Western Allies Small Arms Balancing Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about this faction’s guns and how they fare.

Clearly not performing well enough, let’s buff the M2 carbine again.

What do you mean there are other guns in this faction.

I concur. When a faction is solely carried by a single gun, introducing any other gun is moot and unnecessary.

We must…


I think that buff is not necessary.

M2 carbine, Browning M1919A6, Thompson M1921/28 and Lanchester 50 are very good weapons.

The only weapon I would improve is paratroopers M1A1 carbine, which has terrible recoil, far worse than regular M1 carbine.


I suppose it’s difficult for sarcasm to translate to forum posts.

In reality, and frankly, all the Thompsons have more recoil than assault rifles which tend to be same-level counterparts.

In fact, it’s no joke that the M2C can do everything you want from an SMG, and you can put it on anyone. In that regard, there is no reason to run SMGs at all as the western allies if M2Cs are available.

Especially moreso when Thompsons have below-average sights, and are completely made irrelevant when M2Cs feature better damage, recoil and bullet velocity. They don’t have a niche to carve out at the present.


m1c needs a buff, previous the 320rpm was to offset it’s pitiful damage…this was back when semi autos had 220 base rpm


Just buff the colt m1911

Western allies are well known for only one thing. Extremely bad sights on majority of weapons. And I do suspect it’s completely intentional thing by devs.

The only buff it needs is better sights camera and lesser visual recoil. (But rhat goes for pretty much any weapon of Western allies).
I still remember the first sights they’ve planned for para Vickers, so hilarious.


Under that logic, there must be some sort of amazing asymmetrical balancing going on that confers special advantages to the thompsons, given their worse sights, worst recoil and worse damage compared to same-level AR unlocks.

Instead you get SMGs that are out of a job simply because rifle-class soldiers already get what are essentially assault rifles.

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Yeah, I can’t recall any western allies assaulter class weapon that’s better than m2. Which is just hilarious.

Make Ghost Ring/Peek sight have “See through” effect

US SMG roster needs variety and delete most of the filler Thompson, somebody gonna say it, add the M2 Hyde or more shotguns for them

And of course M1 Carbine, and any semi automatic rifle need to have more rpm


I’m of the opinion you can “fix” thompsons by giving them a niche as more controllable assault weapons than M2Cs.

This means reducing sight sway during walking ADS to make the rear ring sight a non-issue, as well as reducing their recoil to less than that of assault rifles.

Right now, the “finesse” automatic alternative to the M2C are BARs and, to a far lesser extent, 1919A6s. In every other scenario, you just unga bunga the point with M2Cs.


Not truuuuue! I use 3 m2a1 gold orders on my assaulters, which are… uh oh… m2 :zipper_mouth_face:

I fare really well with m1 tommy, and the front grip tommy (Tunisia and Stalingrad), joke aside.


Yeah, I completely forgot about them. But iirc they still have slightly worse stats, but I am not sure and too lazy to check.
But it doesn’t matter, they are no more obtainable anyway.

I bought 20 of them for Russians only to give them to crew of land leased vehicles after merge. xD

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In truth… yeah they have. Slightly more recoil (very slightly) but much worse sights, because the flames from firing shots never got toned down like for other weapons. I still like them because they look cool to me, but the regular m2 is a bit better. M2a1 got a bit higher rof thought, good building sweeper.

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  • Thompson M1A1, M1 and M1928A1 suck. MP43 and StG are better in any regard excluding maybe rof. Overtiered and overpriced for their supposed late-game performance.
  • Rename Bazooka M1 and M9.
  • Rename M1903 Springfield.
  • M2 should be a Assaulter Weapon.
  • Buff M1Cs damage and make it usable for tankers.
  • M1A1 Carbine should be a free unlock for all classes, at least for tankers.
  • Sten Mk. III should be free unlock.

I completely agree with this. Very decent weapon with lovely sights.

At first, I thought you mean Pacific garand, lmao.

its also one of the most produced SMGs so I dont know we they put this behind a paywall but not the Indian Bren (not like its a different Bren anyways apart from the shitty sight).

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Yeah, but in that case, what would be the high-end US rifle comparable to FG and AVT? I mean I love the Garand but I would rather have mid SMG and keep M2 as it is than switching M2 to assaulter and using garand instead…

Tbh, we could get a Sten mk V instead. The earlier marks were cost-effective weapon, but later on, the Brits invested on improving the Sten with better sight, wooden buttstock and front grip for better handling.


Make FG Gunner Weapon and AVT Assaulter.