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Not sure if intended or not, but the commander, when using the ‘C’ to look around thing doesn’t snap back when letting go of C unlike with normal infantry.

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Funny story, I’ve been going back to making Fun Squads while playing in Normandy, and this isnjust icing on the cake.

I have tons of 4 star G43s that now became deadlier. Multiple squads of Bolts (Max star Mannlicher and MAS36).

Its going to be glorious!

And coupled with the fact we have inertia and no more slide ground jumping shooting and B-Hopping…this game in one patch just got instantly more fun.

There are some long sight lines in Normandy, I’m going to Bolt my way to Valhalla.


Oh… so lmgs also have the same recoil as in Stalingrad now?

That is a shame… Only axis lmgs were unusable in Stalingrad, unless bipod crouched, and bipods mechanics are still not working well.

Meanwhile dt29 and 27 can be used while run and gun, standing or simply crouching…


So is Enlisted playerbase that much small that a single full custom lobby poses such a threat to the matchmaker? Interesting…


I think inertia is good, but not excited with gunplay changes. Lets see how this plays out, but i foresee the same camp fest that snipergrad is also in other campaigns.

Heres your feedback:

Stationary MGs:

They need more vertical - and + depression. At least the MG34 and the Maxim. Currently forget about building them on a 2nd floor building and trying to set up a defense. It is not possible.

They need more horizontal pointing angles. Now they can just shoot whats in front of them. Meaning theyre very limited and again useless, so increase the horizontal pointing angles.


Fix them, they are simply unusable. Go play something like Hell let loose and see how theyre supposed to work

Suicide bombers:

Fix it finally. Make it so if you die before ordnance explodes you dont get the kills. Or you get them a few seconds after you got the kills for rockets.

Full auto meta:

Add a new class called “Auto rifleman” who will have the powerful Select fire rifles (FG42 FG42 II, AVS36, AVT40, M2 Carbine)

Dont allow more than 2 of the same squad type to be brought into battle. Meaning you cant bring more than 1 of each squad type. So no more 2 or 3 assaulter squads, only 1. This will limit auto classes and bring some variety

Maybe discuss with the developers about removing the “recoil reduction” perks? On some guns that should be balanced by high recoil it simply removes it, such as PPSH or STG


Take a look at these, and think about your campaign balance, tanks versus infantry.

These are like the biggest issues you need to work on i listed. The most important being full auto meta. It just makes the game unfun. Thankfully you introduced the BA buff so thats a good start

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In logistics the popup menu when buying explosion packs displays silver order instead of bronze which are now the shown price, and are deducted after the purchase.

Also some prices make no sense now, like 1 silver smoke granades and 2 silver for drinking water.
Are those prices right or bugged? I haven’t seen price change mentioned in update post.

For Berlin campaign, why did you change the price of binoculars and flask to silver orders from bronze? It is not like anyone has any reason to buy them or use them because they serve no purpose in the game’s meta. Also, this isn’t even mentioned in the change log.

Also, for Germany, medkits cost 1 silver order, while for Russians, they cost 1 bronze order. I hope this is a bug.

I like the movement changes, especially the stance change mechanic. It is no longer an overpowered, and a bit silly method of dodging enemy fire while being able to accurately shoot at your targets.

It would be very nice if something was done about bunny hopping too. Jumping should not be so high, and it should not carry such a high momentum, so that we can abuse this as a method to dodge enemy fire. With stamina and jumping bonus, it is quite overpowered, and frankly silly. And, ultimately, just like the prone/crouch/stand up spam, it has no place in a WW2 game such as this.

I have abused the prone/stand up spam quite a bit, and I am glad it is gone.

The changes concerning weapons (I like to see bolt action rifles getting a buff), but I am not so sure about LMGs and SMGs yet. I will have to play more.

Regarding LMGs, as long as mounting them is such a terrible chore, since the mechanic is very clunky and surface detection is very inconsistent, I believe they should be left alone until this is fixed. Sure, they should have high recoil and poor accuracy, but you should also be able to easily mount them and have decent elevation and depression angles. As they are now, just like in Stalingrad, they are simply bad weapons which should be avoided, along with the machine gunner class.

Furthermore, certain LMGs were meant to be used just as well for single shot, accurate fire as well as mounted for automatic fire (Breda, Bren or Browning for instance, which are very similar to an FG42 in their intended role, and overall characteristics).

In my opinion, LMGs should not be balanced the same way, while ignoring their ammo count, fire rate, firing block characteristics, and their intended purpose as if they are all the same.

Overall, despite some negative changes, this is a positive patch which pushes the game in the right direction, in my opinion.


I hope so too.
So now is good chance to grab explosion packs as they are cheaper. my bad it’s display bug


They would have to change at least the german MG from lafette to AA mount or we will end up with clipping models.

Add more models.

Hell i cant be the only one who would like to use the heavy MG called MG08

Sure, a lafette would be very cool

100% bug
fix - wip


Y’all finally listened! One step closer to changing the meta, good job guys.


Hi Keofox,

Great to hear some good changes here, I think you say you have been monitoring feedback on forums, the fact that AA is being spammed a lot more than mg nests, which have been further nerfed.

What about PS5 mortar shell bug, this was fixed before, now broken again. Can this please be re-fixed. Easily repeatable.

Looking forwards to more content, hopefully console can launch mods in future, thanks for password protection option :+1:

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Also Keofox.

It would be nice if you would pass this to the developers.

Manual gear shifting seems like it would be really cool, and it is. But they still switch automatically.

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Keo, could you clarify?
In the text you wrote about dispersion and on the list you wrote about nerfing and buffing the recoil of SMGs.

ideas? We are grateful for the thoughts. We could forbid lowering the implement into the ground, but this is not the best solution.



Don’t nerf angles. And make stationary lmgs FASTER to build than HUGE AA GUNS.


Maybe remove the shield, and make it more vulnerable. Increase reload time. Building time as well

  • make MGs cheaper than AAA
  • make MGs faster to build and AAA slower to build
  • disallow building AAA in buildings
  • give engineer I squad option to build MGs
  • [hard one] make AAA require a crew of ~3 soldiers to work at full efficiency
  • maybe remove shield / change the model to one with no shield