There is something that is not normal in the axis games

I feel like people who desert in under 7 minutes shouldn’t get opinions on things


I desert all conquests. Useless waste of time and i want to grind the event as fast as possible


I am not willing to waste my time in a game, which in less than seven minutes has already lost two conquest points, the games are completely unbalanced. I do not have to endure a game full of bots because the game demands it of me.


Oh no! The big bad Domination! I really don’t get the point of hating a gamemode so much that you will literally quit the game instead of just mindlessly kill a couple dudes for 10 minutes. Like yeah, it’s the worst gamemode. Yeah, it’s my least favorite. Doesn’t mean I’m going to compulsively leave the match. I’ll still try to squeeze a little enjoyment out of it and take my usually easy win


With the American side I win 9/10, I want fair games. I don’t understand your comment, it contributes absolutely nothing.

That should change today. All cap times and reinforcements are equal

I’ve had only terrible games yesterday. No matter which faction I’ve tried, we’ve got steam rolled in basically same way all the time.
I was the only one who built rally point. Then I died and when I wanted to spawn, there were 2 people blocking my rally point.
So I spawn on classic on spawn. And I didn’t have time to get to the objective before it was taken.

And this pattern repeated itself no matter which faction I have tried, it was so fkn frustrating. (Btw. I am speaking about BR5 matches)


F my guy. I’ve still just been having the time of my life in BR III. Although oddly enough I almost never see BR III-V matches. I genuinely wish I had more. Getting tired of mowing down empty Jap teams

Yeah BR V is almost non existent, when i play, try BR II and a few more players, but then they aren’t BR V.
Getting hard to see there be any high tier anymore, we may get new people, but they just be new, is not going to boost high tier at all.
Germans have abandoned there posts, games just one side bots, and other stack,
and being one of those that also doesn’t quit matches, find myself, not that excited to play of as late.

I’m hoping that as news of the capture times being reset spreads, the Krauts will start to play again and we’ll have us some more fun

Think there’s more to it than just capture times.
5x campaign shrunk to 1x, if you hadn’t played certain campaign, you now forced to research whole tree, certain campaigns now behind BR restrictions, people had never played certain maps.
almost constant defense matches
and ofc just the old well everybody, finished researching, also on cards


I dunno, I had some good games with the germans at BR V yesterday, it was quite refreshing. But it was only vs soviets. I tried all the faction at high BR yesterday, and won with all of them because I always had good teamate (that was odd honestly and I even got hard carry by the whole team when playing the soviets)

However low BR was still meh, got steamrolled as japanese (as usual) and steamrolled with the US vs germany. I hope that the situation become better in the upcoming days…

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If you are in Europe and your “yesterday” if my evening today then this resonates. I only could play 1 game today so my sample size is absolute crap but it was BR5 US and we were outmatched completely. I’ll need more data to have an opinion but I can say it’s not what I expected after that past few weeks and that’s a good thing.

No I usually plays on NA, and rarely on EU (I live in japan for my studies so the timezone is very different from both europe and north america anyway).

I played one game of US BR5 and it was a boring defense vs clueless germans.

I really hope that this update makes the game more balanced and interresting to play.

I will much rather use 20 mins in good invasion rather than in 2 shitty conquests

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I am quite enjoying conquest on new battle ofnthe bulge map.
Idk what’s so different about it, but it’s definitely fun.


Sane Japs are never going to take BR 4 since they will inevitably face BR 5

I heard German playerbase is back to play the new APC?

Yeah, no.

7.5 minutes and “AS-44 Model 5” boys disagree.