The SQUAD CAROUSEL changes, are very negative to the game

Deletion of game content

They claim that new players joining the game will no longer receive these squads in a future update, implying some form of content removal from the game. For example, there are currently 10 squads with same type in the game for same faction, but in future games all types of squad count will be reduce to 2.

I was really shocked by this, I was expecting new players to get the same number of squads as old players.

It now appears that these squads have been removed from the future of the game. So many squads, they even have unique introductions and pictures for each squad, that will never be available to new players again?

Due to the additional restrictions imposed by their changes this time, new squads have opened up to the game. To a certain extent, most of the squads of players in the current version have been deleted by the self-limiting game rules. The teams that actually log into the battlefield will be designated by specific level meta-weapons.

Not to mention that they plan to remove the Stalingrad Engineers feature on assault rifles. I don’t even want to mention that. It’s not important and I’m not completely surprised, but the change still seems like a betrayal to all players.

In fact, you can create a unique class with icon for the Stalingrad Engineer Squad to commemorate the players who supported your game. And you just used an ambiguous reason to remove the feature you once promised.

Force players instead of allowing players to choose

They claim this is to protect new players, but they could have had other smarter and more flexible ways of setting limits.

Instead of using this blunt method of prohibiting players from choosing.

DF’s consistent approach is to force players to use different things through mandatory rules. Instead of providing free space through rules to allow players to make more choices.

As a player, I would rather have the freedom to make choices than not being allowed to do so.

It should be that the player is allowed to release a nuke during combat, but he must accumulate 2500 points. Rather than prohibiting players from even deploying some large caliber heavy tanks in the battle for Moscow. Even the battle so-called historical accuracy, it deserves the heavy large caliber tanks

How about being flexible and even spending 1000 points when a player deploys a third identical squad? I’ve talked about flexibility time and time again.

To avoid misunderstandings, the following examples

the respawn score cost, it is not used to prohibit players from deploying things.

Instead, it is used to restrict players while allowing them to choose.

Stuck Regresses In Incresing The Game Features

This isn’t the first time a developer has done something like this.

In fact they’re constantly changing up their games, trying to make the almost unchanged arcade core interesting.

Another aspect is that they may use this as an answer to spam. But don’t forget that the rules they impose don’t apply to high-level squads, meaning high-level squad players can still spam on a recurring basis.

This seems to be putting the cart before the horse, with free players making more choices and paying players making optimal choices with less variety.

This seems to be the deadlock of the game, and they have no intention of changing that. In current games, players with higher levels of completion have fewer choices to make, while low-level game content allows for a lot of choices, most of which are meaningless to the meta-rules of the default game mode.

Let’s see if, after so much work, and so many deletional changes that I consider destructive (and now appear to be deletional), things change in the future. . Players will have to wait and see.

However, such a change will not cause too muchsetback to the gaming experience, it is more about maintaining the status quo and fearing change. And the restrictions on the carousel are more of a stucking on the part of the developers. It just shows their inability to deal with carousel spam.

The restrictions on carousels are more restrictive of the future development of the game. It’s more of just some kind of incompetent defense against extreme situations.

It’s not a positive solution, and it doesn’t do a better job of allowing players to spontaneously make more interesting changes in the game. It simply prohibits players from doing this thing, prohibits players from doing that thing, completely prohibits them.

Although they use the name of diversity, banning carousels only bans diversity. Diversity should be based on squad combination. There are many situations for permutations and combinations


Yes.It is unnecessary to allow only two squads, because it is completely unnecessary to bring a fourth or more Flametrooper squads, because it is not needed at all.It’s a bad idea to force players to use different weapons.


I was actually kind of expecting it. Its why i made a mad dash to unlock all the italian squads…precaution


It’s just a stupid mechanism that forces me to use different recoil weapons.


Proposed system is not ideal but it’s better than nothing (except premium exeption).


I am also very sad about the 2 squad type limit… i do not like it at all.


It is more about maintaining the status quo of the game experience as a defensive measure to avoid extreme situations after the merger.

In fact this rule just ensures that the merged squad composition is consistent with each current campaign.

But this kind of negative and non-progressive measure is still regressive in my view.


Now it seems that I have to change one of Assaulter squad into a Flametrooper squad.This is really too bad.


Not really. Squad rotation issue already exists.
If they would like to maintain status quo, they wouldn’t siggest this limit.

Imo it’s a step in the right direction. Some limits are needed or we will face nerf after nerf and you know it.
It may be not the best execution but at least it’s something.


Or a medic squad…or a tank with as much crew as possible and bail


I like that they have acknowledged the continuous cycling of classes as a problem. That part was the win.

The solution they proposed does nothing towards this IMO.

Deck should be unlimited, limits should be applied inside the match via mechanic…IMO


Sadly, they don’t seem to care about the problem of three tanks or planes, just infantry, and they seem to be for sell advanced squads and slot position.


? Squad limit applies also to vehicles. At least that’s how I understand it.

Yes, premium squads being an exception in an issue.


Me too. I think its blanket applicable


I don’t think so, because the announcement only says that experts are restricted.

They wrote “two squads of the same specialisation”. So imo it applies to everything.


All assault rifle are rank V weapons anyway, so what is the point to “protect” new players…


Then this game is even worse … It is meaningless to buy only slots, and you have to buy vehicles.


Except that you can just buy a premium squad to bypass this inconvenience anyway (looking at you paratroopers)


They are just as important as they were.
Unless you filled all your 9 slots only with assaulters like a moron.