We need more things added except for new weapons and maps

As topic. its way too tired and boring to play the game now since every game is basically point capture or bomb radio mode.
I know new weapon and maps are going tobe made but that is just not enough. and merger. on one hand I wish I can have it in main server quickly but on the other hand after seeing “map preference” system I feel maybe merger need more polishing.
so here is idea of things I hope to be added or changed

  1. new objectives modes. like other then capture point or bomb planting. I have an idea about a new train mode few days ago something like that
  2. ai grinding mode or solo/coop mission.
  3. remake the battlepass missions. I mean after a tired day and log into enlisted and see your battlepass mission are 3 game in one place 2 games in the other and this is the result after changing make me sad and quit the game. maybe change it to get 9k scores everyday for 3 rewards.
  4. improve ai further. not only ai controlled ai but also player’s ai
  5. remake some of the maps. remove the natural bared wire and little stones that bring a tiger to stop.
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They are working on revamping existing maps

1: Train isn’t even liked in berlin, The OG modes are liked mostly, Coming up with new modes for a game like enlisted will be rather hard.

2: That would be cool, A Co op mode of 4-10 people being perhaps related to IRL special missions, Some flat out active battles, Some requiring you to be quiet and take out targets without knowing, Could be some fun S-HA or even made up missions such as german paratroopers landing in the UK trying to do missions without being found, German pilots Landing in the UK trying to head home via boat or such, Attacking with tanks or planes or ground in main battles, Or the likes.

3: I can kinda agree with the BP missions getting annoying, Even more so when it’s stuff like “Do 3 missions as the Axis in pacific.” or “Kill 35 enemies with a bolt action rifle.”

4: AI is being worked on but takes time.

5: Already being done.

Have a go of customs to break the monotony. Once the merge “actually” happens, and is fixed up, then can put more attention into the other areas.

Check out TommyZZMs big action mod, and other cools mods.

View Teaser here (Can play PVE, PVP or Coop)


Shame we can’t get XP for it still.

I really wish the devs would break that away, If the fear is related to in general grinding maps or such, They could easily have rules against stuff like that, Or perhaps rules on how mods can get XP added in such as “has to have X and Y” “can’t have spawn points X meters away from each other.” so on, so on.