What happened to the player base?

The Allies have gone from waffle stomping the Axis (though they’re more competitive) and the Japanese into the ground to getting rolled and giving up points immediately. It feels like the last few weeks the Allies have been filled entirely with bots with only 1 or 2 players in the team, as if the player base has just evaporated. Either that or for some reason there’s been a recent influx of players who are as bad and as useless as bots. I thought maybe it’s just luck but match after match it’s been nothing but a steam roller convention, with only one or two competitive games interspersed throughout a streak of getting creamed.

Am I imagining things or has the player base really shifted or just left?

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Perhaps they realised the pershing isnt the tank they were looking for…its the super pershing :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it shifted. I stopped playing US after unlocking the M26 and discovering its just…crap. I get more kills even with Jumbo and its 75mm gun. I started researching the german faction until things settle.

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It’s been nearly 5 months with no news…still waiting…

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Welp…you will still get more kills with that when the super pershing shows up too.


US was stacked with victory farmers, but when update came Japan became ultra popular and all the victory farmers switched from allies to Axis.
Its a natural fenomenon that happens every few months.


Pershing is a good T5 medium against a T5 heavy. Until they make the maps more maneuver friendly (where you dont get stuck on a random piece of toilet paper with a 45ton machine) This is helpful but not in itself amazing.

Outside of tank meta I would say its the curse of imbalanced factions. Super strong T5 Japan needs a nerf; since its pushing out USA T5 making them weaker, and conversely making German T5 mains feel competent.

What I would dearly like to see is Jap vs Soviet matchmaking to even out this meta imbalance/split the playerbase. Right now its T5 USA getting gangbanged by dual axis but as we saw with splitting the German que post merge that has a balancing effect. Want to see that with Japan


I dont like playing allies because the lack of assault rifles :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont like the M2

Don’t know how long you’ve been here but that’s how it works. The vets will stack a faction, and the win leeches follow. Right now, they’re all in Japan. Allies are in the same state they were immediately Post Merge. No players

Unfortunately shifting of a playerbase happens everytime…


I played in the early days of the game and then gave up for a few years. Came back very recently because there’s not really anything else out there that’s decent (and alive). There’s not many alternatives when you don’t feel like overpaying for a half baked game with a playerbase that is half-dead and will likely not have servers in your region.

The replies are rather illuminating though, including yours.

Yeah every major update the playerbase shifts around. First the Krauts and Commies dominated everything. Allies suffered to win against Krauts and Japs just couldn’t catch a break. Then Allies got some players there for a few months. Presumably some Kraut and Commie players finished their trees and migrated. Then the last major update dropped and everyone flocked to Japan, but I think the playerbase is evening out again

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went to play few allied battles and i won them all, so it isnt that bad anymore… but could be exception rather than a rule.

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Yeah and I won a couple matches against the Japs last night

Japan is slowly getting depopulated.
Hype for the new gear is faltering, many newbies and casuals are filling their ranks and Im seeing Ho-Ri less and less often.

Japan´s golden divine wind is over.


I mean going from 0 in 10 wins against Jap to 1 in 10 is surely an improvement :man_shrugging: :japanese_goblin:

all the players taht leave after a death or two and noticing they have to puteffort into the win is whats goingto kill this game … doesnt matter which team the leavers are on … it makes the game one sided and boring …especially if ur on the loosing team and there is 6 people that disconnected

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most of the deserters are cause of shit game modes and maps. e.g. i hate assault, train and conquest and will desert most of them when i am put in a match with them.

when they add feature to at least vote/ban maps there will be much less deserters.

The American player base is


I’m still winning the occasional game (against the axis or japs as the allies) but more often than not the Japs or Axis are still stacked with vets (who’re supposedly not win leeches themselves and a source of the problem) and the allies have just bots, or what I’ve noticed happening pretty often lately is it’s just a full bot team vs another full bot team and everyone’s standing around twiddling their third thumb not doing anything. Like a camping simulator. Just had a few games in a row just before writing this where it was a full vet stack on the Japanese or Axis side each time. An actual good game is few and far between.