots than what I know to do with.


Id say medics arent used as medics because:

  • ttk is lethal. You either die, or heal yourself
  • anysoldier can be specd to rez and heal themselves.
  • medic cant have backpacks
  • medics are basically discount assaulters. (Most popular weapon type

Ideas to make medics more…influential?

1: Recover tickets from down, downed entities?

2: AoE heal box?

3: replenish players squad from downed entities?

Yes…mostly very arcade ideas


Oh… well I certainly wasn’t expecting that, thanks for featuring our old video <3
- The Mythbusters Team


Dragging The Wounded Soldier out of the combat zone would be a good thing in general for the medic or to somewhere a little bit safer.

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Well, some of us are eager to see a new part с:

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I have always been drawn to support roles in fps, i.e. engineers/medics… Albeit rare, I have helped revive players, and it’s hard tell but I think someone helped revive me once in enlisted… Why not reward this behavior with more pts/exp? Make the reward substantial enough to create an overall insenteve, promoting teamwork and community while we slaughter each other. :laughing:

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well said

oh… i missed the part where you guys ask how those classes can be improved.

well, as an active medic player, and to add my two cents,

i’ll say this:

the issue with medics in my eyes on why those do not get picked up often, at least, in my opinion, it’s because of the following:

  • restricted to smgs and no semi auto / bolt actions options other than default bolt action and smgs.

which it’s fine, but given the fact that medics don’t really have ammunition pouches, i’d say those should be able to have access to more weapons, like g41s, g43s, mas36s, mannlicher, m93s etc ( but, they shouldn’t be able to use fgs / avts ) same, of course, for the russians. they should be able to use SVTs, winchesters, serie of mosins rifle, etc.

  • ability to refill syringes

more than enough that i could count, i always end up running out of syringes despite having the perk for more syringes.

a solution to this problem that i could think of, is, that players could replenish their syringes through medkit boxes at the expanse of using one / two medkits from that crate in doing so.

this way would be somwhat balanced and would allow for medics on the field to heal more soldiers without too much unrealistic or having infinite syringes.

another point that i could think of

  • medic squad lacks of other classes or even just one engineer.

in my opinion, the medic class should have been similar to assaulter squads composition.

where you only get 4 assaulters and then let the player decide what else they would like to have inside that squad.

in the medic side of thing, should be, 4 medics, and then you can decide wheter you want engineers, machineguneers, one at, one radio operator and what not.

otherwise, not many people will use medics because they are kinda limited on their own.

and lastly, not so much an actual issue unlike the previous, but for me, personally, it kinda has been;

medics outside the medic squad do not have the customization options to put medic cosmetics :confused:


give medics adrenaline syringes that temporarily increase regular hp by like 2-3 hp for the price of downed hp being lower if not dying out right if you take over a certain threshold of damage.
it could also revive people with a very short animation however you can only take 1 syringe per soldier per squad and just give medics the ability to heal themselves and others faster as a passive by like 35%

Also another idea give medics the ability to run fastest of all squads if you do not like the changes above.
then just make them able to have a ranged anti-fire foam gun that can put out teammates on fire fast.