The SQUAD CAROUSEL changes, are very negative to the game

Even if you’re limited to 2 squads of the same vehicle type, you can still have 2 tanks, 2 Fighter planes and 2 Attacker planes, so people will still be able to vehicle spam all day long.


Yes, that is a problem.
Just like I wrote 10 times already.

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This change is motivated by money just like coins that will be now also purchasable with real money. If they would care about the balance we wouldn’t have op flamethrower squads, 100 mag paras (both premium and event) or 9x infantryman with m2 carbines/fg42.

I hope they are going to reverse the change because it will make game even more p2w. Darkflow should think about way to buff squads that are less used by players instead chasing money.

It’s a good idea about 3rd squad of the same type costing points that we have earned during match to spawn them at least you won’t be able to circle them constantly if you get instantly killed.


If they really want game to be more diverse then they should actually keep Stalingrad mkb42(h) engineers as they are now but instead of that feature of being locked to Full Access owners it should be a new feature of every Axis engineer. They shouldn’t be able to equip anything stronger than mkb42(h) or FG42 II. Ofc they should compensate current FA with some goodies for removing yet another feature. That way Axis wouldn’t be outgunned by both spamming soviets (9x avt-40) and usa (9x m2 carbine)


Its a very positive change and a massive improvement to the game variety.
It should only be 1 squad per type and only one vehicle plane or tank not both.
But its a start.
Devs should not listen to people whining cuz they cant spam flamers and assaulters.


I only use one squad type in my lineups because I prefer to have distinct roles

I say we should just see how it goes first before anyone sharpens their pitchforks

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I’m going to use my god damn 3 premium tanks looping to show variety to every teammate and enemy, as well as you.

Of course I’m not saying they should do the same with premium vehicles.

This change is completely stupid.

If they are really going to try some kind of major change, it should be in a model that is specific to you, rather than being forced on everyone.


Seconded. If I ‘spam’ three STG-44 or AS-44 squads that is my choice. ‘That is how I like to play.’ Also if you have to make a rule first make sure that the whales can’t exploit it. Well guess what we f2p players can’t play with our favourite weapon while they can effortlessly spam the AS-44, AT-44, Grossfuss Sturmgewehr and what not. To sum it up just limit the spawn for paratroopers and flamethrowers while leaving the rest untouched.


Ah tommy who care if you use 3 premium tank you probably end on mid tiers or end tiers because there are just 3 low tier premium tank and those are pure shit

So please do it for waste tiket aganaist bazooka and panzerfaust


If they are really going to try some kind of major change, it should be in a model that is specific to you, rather than being forced on everyone.

Thats a hilariously dumb answer

Also im gonna bomb all 3 of those prem tanks the moment u spawn in them before u fire a single shot with them


I don’t care about other things. What i only mind strongly is the previous possibility to bring 3 flamethrowers. It would make the game unplayable, given the little skill needed to spam that thing. It must be limited!
Who ever love 3 flamethrowers are truly cancers of this game.


If you have Tunisia’s premium flamethrower squad, you can still cycle 3 flamethrowers.

This is how they protect newbies.


that’s why they should limit the total number of flamethrowers into 2 or less. Regardless premium or not.


No, restrictions are bad and I am against such crappy restrictions.

Spawn Cost can do the same thing and much more flexable


Or Ju-188 shock group lmao

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I think its really because the old days system of choosing squads doesn’t match the new merger. Like how ae86’s old speed meter doesn’t fit well with the new replaced engine(If you ever watch that part of the anime)

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Are you sure that you didnt mean “This is how they protect the whales from f2p.”
This will be a disaster if it releases like that…

This is already the worst suggested change even worse when this encourages P2W even more.

Well explained there.


they keep piling up the straws on the camel back.

the system of checking how much strain a rope can hold by pulling till it breaks works only if you have extra strings to replace the broken one…do we have a second full community waiting out there to join enlisted once the ppl get fed with it?

like i said before,

“we agree that bringing 3 of the same squad class breaks the balance and is unfair for new players, yet we are willing to look to the other way in your case if you slide some money here”

btw, if the release in the roadmap is really on steam, guess we can already know what welcome it will receive there, the overwhelmingly negative is almost a given…


They dont want to lose their cashwhales.


Ah yes poor axis getting outgunned while having the FG-42/II that can be equipped by everyone and also used on 9 man squads, truly sad days.

How am I not having any problems against the M2 while using the FG-42? Do I have some magic FGs?

But I do think the M2 should only be for assaulters, and certain varaints of the BAR should be changed to semi auto classification so they can be used like FG-42s.