What happened to Tunisia Balance?

I have not played enlisted for a few months and I came back to it about two weeks ago and I have been playing allies Tunisia. Since the last major update the balance has completely changed from allies dominating to now axis dominance.

Before the latest update I had a win rate of 75%, in the last two weeks my win rate is now down to 60%. I have played over 20 games on Tunisia for the 3rd birthday challenge and I have not won a single game. 20+ matches and ZERO, 0 wins. What has changed? I know that paratroopers have been added to Tunisia and there is the Breda PG added as a battle pass weapon but has that really completely changed the strengths of each nation?

Now ideally it should be balanced so each side gets around 50% win rate so something had to change to remove the allied dominance but whatever the Devs did they swung it too far in favour of the axis side.

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An Italian paratrooper event squad was added which helped revive the axis side.


The italians lost their reputation for beeing steamrolled and vets flocked to the aid axis and the new gear was great.

Now even the allied “veterans” dont even want to play what used to be their bot farm as the axis vets who trained for pvp in a diffrent campaign will stomp them.


This is what happened. Tunisia Allies players are all braindead from fighting nothing but bots for months on end, and now that some veteran Axis players are in the matches, they don’t know what to do to and end up getting absolutely slaughtered. It’s to the point that I, at level 13, can pull this kind of match and literally hand my team the win, and they still fail to clutch up and just capture the dang point


I’m of the opinion that the bot farmers had it coming and along with other Axis players had a lot of fun stomping them into oblivion when the para event dropped lol


Devs didn’t do anything to favor the Axis side, they just got a paratroopers in an event and a new rifle in the BP so there’s more experienced players on the Italian side now.


I have noticed that the “rank” of the axis players is higher than the allies. I have seen teams with nearly all generals and marshalls for axis and the allied team has sergeants and lieutenants.

I would not mind if the games are close but they are all pretty much steamrolled for axis. My team can’t even get past the first capture point most games. I generally finish in the top 3 for allies and I am only level 18 with 150 games on Tunisia.

Most veterans play both sides of a campaign. It’s becoming more and more rare to see a true faction main because it’s just boring. So what actually happened is those Allies players switched to axis to get the new stuff or got bored and played something else, and other players returned to take their place.

It’s still a bot farm for the same players. The only thing that changed was which side they were playing on.


You can see what a Normandy main can do at low level in Tunisia from my screenshot further up

Unfortunately whoever in the world I’m teamed up with either doesn’t care, is a new player, or genuinely sucks at this game and should probably go back to yelling the n word to kids on COD. Lol

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Balance is just fine, Allies got the paratroopers too and they already had awesome stuff.

My allies on the Tunisia are level 20 if I remember right?

I have at least double digit levels on every faction on every campaing in Enlisted on both sides.

I also started to play Tunisia Axis last week and i play this game on daily basis. I have my last level on it still available for me until its level 36 (Full) too and I think I will finish it this weekend. All other theathers such as Normandy, Berlin, Moscow, Stalingrad (2 last levels missing), and Pacific (2,5 levels missing) I have already maxed out with Axis.

Pacific maxed out with Allies etc.

Plenty of veteran players finishing that campaing too apparently and there is nothing unsual with it.

One reason could be that now that everyone has been waiting for the great merge for quite some time, everyone has alreasy maxed out the “more important” campaings and Tunisia is the last one left there to try to max out too? (Axis thing)

One reason is that its dark outside and i really like the sunny and warm maps now that its winter.

Once I am done with Tunisia Axis I will propably move to Normandy allies to continue that one or perhaps I just jump to the Tunisia allies side for the fun of it?

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No one really cares whether Tunisia is balanced or not, just like Stalingrad,these campaigns with fewer people are just players’ bot farms. Tunisia has not changed anything, player just changed side to kill bots.

They did nothing it’s just most of the allies don’t like a fight and they like their bot farm and now it’s gone so now they’ve gone to farm the Japanese.

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And what few remained all suck at the game and can’t reach objective to save their dang lives

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True but the more experienced players are off doing something else or another campaign to Farm more silver and bronze to add to the pile before the new BR goes into effect.

Man why do people care about that so much?

because some people in our community are dragons and they like to sit on a mountain of loot and treasure.


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I like enjoying my favorite FPS game

Correct, the actual weapon balance is just fine. It’s just not many allied players right now, that’s all

Shifting of the playerbase is not a new phenomenon. Happens since years.

Great minds think alike.

Speaking of which, I ran out of Tunisia Axis.

  • Just maxed it out to level 36?

Now, I guess I start doing Normandy Allies (Axis already maxed there)