Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

update is very good :+1:

outside the fact that we can see what the enemy is using. not a huge fan ( scoreboard icons near nicknames ). anyway;


NICE these improvements are extremely good. I wondered what the 3 GB new data were when starting the game 1 hour ago and instantly saw, how the soldiers look better and more realistic, the weapons look more like real metal and even the faces are almost naturalistic now.

The W-Phosphor nerf is also a smart and balanced one.


Thats great, but is there any word about the possibility to sell some unnecessary weapons like mortars, flamethrowers, AT rifles, Panzerfausts etc? Some of us still have a lot of them laying around from the times when all equipment orders were only random. It would be nice to have something from them.

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you can now sell them.

except the sturmpistole for some reason.


they were designed and build as a LMG-esque rifle, and they could be used in that role similar to lmgs designed 15 years before. but they are closer to assault rifles than to lmgs technically and in terms of application. the game apparently included that property in the weapon file and affected the fg42 with the dispersion reduction. i wont complain, i take all the fg42 love i can get from gaijin.


the game crash and don’t work after the update on my ps4 pro!(error CE-34878-0)

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Devs are aware of this issue.

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An absolutely superb update. The gunplay feels a lot smoother and easier. I am enjoying the game so much better than before. Thank you, Darkflow. <3

LMG get de-nerfed?
Though I am still keeping the loadouts from LMG which was still usable era. (Just too many weapons in my inventory)
But poor SMGs…
They are going to make SMGs less favorite as they should be in battle.
Spamming LMGs again?

My concern is that this is just going to make run-and-gun easier. Also, the HMG nerf I understand the thought process, but now they are TOO easy to break. Engineer fortifications, including the HMG now are too easy to break as general infantry. When are we going to get some buffs for engineers?

  • White Phosphorus STILL goes through walls. Reducing the duration doesn’t change the fact they are still going to be spammed non-stop.

  • Defenders are still in the dark as to where the next objectives are going, so they have no chance to prepare.

  • Grenade and ammo pouches still reign as most taken because there isn’t anything else of comparable value. Mine pouches would be great as it would offer a direct counter to players that take grenade pouches.

Great, just more chances for people to break engineer fortifications that required a cost to put up, but don’t require anything to take down? There really needs to be a consumable or an engineers only thing.

So essentially we will NEVER see AI on the front line again.

This is appreciated, but could we at some point get a bug fix for when you’re not able to set down a mine without first throwing a grenade? It’s extremely problematic.

This is appreciated, but would again like to voice the suggestion to be able to PLACE the detonator somewhere, so the TNT can be used more as a mine and not just a suicide bomb, or require the player to babysit that character.

Did this fix their pathfinding in regards to WP as well? I’ve noticed sometimes when WP is being spammed, the AI goes haywire, sometimes causing them to leave the area they are ordered to stay in even when the grenade is nowhere even close to them.

I would like to note that I think this was an utter mistake. Considering the standard MG nest takes a single bullet to disable, and the HMG takes a couple hits now its fried. Should be limited to Anti-tank weapons and explosives.


I hope for weight rework, so LMGs would be slow to aim and impossible to control from shoulder.
In few words: make LMG support weapon, as it should be.


But you see, dev still not improve weapon mounting system…


ofc, this should be done with mounting improvement


One thing at the time.

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I think, all SMGs should be more accurate with less predictable recoil instead. “predictable” recoil is something controversial by its meaning.

it is step in right direction. WP going through walls requires them to actually implement impermeability of walls which is tougher to implement.



just did 2 games as japanese…amazing! the pacific really gets the big love recently. cant wait to try out the new maps.

Thank you for fixing planes going down in flames, Moscow bullet pen, AI, just one suggestion might be a little OP to see the enemy squad composition (who is sniper and engineer etc) I think!?! @1942786

It’s a good thing that we are able to get rid of some of the equipment that clutters up screens, but here’s a list of things that cannot be sold still:
Backpacks (Backpacks, Grenade Pouches, Ammo Pouches, Radios, Parachutes)
Axes, Hammers & Shovels
Grenades (Explosive Packs, smokes, frags, molotovs, white phosphorus, impact)
Mines (anti-tank, anti-infantry, TNT)


Is that the first Major Update of the year?
Any news about the next dev blog ?