• Added a button to disable all notifications about available perk points, new vehicles and better gear.
  • KV-1 (ZiS-5) - Replaced HEAT shells with APCR shells, also added HE shells.
  • Corrected the position of the pilot’s right hand in Yak type aircrafts.
  • Fixed the missing frontal turret armor in the Tiger H1’s stat card.
  • Fixed the explosive type of the 250 kg Army Type 92 GPHE bomb.
  • Fixed a bug where soldiers would get overpowered stats.
  • Corrected pilot’s position in the Ki-84 ko.
  • Fixed a bug with lighting in combat that occurred when switching the graphics preset from the lowest (Bare Minimum) to another without restarting the client.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to apply a preset with weapons that are not available for purchase.

Very good job!


More bug fixes! Keep them coming so steam players would leave more positive views.



(Japanese tanker’s goggle texture not fixed yet
Please fix)


He’s just tired, let him rest!



is it apply now? or do i need to quit and re join for it to apply?

cause if it apply after i rejoin then man im gonna be playing on hard mode which is pretty immersive but not fun

I hope you do another “fast update” and adjust playarea of some Pacfic maps.
Why now? Because now is then the Pacific maps will be played a lot. Not in 3 months when next update drops.

Take for example this map, as US you are stuck in spawn because the defenders can advance close to the spawn of US troops, and you just get spawn trapped/farmed.


Remember you can help attackers not only by increasing the playarea perimeter but also limiting it for defenders so they play the objective and not overpush attackers in spawn.

It’s really hard to play US right now because the playerbase is not balanced and most people are playing Japan now. The fact that the map are designed in heavy favor of Japan, only aggravates this and does not give a fighting chance to US.

Most maps for US are:

  • Push uphill
  • Traverse water
  • Push uphill while traversing the water…
  • Push a chokepoint
  • Line of sight with the enemy as soon as you spawn or leave spawn
  • Playarea of the enemy is too far advanced compared to where the objective is thus defenders dont even play on the objective.

Playing us in the Pacific is getting beaten simulator, it’s a rough experience as a solo player.



Ju 188 A-2 tailgunner is completely broken you can’t switch the view to that gunner plus it will make your plane crash since it keep spamming notification that you are flying too fast

Ah, bug fixes. Always nice to see the small stuff being taken care of

The US have dominated Pacific literally since the merge, yet you complain US don’t auto win currently?


Go queue solo as US. Give it 5-10 matches. Tell me what was your experience. I dont want to “auto win”. But I do want a fair fighting chance.

I know balance cannot be perfect but would be nice to be given at least an even change to fight back.

You think it’s fair to spawn camp someone? Is that a good experience on the receiving end?

Do you genuinely think it is a good experience for people to not be able to leave spawn?

The entire match is about to end as you can see in the score, and look where the entire team is at. IN BASE SPAWN.


I used Ju-188 yesterday and I have not experienced any issue. I even shot down one plane while using tail gunner.

I checked now, had no problems

weird that it only happens to my plane

And what does this mean? For those who don’t have a PhD in War Thunder.
Tiger 1 go boom?

There’s a bug with resolution switching to shittier one when tabbing out, extremely annoying and have to go swith manually to another setting and then back to preferred.
This since last update

Thank you very much!


Positive change. Its Heats were really trashy and pretty much pointless on BR4.


ain’t Tiger 1 has 110mm of armor?


It should do ‘something’ at exactly 90 degrees and under 100m. At least now its not a dead BR4 vehicle.