What do you think the next april fools will be?

My guesses would go for ww1 or zombies


Alligators in the rivers of Pacific War. :crocodile:


Bipods actually working.


Steam release


I was thinking that when i clicked on the thread.


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I wanted to write the same.

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Seperate Italian tech tree and IS-3
Plus an event with a main reward of 5 clowns armed with AK-47.


i was thinking about something but dam it i forgot something like super heavy tank like in the moon event but it probably something a little more sensible i guess

welp whatever the case they are probably gonna test something too hope it being usable tail gunner

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There was a map in a sourcemod game I used to play a lot that had random shark attacks in water. It was both hilarious and hella annoying, as some objectives were on islands

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Whatever it is I hope they use the April’s fool event to test out new game mechanic like War Thunder. The players get a fun event while the dev collect data for said new mechanic, it’s a win win scenario.

I guess they kind of did that.
Auto turrets in moon event - > plane gunners and AI on MG nests

And tunisia maps in the modern conflict


bruh i literally said they are probably gonna test something probably oh well like i said before i hope it being able to control tail gunner

and possibly improve tail gunner ai accuracy

But how would it work as an event? Maybe battle of britain event with working tailgunners for the german bombers

maybe it could be like that one warthunder event where we play as ufo or something idk it a possibility (i guess ai have to learn to steady the aircraft if they do that just like in warthunder)

ah i got it it will be like the ratte 1000 except we all control different turret (this wont work but oh well it the best i can think on how they could test that system)




Hopefully ww1 finally even though it’s not “funny haha moon walkers”

I would spend so many Money in a separate WW1 Campaign they wouldnt believe… imagine all these Pickelhauben on a sunny morning shining…

I really dont hope for a short time Event in WW1