The Strange Naming Of US Navy Aircraft

Where does this AP and FP designation come from are they just making sh*t up like the FP-3 is clearly an F4F wildcat is there a reason they aren’t using the actual names and designations?

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Yes, there is copyright on several US plane names.
So the game must pay for a license to use the names.
They dont want to pay so we get funny names for planes.


grumman had the rights on the planes

War thunder and enlisted are kinda different games so you have to pay separately?

different devs* is why

On the same engine.

I bet Grumman is one of the companies that has possession of the alien technology.

Northrop-Grumman still hold the license for these aircraft. That is why Grumman aircraft are named weirdly to avoid paying license and getting sued.

This debacle was probably started when Activision got sued by AM General for allegedly infringing their trademark by depicting Humvee in Call of Duty without paying for its license back in 2016. The case was settled in 2020 with the NY judge preceding the case ruled that Activision had the right to depict Humvee without paying license to AM General for artistic purpose because COD was depicting a modern military conflict where Humvee was employed by US military at that time.

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Grumman is extremely anal about their names. Even almost a century later. Either pay the price or use another name for a “totally not Grumman plane”

It’s hilarious to me that a company can continue to file trademarks/copyrights for planes that haven’t been built in over 80 years. I don’t see the purpose at all.