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There is an error in the customization of clothes in Stalingrad, and the Purchased clothes cannot be displayed normally.

@Conscript_Joe My body and bolts are ready for this.

Time to dust off the Label squad in Berlin!


Fantastic update, been waiting to show Bolt-Actions supremacy for a while. And inertia? Finally.

It’s all great Exept this:

Why did you guys nerf those already worthless fixed lmgs??? :laughing:

Also; are semis worth using again??? A bit better (more realistic) rof??? At f*** last! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What the fuck?

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I played it and the bazooka has been enhanced tremendously.
A good change for those who love the Normandy Allied Forces.



Can please make it free for all?

  • If not prem user: no exp.
  • If prem user: x2 less exp.
  • allow increase max players/bots in room (6 - squads, 30 - lone fighters) if prem user.


A good update? These are rare nowadays

Finally a fix to movement, fixing bunnyhopping.

BA changes thats also very nice.



Looking closer at the patch notes, there are a lot of issues that you made. Not a good update, a mixed one now. :frowning:


I’m reading the change log, and noted there’s nothing about lmg recoil change. Am I correct in thinking the recoil for lmgs from Stalingrad is NOT imported to other campaigns?

If so, it’s great, lmg recoil was the only weaponry behavior from Stalingrad that was broken a bit.

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You are correct. Stalingrad’s LMG rework is not ported to the other five campaigns currently.


That’s fantastic! It was the only mechanic I found was broken!

I’m really satisfied with this update so far!

@120062891 yes, let’s shine our bolties, it’s time to teach bunny hoping smg meta spammers the meaning of the word “pain”! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



You nerf it even more? Like you cant even build it on a 2nd floor since there is no depression. But you make horizontal angles now even worse? Are you trying to make them even more useless than they already are?

Revert the changes, and better yet add more depression, and horizontal viewing

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You should find another way to monetize this (if it has to be monetized anyway), for example: in War Thunder, when you spend more than 25 EUR in the game you get access to premium features like, modded lobbies…In Enlisted’s case, a player who invested an X amount of money into the game should be able to make private rooms permamently

What i am trying to say in nutshell: Tie this to money spent in game not premium


Yeah the built MG nerf kind makes them more useless. Already takes forever to build and now they can basically only point forward. Make putting them anywhere cheeky pretty difficult. Better off just making an AA gun.


Or a better solution would be:

If you played Ledt 4 Dead you know.

If youre AFK for long enough AI take your character over, and when you comeback you press mouse 1 to return.

Would be very good for enlisted. Since now you cant answer the fucking door without getting kicked


Submitted to the developers. Thanks for the info.

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Will we see the customization in other campaigns?

You propose not to make a premium account bonus, but to humiliate players without a premium account. :slight_smile:

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Oh my god it’s finally happening!


Right now we are reading your feedback and passing it on to the developers. Any bugs you report will be quickly fixed.

Just please, describe them more clearly. It can be difficult to understand what the player is talking about or find a mistake on your own.

And THANK YOU to everyone who reports issues to us.


The stamina cost from Stalingrad has not been carried over. The recoil in Stalingrad is the same.