Weapons and vehicles of the next update

Commanders! We’re happy to announce that the next major update will bring the long-awaited new progression and the transformation of the game, which we’ve covered in previous posts. Alongside those changes we’ll add new weapons and vehicles to your arsenals — this dev diary is all about them.

Don’t forget that in the new Enlisted these vehicles and weapons won’t be at the end of the campaign progression, but in the research trees of their respective countries.


Players of the Pacific War campaign have so far lacked strong ground and aerial vehicles, and in the light of the next major update the Japanese could surely use some. So here they come!



This new Japanese dive bomber is a lot like the agile Japanese fighters: it’s not lacking in maximum speed and maneuverability, which allows it to sometimes “out turn” the enemy. And those who approach you from behind will be greeted by your gunner. The main weapon of this aircraft, of course, is suspended: surprise the infantry with your powerful 500 kg bomb!

Along with this vehicle you’ll also unlock the Attacker Pilot III squad.


Ki-61-II Otsu Kai

This nimble and well-armed fighter stands out among other Japanese vehicles thanks to its powerful forward-firing weapons: it has two 12.7 mm Ho-103 heavy machine guns and two 20 mm autocannons Ho-5 with an impressive amount of ammunition. And for ground targets it carries 100 kg bombs under its wings.

Along with this vehicle you’ll also unlock the Fighter Pilot III squad.


Ho-Ni I

Meet the 75 mm self–propelled artillery based on the Type 97 Chi-Ha tank. Its cannon has amazing armor penetration and powerful HE shells — and also smoke shells for tactical maneuvers and helping out your team.

Along with this vehicle you’ll also unlock the Tanker II squad.


Chi-Ha Short Gun

Length of the barrel matters little when its caliber is a whooping 120 mm and loaded with high explosive shells! Of course, you cannot compare it with the IS-2 in terms of firepower, although this Japanese tank outdoes its foreign colleague in terms of reload speed: the base reload of this Navy short gun takes only 10 seconds!

This vehicle doesn’t come with a squad: you can use your available tankers to crew it.



This medium tank represents a further development of the concepts that were first tested in the Ho-I. The 75 mm cannon became longer and more accurate, armor penetration has also increased, and now it should be enough to defeat any enemy tank. If you end up in an intensive fight, you’ll be glad to know that the tank has more ammunition, and its improved frontal armor can save you from a couple direct hits.

Along with this vehicle you’ll also unlock the Tanker III squad.

Type 99 LMG

This time, the name Type 99 hides a machine gun, which is an adaptation of the well-known Type 96 for the more lethal 7.7 mm cartridge. The caliber has been increased while the magazine capacity remains the same! This modification, unlike its predecessors, is fitted with both a bipod and a bayonet, making it a truly versatile weapon in combat.

Along with this weapon you’ll also unlock the Machine Gunner II squad.


Type 2 SMG

An experimental Japanese 8 mm SMG with a curved extended capacity magazine holding 50 rounds, a comfortable 600 rpm rate of fire, and the option to attach a Type 30 bayonet. What a dangerous weapon!

Along with this weapon you’ll also unlock the Assaulter III squad.


The Allies should also expect a small but pleasant surprise.


LaGG-3-11 (USSR)

The LaGG fighter has received new weapons! Now it’s equipped with a 20 mm ShVAK autocannon and a 12.7 mm Berezin UB machine gun. Although this aircraft isn’t meant to fight infantry and tanks, your cannon should be able to penetrate most armored vehicles from above. Real aces never miss.

This vehicle doesn’t come with a squad: you can use your available pilots to crew it.

M4A3 105

M4A3 (105) (USA)

This version of the Sherman is famous for its shockingly huge 105 mm howitzer with excellent HE shells that can “clear out” many tanks even without penetration on direct hit. At the same time, it retained all the Sherman’s advantages, like good armor, mobility and, as a cherry on top, the legendary M2 Browning machine gun for the commander!

This vehicle doesn’t come with a squad: you can use your available tankers to crew it.

Keep following the news: the major update is coming soon!


So basically, once the merge drop, the US will have to fight Tiger II with Sherman 76 ? Like the same one that cannot do anything against Tiger IIs in Berlin? Well, now german will not have excuses when facing US close air support I guess.

Also why isn’t there anything for the germans, like StuH 42 for instance, as a counterpart for M4 105?

Japanese stuff seems really nice on the other hand.


Nothing new for the Germans


Yeah I have to agree, that’s a little disappointing. I was hoping for a Pershing or something of the sort. Hopefully the current tanks will be able to hold their ground for now.


I think King Tigers are so high in point value that you never will see them against USA. If you do, that means he has super crap infantry squads. Just use your Anti-Tank rocket launchers, if he starts pushing :slight_smile:

“We’re happy to announce that the next major update will bring the long-awaited new progression”

Finally the new progression is almost here!!


But it can :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a premium, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.


Pixel shooting cupolas is not happening in real matches where players constantly move and shoot at you, L answer from you.



I would give you like :+1::purple_heart:, but my social credit isn’t high enough.


Same vibe as saying that M4a2 75 can go through a panther’s armor at its MG port.


Pretty disappointing for quantity and quality…
If you really going to bring Enlisted to official release with only so few new contents… OMG…
I think this is more of making sure Japan side get enough length of tech tree…

You could bring lots more intermediate stuff into the middle of the tech tree, via branches.
Not by putting them at the end of each new lines (no longer campaign levels, just lines).

Also, the way of introducing new squads… Weird.
How will you show it in UI that this unlock come with a squad? And others dont?

BTW, really, make new uniforms to at least make different tiers of squads more interesting to use and unlock.

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Japan is getting some great additions, how about adding the KV-2 as a little something for soviet players?


Hope this isn’t all new things


Also slightly disappointed with the lack of new content. Japans new toys are cool for sure, but nothing else for other campaigns?

Unless of course most effort was dedicated to working on the merge itself. Then I have no issues.


They claim the next major update will include the progression, these are most likely new content to fill in the tech trees a little more

It’s all new things being added to the tech tree. I’m pretty sure this update is just the merge and not much else. Maybe we are getting a new campaign/faction and that’s why there’s little new content.

I think the merge is the real big update and everyone will be sooooo happy! The days of endless bot murdering comes to an end! The rest is only to make Japan more capable of fighting in later tiers i think.

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But new campaign’s weapon is no longer bond with its campaign.
Just hope there will be a real actual update for Steam release.

New vehicles, nice.

I wonder what BR everything will be, thought. Can’t wait to see pps43 vs mp3008, or jumbo vs tiger and other wonderful equivalencies…

I’d really like to see the BR chart. If theres bolties in mid BR, like the progression chart, I call bs.

But I suppose that’s for another major update, so… I’ll enjoy this one.

On note: ppl don’t forget to buy as many Italian and Commonwealth troops! They might just not be obtainable anymore…

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