Western Allies Voiceover mod

I ain’t really sure what to put here other then uh, yeah, I made this for personal use but thought I’d share in-case it interests anyone, all the NPC U.S voice lines are replaced with World at War audio whilst the player’s are replaced with Day of Infamy, It’s not super comprehensive and a lot of the DoI voice lines get reused for multiple things, some of the player’s QM options are replaced but all the NPC QM’s are left untouched. A handful of squad commands like, ordering to build haven’t been replaced either. But aside from that, everything else is done.

There’s also a version where any voice line I couldn’t find a replacement for is just muted, allied QM commands are replaced with a small radio blip sound as an audio stinger to let you know a QM was sent.

No muted American options.

American vanilla lines muted

Commonwealth voice over

Radio use:


Ammo box QM:

The classic… Y’know, I really can’t:

Example of the muted version’s radio “blip” that lets you know others have sent a QM, the player wont actually make this noise this was just to demonstrate the sound. (just realised it was recording my microphone lmao, sorry for the loud ass budgies.)

Death sound replacements, made for personal use but, sharing because some of you may like it!
Death noises.zip (29.2 MB)

just some misc sounds from Day of Infamy, said sounds being headshots, the rally audio and air raid siren.
Misc DoI sounds.zip (6.0 MB)

Similar to the DoI sounds, this just replaces some of the in game SFX with sounds from BF V, once again being the air raid siren, headshots, and rallies. Also includes a replacement of paratrooper affects like the plane signal.
BF V sounds.zip (10.2 MB)

Of course, credit to Treyarch for making Call of Duty: World at war, and credit to New World Interactive for making Day of Infamy and credit to DICE for making BF V.


timeslord: AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) dir. Mary Harron : Through The Roof 'n' Underground


Just pushed out a version that mutes any voice lines I couldn’t find replacements for, as well as muting allied players QM’s except for a small audio que.


Just put a collection of death noise replacements I put together at the bottom, again made it for personal use but, some of y’all might like it idk. :slight_smile:

Oh, and also updated replaced the main files “enemy capturing” lines so the player no longer refers the point as “able” anymore.

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Threw together a mod for the British that uses purely Day of Infamy’s dialogue, the player and “Soldier 3” both use the same English voice, “Soldier 1” uses DoI’s Canadian voice lines and “Soldier 2” uses DoI’s Scottish voice lines. :slight_smile:

@AutumnBlu @Bigote0070 this has so much potential!

Is there any chance we could reuse voicelines from BF1/BFV in Enlisted?
Those were amazing


Yep, its possible, but the extraction of Frostbite sounds it complicated (at least for me)

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I believe there was an archive with mp3/wav files for BF1 or BFV. Possibly on reddit.
I’ll try to search for it as well.

I wanted to for the bayonet screams for the Americans but, I couldn’t find any files that were clean with no ambience, and I have no idea how to extract sounds from the battlefield games so.

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i do have some raw bayonettes charges sounds from bfv if you are interested though. ( and actually, quite more too. like, vcs of the british forces, germans, “efforts” noises, explosions, and more )

which could work great to finish your UK voices lines that you made and saw the other day on discord.

( was planning to do the same thing :joy: but you were faster than me. so… least i can do, is to offer more lines to adjust existing ones and slighlty aid in your quest )

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I don’t think the UK ones are toooo… Awful, they’ve got decent substitutes in DoI but, the U.S from World at War have zero so, right now they sound asthmatic when you hear another player charge, so I definitely could make use of the bayonet audio, that said though I can make a version of the ‘bri’ish’ using Battlefields bayonet sounds too if people want that and I have the audio!



give me a moment, and i’ll send you the link of more than 40k sounds ( though drive. because it’s too big for the forum ).

the rest will be up to you :wink:

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40k sounds? I hope they’re labelled on what they are or that’s a lot of audio to sit through. :woozy_face:


look. i tried my best.

but yeah, they are labeled…

they might be… slighlty misaligned.

meaning that, you might find effort noises in different folders.

but that’s okey.

you’ll find planty in what you’ll stumble upon.

also, they are renamed so technically you can use keywords.

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That’s all I need, don’t need accurate names on every file just, so long as some are named so I don’t need to listen to like, 20 bird noises to find a scream or something haha.

yeah, i’m a mess, but sort of organized one haha

don’t worry, i’ll leave more info over dms.

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Maybe this


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I’ll take a look after it downloads in ten years from Mega haha.

Pushed a small update to change the U.S NPC bayonet sounds using BF V, should be more clear now when they’re charging!

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is it updated? i just redownloaded us voice files but seems like not changed.
and also i love your bfv misc sound mod but can u change headshot to bf1 headshot sound? it can be personal preferences but bf1 headshot is more satisfying