Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Meet the new Enlisted update! All machine guns are noticeably more accurate when firing from any position, AI soldiers are much better at avoiding bomb blasts and fire, and will no longer try to stop you from building engineering structures, plus accumulated knives and other unnecessary items can now be sold.

We have also optimized the processor utilization of the game — in some cases, the frames per second can increase quite noticeably.

Look at the cool graphic improvement — the new system of wind interaction with flora. The trunks and branches of trees and bushes now simulate real interaction with the wind depending on its strength. You will be able to appreciate the new animations in the Pacific war campaign.

The already impressive variety of game missions has expanded again in Tunisia, the Pacific, Berlin, Moscow, and Stalingrad. In fact, this is just a tiny part of the more than 200 changes!


  • Reduced dispersion for most machine guns:
    • MG 34: -27%;
    • MG 42: -29%;
    • MG 42 early: -27%;
    • MG 34 with Patronentrommel 34 magazine: -27%;
    • MG 15: -19%;
    • MG 45: -33%;
    • DP-27: -22%;
    • Beltfed DP: -22%;
    • DPM: -20%;
    • DT–29: -21%;
    • RD-44: -27%;
    • MG 13: -27%;
    • MG 13 with drum magazine: -27%;
    • ZB-26: -13%;
    • MG 30: -30%;
    • Madsen: -29%;
    • Chauchat: -35%;
    • Lewis gun: -23%;
    • Fedorov MG: -8%;
    • Breda Mod. 30: -29%;
    • Browning wz. 1928: -12%;
    • Browning M1918: -15%;
    • Browning M1918A1: -13%;
    • Browning M1918A2: -14%;
    • Colt Monitor: -19%;
    • Besal: -12%;
    • Bren Mk I: -12%;
    • Bren Mk II: -13%;
    • M1941 Johnson LMG: -13%;
    • Type 11 LMG: -15%;
    • Type 97 LMG: -11%;
    • Type 96 LMG: -8%;
    • Breda Mod. 30 in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign: -21%;
    • Vickers-Berthier: -17%;
    • Charlton Automatic Rifle: -12%;
    • FG 42: -22%;
    • FG 42 II: -22%;
    • M1 Carbine, M1A2 Carbine, M2 Carbine, M2A1 Carbine, M1 Carbine with grenade thrower: -50%;
    • Boys ATR: four times more accurate. Now it is as accurate as other anti-tank rifles.
  • Heavy machine guns can be damaged by light infantry weapons and are four times as strong as a machine gun nest.
  • The camera shake effect when a player is hit will now be reduced depending on the range that the bullet flew before connecting. This improvement, for example, will make the effect of suppression from automatic weapons less interfering with return fire at a distance.
  • Reduced duration of the phosphorus grenade toxic effect from 15 seconds to 8.
  • Faster transition to aiming mode for machine guns with low weight for this class of weapon: M1941 Johnson LMG, FG 42, FG 42 II.
  • Improved predictability of Sten submachine guns recoil: Sten Mk 2, Sten Mk 3, Sten Mk 2S, Austen.
  • Added correct models for the large and small grenade pouches for Axis in the Battle for Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad, Invasion of Normandy, and Battle of Berlin campaigns.
  • Fixed incorrect camera behavior when reloading some light machine guns.
  • The weapon purchase window now displays the full list of classes which can use it.
  • Fixed inconsistency between recoil characteristics of StG 44 sniper version and regular StG 44 sniper version. The recoil has become more predictable.
  • Corrected pistol weights in Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Nagant Revolver, Colt New Service — corrected reloading time in weapons cards.
  • Now during a quick grenade throw a soldier will lower the weapon he was holding at that moment.
  • Removed the slow reload option for the S&W M1917 revolver. The soldier will change both clips regardless of the number of remaining rounds in the cylinder.
  • Removed the ability to use melee weapons while crossing obstacles.
  • Browning M1919A6 — now after reloading an empty belt the correct amount of ammunition of the next belt will be displayed.
  • Radio operators got the ability to call artillery while being in a vehicle.


  • Adjusted the armor penetration of the Yak-9K’s cannon.
  • Improved vehicle exhaust effect.
  • Fixed the following problems with the M3 Stuart flamethrower tank:
    • The machine gun icon has been replaced with the correct fire icon.
    • Flamethrower now has the correct name in X-Ray.
  • Overheat indicator is now displayed when rotating head in the tank with the C button if there is at least one machine gun that can be fired from.


  • Improved gamepad controls. Added prioritization for actions assigned to one button:
    • If a door is in front of the fighter, a vehicle you can sit in, an ally you can heal, or an item you can take, that action is performed, not reloading as before.
    • Reloading while aiming inside a vehicle now has a higher priority than exiting a vehicle.
    • Picking up a weapon from the ground now has a higher priority than fixing a vehicle or exiting a vehicle solo.


  • Added new environment sounds indoors.
  • Fixed many sound bugs for reloading of different weapons.
  • Improved firing sounds from some tank machine guns.
  • Fixed grenade explosion sounds for the GGP/40 grenade launcher.
  • Disabled the building animation from playing if it is not possible at the current position for some reason.


  • Added a new system of wind interaction on the flora in the Pacific war campaign. Now the trunks and branches of trees and bushes simulate the real interaction with the wind depending on its strength on the location.
  • Added a new spark effect following some hits.
  • Added a new effect of burning on ground.
  • Water splashes now scatter as the tank moves through the water.
  • Added smoke effect to F2A Buffalo’s engine boost.
  • Added a small smoke effect (mostly used on house chimneys).
  • Improved small smoke effect, mostly used as smoke from tank barrels.
  • Improved hit effect from Type 97 anti-tank rifle.
  • Optimized the effect of smoke from the crater after a powerful explosion.
  • Fixed missing damage effects on downed aircraft.


  • Added extra ground vehicles respawn points in the Gorge South (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added new mission Airfield East (Invasion) to the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Added new mission Entrance group (Conquest) in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Added new mission Forestry (Destruction) to the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Added new mission The Reich Chancellery (Confrontation) to the Battle of Berlin campaign.
  • Added new mission Gavutu Airfield (Destruction) to the Pacific war campaign.
  • Added new mission Oasis (Conquest) to the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Added extra cover near the fourth point in the Airfield (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed a bug with the ammunition resupply point for vehicles in the Communist street East (Invasion) and Communist street West (Invasion) missions in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Fixed a bug with the ammunition resupply point for vehicles in the Oasis (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed a bug which caused flags to remain hanging in the air on the Battle of Stalingrad campaign maps.
  • Fixed the aircrafts’ respawn point in the Forestry South (Invasion) and Forestry North (Invasion) missions in the Battle for Moscow campaign.
  • Fixed bugs with combat zones in the Airfield (Invasion), Omer North (Invasion), Omer South (Invasion) missions in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed infantry respawn points in the Gare de Saint-Lo (Destruction) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Fixed infantry respawn points in the Gorge South (Invasion) mission in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.
  • Fixed the vehicles’ respawn points in the Airfield (Invasion) mission in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Improved the Warehouse capture point’s geometry in the Omer North (Invasion) and Omer South (Invasion) missions in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.
  • Improved the balance of several missions in all campaigns.


  • If a spectated player dies in a replay, the camera will automatically switch to the next squad member under his control.
  • Added a smooth zoom in replays in free camera mode.
  • Added inertia of a free camera stop in replays.
  • The name of modifications is now displayed on the replay page on the Enlisted website.
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphical artifacts-shadows to appear at high resolution screenshots taken in replays.


  • The squad.changeTeam console command now works in sandbox editor mode.

With the release of this update, preparations have begun to modify game files that will require changes to existing custom modifications. Detailed instructions will soon be added on the sandbox.enlisted.net portal under “How to update your mod”.


  • AI soldiers now try not to obstruct the player during the construction of an engineering structure.
  • AI soldiers now try to run as far as possible from the falling aerial bomb.
  • Fixed a bug where player’s AI soldiers could take cover outside the boundary of the battle zone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI soldiers to sometimes not start extinguishing themselves.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI soldiers to go around fire incorrectly.
  • Non-engineer AI soldiers will now be able to disassemble structures as well.


  • In the battle statistics priority is now on the active class of the player, the ranks of the participants in the battle are shown in the debriefing.
  • Added an option to enter combat by double-clicking on the selected respawn point.
  • Added an option to upgrade several weapons of the same model or move them to another campaign.
  • You can now sell basic items like knives and first-aid kits.
  • Display of possible ability points and information about starting perks was added into the Soldier Recruitment window.
  • Grenades will now explode in the player’s hand if cooked too long, instead of automatically throwing them with minimum delay.
  • The logistics and armory menu now displays weapon modifications — sniper scopes, bayonets, grenade launchers.
  • In the infantry training improved description of the grenade throw. Added different hints to different stages of throwing.
  • Added display of booster bonuses for squad and soldiers in debriefing.
  • Allied markers now become semi-transparent if the player cannot see allies.
  • Now received weapons or vehicles can be improved immediately in the window of its receival.
  • Improved the poses of soldiers when firing from STZ-5 tractor body.
  • Improved heat haze effect in the Battle of Tunisia campaign.


  • Fixed camera shake when moving the engineer’s anti-tank guns.
  • Fixed the penetration of wooden objects in the environment.
  • Thin wooden objects such as fences, doors, planks, etc. are now easily penetrated, while thicker ones such as house walls, timbers, tree trunks, etc. still serve as good cover from enemy fire.
  • Fixed the commander looking out of the tank hatch for a short period of time when switching places in a vehicle.
  • Fixed weapon switching to pistol if pressed to fire immediately after throwing a grenade via hotkey.
  • Fixed a bug with the timing of cartridge ejection when firing Arisaka rifles, Mosin system and Springfield M1903 line of rifles.
  • Fixed a bug with missing recoil control factor for Beretta M1918 and Thompson M1928A1. The Beretta M1918’s recoil is increased by 35%, which, combined with the recoil control factor, makes this submachine gun comparable in performance to other weapons in this class.
  • Fixed the shooting sound of the MG 13 with a drum magazine.
  • It is no longer possible to use an anti aircraft gun that has fallen under water.
  • In Destruction mode, removed tooltip “Only one sector left!” when all objects have already been destroyed.
  • The player is no longer considered a vehicle killer if the vehicle took no damage, and the player through the menu killed all crew members.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Auto-equip” to try to replace the engineer’s shovel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some perks’ icons to not match the cost points.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some bayonets to be poorly visible when viewed in the warehouse.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the position in the event leaderboard to not update if the player was not in the top 25 position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to be too close to the PE-3 aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the boxes with first-aid kits not to be displayed on the minimap.
  • Fixed the bug with the display of the fuel capacity of the Flammenwerfer 35 flamethrower.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when transferring some weapons to another campaign.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an engineer to be able to build a rally point in places where players would get stuck on respawn.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause weapons to appear hanging in the air.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a player who threw away a weapon while putting on/removing a grenade launcher to not be able to fire other weapons they had.
  • Fixed the sound of a headshot on a hit without a kill.
  • Fixed the text of the tooltips in Destruction mode. They now say that the object should be destroyed, not captured.
  • Fixed a bug due to which all buildings in the engineer training became available after the death of the player.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed hitting a soldier with a shovel and digging the ground at the same time.
  • Fixed the ability to heal, drink from a flask and call in artillery while planting a bomb.
  • Fixed the ability to dig under some small objects.
  • Fixed the ammunition resupply point icon not visible in the dark outline of the tank sight.
  • Fixed inability to hold breath while firing from vehicles.
  • Fixed inability to build any construction in the flashing zone (only rally points can’t be built in the flashing zone).
  • Fixed inability to aim weapons in WD Big 4.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to control the boat with a gamepad.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause infantry training to get stuck at the grenade throwing stage.
  • Fixed missing grenade resupply hint in training in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause AI soldiers to start running in infantry training.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause AI soldiers to die outside the zone in infantry training.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a rally point building to not count in infantry training.
  • Fixed a target disappearing in engineer training.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a tank not to explode in tank training after being hit.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tank to duplicate in tank training.
  • Fixed a bug which caused mines to explode when destroying environmental elements (fence, furniture) in close proximity to the mine.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a projectile fired from a mortar to have the wrong direction.
  • Fixed a bug with the aiming of the gunner’s turret on the Me 410 aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the kill log to show the player as a killer, even though he was not.
  • Fixed a bug that made the player see the message that his vehicle needs repairs when it doesn’t need it.
  • Fixed a bug that made engineers in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign unable to be equipped with MKb 42(W).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the readiness button to sometimes reset when selecting a squad in battle.
  • Fixed a bug, because of which the destroyed tank in the grey zone was not scored to the player who damaged it earlier.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the effect of burning tankers to be visible outside the tank.
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t allow the transfer of upgraded weapons between campaigns.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the friends list on PS4 from being updated.
  • Fixed a bug that could leave dishes hanging in the air after destroying a table.
  • Fixed an interface bug when spam clicking the inventory list.
  • Fixed the display of guns on the train when tracking a player in spectator mode.
  • Fixed display of platform suffix for names of players who were kicked out of combat.
  • Fixed warning about not enough weapon upgrade orders.
  • Fixed clicks going through the soldier recruitment window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the squad invitation sound to be played in combat where the invitation cannot be accepted.
  • Fixed a bug, because of which the saving of graphics settings in the battle did not apply in the hangar.
  • Fixed some poses of soldiers with PPT-27.
  • Fixed the sight jumps when switching between seats in vehicles.
  • Fixed the display of the tooltip on the destruction of the allied rally point.
  • Disabled killing the player with a phosphorus grenade if the player or the grenade is under water.
  • Fixed the position of the shovels icons in the inventory.
  • When shooting at destroyed tanks, bullet marks are now drawn.
  • Soldiers now can’t throw grenades while swimming in water.
  • Fixed the ability to dig and create craters under the rails at the STZ.
  • Fixed a bug of personal weapons falling out of vehicles when its crew members were killed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the TNT explosive to be unresponsive to the detonator’s detonation command.
  • Fixed a bug, because of which a commander of M10 could fire his personal weapon through the armor of the vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the AI soldiers’ order marker to be placed under the ground.
  • Fixed flickering fog in some areas.
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphic settings not to be saved after changing them in the battle.

amazing update, great to see this, this will make the gunplay so much more rewarding


Devblog when

Changes look good as well
I hope the Lewis and MG-13 Drum are properly accurate now


It would be nice to reduce the dispersion of SMGs and ARs as well


The best update since i play this game bro!!! The best!!! thank u Darkflow! u are my hero!!!

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Great update.Finally Chauchat will be able to use it properly.
However, Sturmpistole still doesn’t seem to be selling.

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Reduced dispersion! Finally!!! Lets goooooooo!

God have mercy on this forum


Great stuff guys!
Many QOL updates i didn’t expect

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Good set of changes and fixes.

Much appreciated.


Most are very good changes, but this point is questionable.

The link below gives explanations.



No it allows further discrimination against passive players
Just personal “Yeah that fits” moments when you see someone sitting back and not pushing and you can put 2 and 2 together
Also replacing rank with squad icons is to most likely help prevent people from leaving immediately when they can see the enemy team is majority players who play enough to achieve the gold ranks

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Wait, FG count as MG?
I thought they are “SF rifle”?
Still good update.


Do you think m1/m2 carbines are too mgs or what?

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nice update!

Does this mean that the functions of custom blk and custom templates will be ready soon? Am looking forward to :kissing_heart:


Jesus learn to read.


Outstanding work, Darkflow! :+1:


I still have not quite understand this, could you please explain in a more straight forward way? Sorry for my lacking of game knowledge.

But one idea for that is display active squad for teammates only, not the enemy team.

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Thank you for working on this stuff, much appreciated


stationary LMG?

WP nerf finally…

what is that like 15th try to fix that?

what about going prone on some distance?

press x to doubt :stuck_out_tongue: