Unless thy is a fool or a troglodyte though shall not

though shall not bring up weapons after 1945 surrender of Japan and Germany
This is a WWW2 game

Though shall not bring up games like Red Orchestra one or two and Heroes and Generals
They started as niche games and are dead or dying

Feel free to add your own or tell me how i am so wrong about Heroes or Orchestra and how we would be so lucky to be so popular

it would be easier to just say that you are.

without having to argue about it rather than trying to sway an opinion that wasn’t really gonna change in the first place.

so… yeah.
you are wrong.

and not just about heroes & general or red orchestra.


yes god works in mysterious ways, look you can want something to be true, you can love something, i love bad or niche games, to me they are everything, it does not make it true, but at least have the courage to provide evidence, i am sure there are people who play games no one has heard of,

yes with real evidence you can change my mind
so are you debating it was not niche or that is dead or dying
RO2 6 000 Peak 3 now
HAG 3 000 Peak 100 Now

did i say bad games. don’t know never played but in the end we do not want that kind of success for Enlisted

they had a fairly active scene for a while in their heyday, enlisted is basically also a niche game since it’s got a lot of the same problems of Heroes and generals…

https://forum.enlisted.net › number-of-human-players

Jan 11, 2023 — We estimate that Enlisted has currently approximately 25.4k players daily. ESTIMATED TOTAL PLAYERS. 1.6 million. We estimate that Enlisted had

if Enlisted is Niche Heroes and generals is and was a hobby project

World Wide Web 2 ?


shall i tell you how this number is BS?

you can check real stats here

someone datamined same source and got that currently enlisted has between 6-12k concurrent players at any time of the day(well at least at datapoints he has taken).

wow daily and concurrent mean the same thing

here i thought daily meant in the same day
and concurrent meant at the same time

daily is ~100k-110k unique players… maybe you would know that if you checked stats

Surprising that H&G has any players right now, considering that it is deader than Hitler.

peak is lifetime years ago, 100 it is more than 99 lol