Give the corsair its own squad

Right? they are in War Thunder, though, which is weird on top of weird

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Lol the only difference between those plane squad is just a useless emblem picture. Why should people regrind an entire squad for a useless picture?

Moreover, we already have 2 marine plane squad in the tech tree, while we only have 1 squad from the army air force, 2 from RAF and none from the navy so we don’t need more marine squad.

the only thing stronger than the snail’s greed is northum-gruman’s lawyers


The fuck are you on about?

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What about WW2 documentaries?
Do they have to pay when they mention a plane like “Corsair” and do they get sued if they dont?
Or are documentaries ‘free to use’ the names but games not because of making profit?
Just wondering because I also really want to see the normal names in the game.

BTW: happy the British and Germans werent so ‘clever’, thats why we do have Spitfire and Stuka.


might be cause it’s educational while games aren’t

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We already have 2 marine plane squad in the tech tree, give other part of the military like Navy a chance.

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Like this so I can remember to to reply in the morning, I’m not opening the game again right now to check/argue/suggest anything.

that said, in modern times, the US navy and USMC are the fourth and seventh largest air forces on the globe, USAF and US Army are first and second.

We have enough USAAF forces, shit we have enough US planes.

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do you really trust the russian honesty because i don’t which would make the navy the 3rd largest after army and chairforce

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Northrop Grumman maintains trademarks on all of their weapon systems for all commercial uses. Unlike copyrights, trademarks can be renewed every ten years in perpetuity. Documentaries and history books can use trademarked names under the fair use doctrine.

What is Trademark Fair Use? | US Trademark Lawyers.


Read the text

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Who do you think flies for the Navy?
Why Are Marines Part of the Navy? > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

That’s true, but there’s at least three if you count legacy

…You know the navy flies for the navy, right? USMC pilots are absolutely a thing, but the Navy has it’s own aviators

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Since the USMC is part of the Navy, it flies navy.

what? the USMC is it’s own branch of the US armed forces


Department of the Navy, sure. I know, I served, fixed aircraft. Marine Corps Aviation /= Navy, bud.


Yes, but it still flies from Navy vessels, is refueled by Navy vessels, and protects Navy vessels. That is why I said it flies Navy, not USMC ships, since they don’t have any.

A square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can’t be a square.

Marine Corps is part of the Navy, but the Navy is not Marine.


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