What are the best premium squads to get before the merge?

I was wondering, what premium squads should I buy before they will disappear from the store with the merge? I don’t really know what qualities I’m looking for in these squads, though I think I value uniqueness over raw performance. I was thinking about Tunisia flame squads as they’re both quite unique and powerful for the same reason (4 flametroopers per squad). Do you have other ideas?


I’m a big fan of bolt action infantry squads and they are removing the Tunisian Morrocans and Berlin Volkssturm but I got those long ago.
If they are still there next discount I’ll get the AKT-40 squad in Moscow despite having plenty of AVS-36’s which are better in any way.
Also the U-2 squad in Stalingrad. Terrible aircraft…but the slow speed makes 50kg bombs hit tanks with ease. The low speed also allows you to bail out behind enemy lines and lay AT mines easily.


Both the flame thrower squads in Tunisia are getting discontinued

most OP premiums IMO


Definitely mg45 and then (maybe) m3 lee, this tank is just beast. It’s my guilty pleasure. But it could be screwed with BR.
Basically buying any tank is extreme risk, since every one of them can be brutally screwed.

Btw. i would pick AKT-40 as well. Quite unique squad with 10 rounds full auto 9 men.


Thought about those myself but I hate flame throwers. Besides I got the Italian para’s already too if I suddenly change my mind.

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If you dont care about performance theres a lot of really fun squads (most of them perform anyway).

My Favourites are the Gerat Infantry Squad, Panzer III M, Firefly, Tempest, Lewis gun squad, Any MG squad in Moscow


I used flamethrowers Alot before they were everywhere, So it was always a favourite. Became less attractive when they became meta (personal thing) I just grabbed them because they are such a strong squad, being able to choose your primary on top is amazing/stooooopid (mine all have Bredas now lol)

I dare say they will be High BR though,


Oh, haven’t actually heard any insight from someone that used it. The way you described it, it does seem more useful than it looks at the first glance. Plus it has quite a bit more uniqqueness than the other squads.

I have thought about this squad, though I’m not the biggest fan of the German MGs, so I’m not sure.

Oh, you’re right. I forgot that was a trooper squad so there are 9 soldiers there. Yes, in this case it’s definitely a strong candidate.

None, there is no discount currently.


Both Tunisian Flamethrower squads going to be removed (they are most op squad in a game), M3 Medium is amazing anti-intantry tank, and Pz.IV E with HEAT is also very good against the infantry (but if you have pz3n from Stalingrad then meh), Volkssturm can take 2nd weapon like FG42 II and still retain their xp bonus, same about Moroccans they will be able to take M1 Garants and m2 carbines. AKT-40 has awful recoil so i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you want to play them like a shotgun.

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Recoil is so high that you would get more kills by using pistol than this thing.

I myself am hanging out for

Dicker Max…for Maximum Dick (sorry have to say it everytime)
Suomi Jagers
BF110 C-6
Moscow G-41 snipers
MG-42 early (just because its super smooth to operate compared to tech tree)
Turner Radio Squad
Hurricane 40mm


Looool, didn’t know that about chosing your primary. Thats wild.
Yeah I don’t like their playstyle and from all unrealistic weapons in Enlisted they are the most unrealisticly implemented which just bothers me when I play them. Fine with others playing whatever they want though, I’m a good sport about it.


I know, and I haven’t really thought about using it that way. I think it would be similar to the AVS-36 for me - a semi auto rifle with a full-auto mode for room clearing.

They are actually Suomi? I thought they were just Germans with Finnish SMG’s. Or am I wrong? Which squad do you exactly mean?

Don’t expect to fly back easly though. It does help the rearm point is only 140meters high and not necessarily 500m. I do it sometimes when I’m not in a rush. Does give a unique relaxing “cruising” playstyle.

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It’s nice to see that I’m not the only person bothered by these weapons:) Btw., you can change weapons for every premium and event squad that has its secondary weapon listed in the squad info. So the event AT squads from Moscow and so on.

AVS-36, looking at the spreadsheet, has better stats in anybway imaginabily. Most noticeably 50% bigger mag and 50% bigger carried ammo capacity. Which is enhanced further with large ammo bags.

I’ve got plenty of 36’s fully leveled but somehow still want the AKT40 squad if they make it to next discount.


Yeah, I know it’s better. But I can’t control its recoil in full auto anyway, so I use it only for point blank range. And in that regard I’d expect that I’d use the AKT-40 in a similar way.

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maybe with enough gold orders you could make US squad op too with T20 x3-4(?)