Tunisia, a through analysis of how to not do a campaign

so I have been playing some Tunisia Axis and I’m already close to 80 games and close to 30 hours in, and I have been playing most of my games 1vs10 or 9 but this is not about that instead We are going to look at why this happened. (If you want to see the problem and solution I give just scroll its kind of TLDR)

So first I want to talk about levels in Tunisia Axis and compare them to their counterpart Tunisia allies and their consequences(and pros) in gameplay then we are going to look at similar campaigns to Tunisia(Axis side) and see how they are overcoming some similar problems to Tunisia.

So let’s start comparing levels and talk about them(we are mainly going to talk about assault weapons)(All of the weapon comparisons are made with fully upgraded models)

(Guns)From the first assault weapon we can see that there is a huge power gap between these 2 faction MP 28 is the first weapon you unlock for Axis it is nothing to talk about 20 round really is holding this gun back while allies get Sten with the same damage as Mp28 and better fire rate than it and a 32 round mag you can see a gap already but its starting gun it was never meant to be the perfect gun if it was why bother grinding levels

The first real assault weapon unlocked for the Axis side is M1 which according to Wiki was made between 1943 and 1944 and is a good weapon for the Axis side even though a fully upgraded Lanchester beats it in the fire rate category only by 120rpm, it is a good weapon nonetheless and you can manage to fight off Lanchester and I would say both these weapons are completely balanced and can nullify each other the only thing that can determine who is gonna win between 2 players who wield these gun are their skill and this is the only place where the gap between 2 factions is somewhat closed and from here on its gonna start to expand a lot

Now level 12 is where Axis gains an advantage by getting Amaguera Mod 39 while the allies get M1 carbine but it doesn’t mean that mod39 is good on the contrary it is bad but m1 carbine is worse

well we reached level 14 where the BS starts you grind in the hope of getting a good weapon I am asking you the reader is MP40 truly better than M1 same fire rate, a little more damage(0.2), fewer bullets, and identical recoil patterns so this already means you are unlocking a weapon that is not better than M1 but you can’t say the same for M1A1 same fire rate as Lanchester, 2 bullets less in a mag but 1.4 points more damage which means you will require fewer shots when you stretch the range and defiantly beats M1 and MP 40 in my humble mind

well we reached level 22 the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, OVP is really unique weapon but the high fire rate of the gun(1040rpm) combined with only 25 rounds means you will constantly be reloading which in Tunisia is a bad thing (will explain later) and I still believe M1 is better that OVP so why bother getting it just use the m1 in assaulter 2s, also the stick mag blocks half of your screen and has the same damage as M1. While allies get a monster at this level M1 Thompson has the same damage but with a better fire rate than M1A1 while having worse recoil (I am sure recoil isn’t a problem in most of the guns as most people here play on PC)

Level 26 just don’t bother it’s the same weapon as M1 (level 9 and 26 are based on M38 ) so why use it when M1 is cheaper and allies get M21/28 cool-looking weapon with less horizontal recoil than M1 Thompson and less fire rate while M1 Thompson is a CQC monster this M21/28 is a mid-range monster

You reached level 33 wow I’m impressed bro give me some of your willpower this is where Tunisia Axis get an upgrade to their M1 finally M38 smg it has the same fire rate as M1A1 Thompson and more than M1(beretta)
but it has less damage than M1A1 Thompson and all the other Thompsons in this campaign well what do allies get you ask?don’t worry they just get another Thompson I’m sure it’s nothing important. Why dark flow? They get m1928A1 Thompson with drum mag oh yes remember I told you m21?28 is a good mid-range weapon, ladies and gentlemen meet perfection want a gun that can fight mid-range you got it, want to spray a corner got it, want to hipfire got it, well I’m not even going to talk about this gun its simply best f2p Thompson in my mind second only to 100 drum Thompson in Normandy

Now before I move to the reasons that I think people not playing the Tunisia axis (and how it could have been avoided) we have to talk about 2 more things in Tunisia, Tanks, and maps, let’s start with tanks

(tanks)The first 2 tanks are pretty balanced they can nullify each other we reach level 18, Grant and Semovente well both can nullify each other too with Semovente hoving to shoot the upper plate to get the kill and even M14 can get the Grant from the front by shooting the hatch on the upper plate and all is cool(A13 can get Semovente, too)we reach the level 28 and its great PZ III J and axis starter tanks can get crusader III so no problem, so far so good. But the they decide to add Sherman 2 I get that people grind levels for powerful stuff but it makes any German and Italian tank besides PZ IV F2 useless not that those tank cant penetrate the Sherman II but at long range the places they can penetrate is unpractical

The places shown can be penetrated with anything larger than 47 and 47 mm itself

So this leaves allies with a slight advantage on tanks not much to wine about but what makes them OP is actually maps that we are going to talk.

(maps)Tunisia maps are open and closed what I mean by that is you have this large that is filled with sand and nothing else and you have the middle area which is an urban area mostly a village.
these maps invite tank-to-tank fights and in urban areas CQC.
Well, allies have better CQC (and that’s why I told constantly reloading OVP is not good since you are in CQC with 25-round means that even if you down 5 players there are always 6th and 7th )(this gun is the perfect gun for lone fighter but not squad mode)and on that note, these maps have sometimes open objectives (Bunker in Fortress and Ruins in Oasis) which invite HE shells also the openness of maps means you can move around the map without having to face any enemy AT gunners and get good angles on the objective.
Also, any open maps make flanking impossible as running in an open field invites a HE shell.
on a brief note let’s talk about planes since maps are mostly open it is perfect for rockets which allies get.
(Comparison) before we talk about main problem of Tunisia and why it flopped let’s look at a similar campaign in my mind to Tunisia(Moscow)
Well Moscow axis starts with the same footing Tunisia Axis with a power gap and it expands but Moscow tries to close the gap at later levels we first see this at level 20 where Germans get mg34 and get a disguised assault rifle, a little heavy but it can do the job low recoil, high fire rate after that it’s level 26 with mp 35 first German smg that gets fire rate of 620 and afterward it’s an uphill until germans catch soviet weaponry with Kiraly 39M. And they catch soviet tanks at level 37 with pz III J1. You hopefully see what I mean even if it takes to catch to the soviets in Moscow, the axis catches up even though the gap in Moscow axis is more significant than Tunisia but simply Tunisia weaponry never catches up to allies.

(problems and solutions)
1- as I said Tunisia axis starts with a gap but it never gets closed
2-people love to play with powerful weapons but Tunisia doesn’t have those kinda weapons at least for axis
3-the biggest problem is that nobody plays Tunisia Axis because there is nothing powerful and interesting to unlock in this campaign that you couldn’t unlock in another campaign, especially in Moscow and Stalingrad they almost have the same identical weapons with Moscow and Stalingrad being 2 campaigns that offer MKB42 , and Stalingrad even you can unlock MP717r so why should you play Tunisia when you can unlock same stuff and more in Stalingrad(obviously if you have access pass) otherwise you can grind Moscow. Almost no one would want to lose their remaining mental health fighting Tunisia allies to unlock PZ IV F2 which can be unlocked in Stalingrad and Moscow or m38 which you can get in Normandy, and believe me Fiat is not even worth the grind nor Italian tanks.
So the solution you ask me it is simple yet controversial, my solution is to remove 4 levels from the axis and replace them so the Tunisia Axis would feel unique, don’t worry all of those levels can be obtained through other campaigns.
The first level removal is Level 2 MP28
Remove Level 14 MP40
Remove the kar98K with the grenade launcher
so lets organize assault weapon now it looks like this
Level 2 empty - level 6 Shotgun - level 9 M1 Bretta - level 14 empty - level 22 OVP - level 26 m38/42 - level 33 mp38
Now let’s move M1 to level 2, OVP to level 9, and level 14 would be m38/42 and also let’s move m38 to level 26
so now levels 22 and 33 are open so let’s give some unique and somewhat good stuff to make this campaign interesting .
Level 22 would be Breda mod. 1935 pg

The Breda PG was a prototype automatic rifle manufactured by Breda
The PG was a gas-operated rifle fed from a 20-round magazine. It was trialed by the Italian government and sold to the Costa Rican government. The Italian models were semi-automatic only and chambered in 6.5×52mm Mannlicher–Carcano, while the Costa Rican models were chambered in 7x57mm Mauser and had an automatic fire mode with a four-round burst limiter. This makes the PG the world’s first burst-firing automatic rifle.
Around 400 Breda PG rifles were issued to the Costa Rican military.

The gun should be added in burst fire mode as that would make it even more unique and along with the next weapon it should be only obtainable in Tunisia if devs ever decide to listen to this they would know how to balance the gun in a way to not be OP yet powerful.

That leaves level 33 which this weapon should be powerful as it would be competing against arguably the strongest Thompson so I present you
The Cei-Rigotti also known as the Cei gas rifle is an early automatic rifle created in the final years of the 19th century by Amerigo Cei-Rigotti, an officer in the Royal Italian Army. Although the rifle was never officially adopted by any military, it was tested extensively by the Italian Army during the lead-up to the First World War.
Also, this weapon had magazine sizes of 6, 10,20,25, and 30 with supposedly a 50 drum which as I heard was tested in Rome firing 300 rounds automatically and then heating.

this is from the British museum with 20 rounds also British army was testing this weapon for adoption too

Now level 20 the kar98k with Grande launcher I want to change it to Modello 1928 Tromboncino Grenade Launcher

This weapon was supposedly given to special Italian units

And our last removal would level 28 changing PZ III J to P40

The P 26/40 was an Italian World War II heavy tank/medium tank. It was armed with a 75 mm gun and an 8 mm Breda machine gun, plus another optional machine gun in an anti-aircraft mount. Design had started in 1940 but very few had been built by the time Italy signed the armistice with the Allies in September 1943 and the few produced afterwards were used by the Germans.
103 were build and I think it is enough to add the tank and its not like it has any armor Grant could probably cut through its armor like butter and other allied tanks, too the main thing is Its unique and if it gets heat rounds it can fight Sherman II effectively .

Thats it now i would like to hear you opinion pls comment my back hearts.


I’m sorry but if you want to make a point, you shouldn’t do an entire essay, that’s how you make people not want to read it

But I get the gist of it, the TL;DR is effectively: “Tunisia Allies has better gear than Tunisia Axis”

Also two things, Allies gets the M1 Carbine, not M2 (minor spelling error xd), and the Italian TD should be capable of frontally penetrating the Sherman II, check out the training area since I am unsure if it gets the same round as it does in War Thunder


Thx for the M1 also this was a through analysis so yeah the point of it was to make and point out every problem with details also under the Sherman photo I have written places shown can be penetrated by anything bigger and 47 mm itself that means Sherman can even be penetrated by M14/47 but I show the places where it can penetrate but it is unpractical at long range like I said I get that I have written a lot and some people might miss these little details

When I play I don’t care about “balance”. I use whatever I want when I want. I don’t care if the Allies or Axis have a thing that does this or a this that does that. Stens, MP 28, MP40, etc. Enjoy playing a WW2 sandbox shooter.

That’s like saying I shouldn’t use the M1 Carbine because the Gewehr 43 does more damage, or I shouldn’t use the Kar98k because the M1 Garand has more rounds and is semi auto

The whole point is a faction has content unique to it.

Now I think those weapons would be good to add for the game but the P40 shouldn’t be in Tunisia, it should only be in the late war Italian campaigns because Germany only used them


I get that yeah and i dont thing every thing should be balanced like I didn’t balance planes since allies had air superiority but Tunisia Axis isn’t at least not as unique as other axis campaign nothing to gain by grinding it that’s why I tried to make my suggestions as interesting and as unique as possible about P40 I could change it to 88 mm flack on top of a truck it would again be a unique ehh tank destroyer?

Sir is easier to sum up why people don’t play Tunisia Axis:
Normandy Axis, Berlin Axis exist, and those offers better weapons to grind than getting clubbed in Tunisia Axis, hell even playing $talingrad amd Moscow is better than that shite, the only thing probably worth griding are the italian planes, and still they are not as good as the Ally planes for this game


Real reason: how dare the devs make a campaign balanced equipment wise, where is muh wunderwaffen that smashed hundreds of allied troops just by existing, I gonna play another campaign I can get wunderwaffen


Funny enough soviets has more not dogwater functional prototypes and Wunderwaffen equivalent weapon in this game than other faction lmao


I actually love Tunisia. My only real qualms with it is

  • that playing 2-3 vs 10 is allowed
  • Lack of DAK uniforms and uniform variety in general
  • Lack of Some Italian focused equipment especially vehicles.

I love the maps, the scene and the weapons on both sides, they are just far from complete


Sherman and Grant use M72 AP shell and not M61 APHE, thus their penetration value is only 90 mm at best, they are not ideal to fight Tanks, Pz IV F2 should have no problem killing them.

About the fact that other tanks have trouble dealing with the Sherman, then what about the German Tiger in Normandy ? No US tank can go through its Frontal armour before level 31, and no one complain about it…

Also, you say that the Thompson is an improvement over the Lanchester, from a personal experience I have to disagree. Thompson have very low velocity for their rounds, they have huge recoil and have terrible sight for most of them, I would rather have a Lanchester than an M1A1.

Tunisia is indeed unbalanced, as are any campaign in the game tbh. The issue is the lack of player, which might indeed be induced by the lack of useful content on the german side. But this is also true for the Allies, there are not many great weapon in this campaign that you cannot find in others (maybe 50rd Thompson but except that it is mainly copy pasta from Normandy)

LOL, without wunderwaffen Germany wouldn’t have anything over level 30, high level axis equipment is just unicorns and prototypes.

But hey, nice try

I didn’t say that, Sherman can be penetrated by 47 and bigger than 47 mm that means the second unlock tank would be able to penetrate Sherman the only problem is as you look at pictures those places on long-range become pixel hunting which is almost impossible I stated that British Tanks have only a slight advantage not much to wine about but I guess everybody jumped TL:DR section and saw p40 and assumed that

about this it just not that unique tanks, the second to last Thompson which you could unlock it for Soviets in Stalingrad, fighters, and a unique semi-auto also the fact that you unlock Lanchester at level 9 while in Normandy you unlock it at level 26 as this campaign offers the same SMGs as Normandy and earlier than Normandy

50 round Thompson is arguably the best US weapon in the game, yet the M38 with 40 rounds is also great.

If I had a choice I would usually always pick the Thompson over the Beretta because of its much greater power in close combat, yet in Tunisia i would argue that the beretta is actually the better weapon because of longer ranges engagements.

Also Panzer IV F2 should go through Shermans like a hot knife through butter, it bouncing is pretty ridiculous.

as a matter of preference the 50 Round thompson is a complete write off for me, just on account of its iron sights.

M38 all the way :slight_smile:

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Spaghetti G43 Kurz



I disagree. The Thompsons have really high dispersion and recoil, plus their sights are not ideal, the 50 rounds Thompson is certainly the best, but even for SMG I would probably rate the 50 rounds Lanchester equal if not better. And there are M2 carbine and M1919A6 which definitely are the best US weapons imo.

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To me you are focusing on the wrong issue. Don’t get me wrong, balancing equipment is important and it’s not good in Tunisia. But the entire problem is about balancing the number of players in each team and also make sure they have a similar level to counter each other. Last year in European timezone, axis team were absolutely crushing allied teams in Tunisia, it was unplayable for the allies, now it’s the opposite. The main issue is that the game tries to fill each team without any limit resulting in garbage battles like 10vs2. How to solve this issue ? add one player in one team only if an other player in the enemy team is found… (it’s really not rocket science). “but nobody will want to play the axis and the battle will be filled with bots and the time to find a game will be crazy bouhouhou” => solution: give 50% xp reward to any player selecting the “play in any team” button. There, a solution to balance any campaign in the game.


Oh really? I don’t remember the german has a more than 75rnd belt fed LMG, more Volkssturmweapons? , more planes that use 30mm, 50mm and even 75mm autocannons, rocket planes, bigger bombs, cluster bombs, guided bombs, I don’t remember the germans has basic shite like a fricking StuG IV and without being premium? You know? One of the most common vehicle the Germans use in Mid war? How about rocket artillery? Large assault guns? SPAAs? Halftracks?

Man the soviet has so much variety that they are mostly copy paste and need a fricking WWI unreliable Automatic rifle as their last unlockable with artificial stats pull out of their 4sses, and Berlin you have prototype weapons that never entered mass production or hell even reach to the front line to begin with as normal progression weapons

I would add more incentives to play the weaker faction which there’s nothing right now

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You mean a tank with no MG that almost everyone would not bother to play because any Pz IV is straight up better?

I don’t remember any allied LMG that has more than 700 round per minute either