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In this update the previously announced hardcore lone fighters mode will finally be available and another mission will be added to the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign, a new mission on the beach.

We are also continuing to improve your game experience! The engineer’s old rally point will be automatically destroyed after building a new one, significant changes have been made to artillery strikes and historical sights for armored vehicles have been added. AI soldiers will now make room for you when behind cover and become more efficient at navigating terrain.

Check out the list of changes, fixes and improvements in this update!



  • A new invasion mission on the beach in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign has been added. You will start at a different section of the beach in Operation Neptune and will meet the already familiar town of Ver-sur-Mer.
  • Additional shelters and a number of visual improvements have been added to the ‘’Airfield’’ location in the ‘’Invasion of Normandy’’ campaign.


  • Sections of the interface have been hidden in the lone fighters mode. The damage from allies has been switched on. Players who repeatedly damage allies will lose some of their earned experience points and be removed from the game session.
  • By building a new rally point the old one will now be destroyed automatically.
  • Control point markers in Training will be now displayed on the mini-map.
  • A tutorial for navigating the game interface has been added upon reaching the second level of a campaign.
  • Ammo and healing requests are now blocked while the player is behind a stationary machine gun.
  • In the “Conquest” mode a message now appears indicating that the available squad respawns have been exhausted.
  • Operation of the console aiming assistant has been improved.
  • The crouch position can now be set to toggle separately from the crouch position on hold.

AI soldiers

  • AI soldiers will now change their holding position if the player gets close to them. Previously the AI soldiers stayed in cover and could interfere with the player’s position and line of sight.
  • The order to attack a vehicle will now be carried out by just one AI soldier able to perform the order, instead of the entire squad at once.
  • AI soldiers have received improved pathfinding and will no longer occasionally jump when respawning.


  • FG-42 - The initial amount of ammunition has been increased to the average ammunition for semi-automatic rifles.


  • Only one artillery strike per team may now be active at any given time.
  • Artillery can no longer be activated during the first minute of the battle.
  • The preparation time for initial artillery ranging shots has been increased by 5 seconds.
  • Upgraded artillery now only gives a 4-fold reduction in the time between volleys (60 seconds instead of 48), rather than a 5-fold.
  • Artillery ranging shots now do less damage.


  • The basic bomb armament of Bf 109 G-6 has been changed from 1x250 kg to 4x50 kg.

Ground vehicles:

  • Historical viewing angles and scopes for all armored vehicles have been added.

Graphics, animation, interface

  • Weapon and vehicle cards in the Campaign menu have become more interactive. By clicking on them, you can get additional information about vehicles / weapons.
  • The animation smoothness of controlling the cannon has been improved and the camera tilt of the player controlling it, has been changed.
  • A graphical charred body effect has been added for soldiers.
  • A flashing icon to the button for quickly removing all of a soldier’s ammunition in reserve has been added.
  • The appearance of torn off body parts has been improved.
  • A new status display for AI soldiers has been added to the interface.
  • The tooltip display that appears while in a burning tank has been changed. Now it is specified that before extinguishing the fire you must leave the vehicle.
  • The number of mines carried is now displayed in the interface - if, for example, a soldier has a bag for explosion packs.
  • Shadow quality on low graphics settings has been improved.


  • Experience standards in squad and lone fighter modes have been increased; the correlation between experience and points gained in the battle has been adjusted based on the battle statistics for these modes.
  • Killing opponents while defending points will now earn players additional combat points.


  • The sounds of shell explosions and artillery shots have been improved.
  • The display of the current volume level has been added to the settings.
  • The sound when you press and hover over inactive interface buttons has been disabled.
  • You will now only hear sounds from enemy rally points and not friendly points - as to better differentiate the two.


  • Now, when the machine gun is destroyed on the engineer’s machine gun nest, this point will be considered destroyed and is no longer taken into account within the construction limits.
  • A bug in displaying the distance to allied tanks when firing a mortar has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused defenders to not receive points for defending a point in Assault mode until the point was recaptured from the enemy has been fixed.
  • A delay while throwing a grenade when the ping is high has been fixed.
  • The ability to enable/disable controller vibration in the settings menu without having to restart the game has been added.
  • A bug that prevented controller vibration from being disabled in the game settings when picking up items has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused moving objects to leave a trail behind them if the resolution zoom setting was < 100% has been fixed.
  • A bug due to which the checkpoint zone in the “Training” mission may not work has been fixed.
  • A bug where the player might not receive warnings about the imminent deactivation of the zone they are in has been fixed.
  • Incorrect display of mines when rejoining a session has been fixed.
  • Excessive zoom (zoom in) switching when firing some bolt rifles quickly has been fixed.
  • Incorrect display of hit markers when firing at stationary machine guns has been fixed.
  • The absence of hit effects from aircraft small arms has been fixed.
  • In the quick messages menu of the “Invasion” mode, the absence of items about the attack and defense of the point has been fixed.
  • Delays when dragging soldiers in the “Soldiers Management” window, which were observed when there were a large number of soldiers in the reserve, have been fixed.
  • The appearance of blood on the tank when hit from the aircraft’s small arms has been fixed.
  • A bug due to which the effects of rain and snow were displayed inside the aircraft cockpit has been fixed.
  • Now aiming does not affect the visibility of markers on the screen.
  • The achievement “Multi-Kill” now displays the same number of frags that appear in “Kills in a row”.
  • A bug where a grenade could be thrown through walls has been fixed. .
  • The erroneous appearance of “PlayerName killed Enemy” message in the kill log after destroying a stationary machine gun has been fixed.

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