The German Faction is dead

The German faction is currently completely abandoned, playing in this faction currently only serves to enrich players from rival factions with easy xp, since currently German teams are mostly formed by bots, and to complicate matters further, out of every ten matches, eight or nine are point defense, taking into account that currently attackers have a huge advantage over defenders, as this game favors gameplay that makes defense an extremely difficult task, and when your team is mostly made up of bots, makes it impossible


I play Europe + Eastern Europe, and Germany is always filled with real players.




Lol wat.

I just played Dominant Height German BR3 and we struggled with the first point but pulled it off.

I lost to a German BR2 team in Stalingrad the match before.

Sounds like you need to change up your style.


This. People please open up your server list and select EU also. The ping difference is negligible and you get a lot more matches to pool into.

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I’ve played several rounds as Germany today and it’s been just fine. Can’t remember losing if I did at all.

When 3 random forum users end up in the same match, and not even in a stack.

But, as I say often: trends. It’s all there is.

Might change with next event or unlocks. Right now, USA is being grinded for Pershings, and Sovs simply because they’re easy as usual (and ppl noticed only recently about it.)


what are you talking about bro? i´m main germany on this game and always i see a lot of players in my games

After playing lots of high BR the past few weeks I played a fair bit of low BR this weekend. If some German mains are frustrated, they may enjoy low BR.

I agree with Joe that there are probably a lot of people grinding so they can get Pershings.

After high BR USSR suffered for months, it’s fair play (if not frustrating) that they get popular for a bit.

Since i have no research to do and plenty of research points banked I’m on “Join any team” which is pretty fun.

i thought you were in stack… :stuck_out_tongue:
btw game sucks when you have competent players in one team vs shitty enemy team. had to sweat to actually get any kills before you stole them all…


German high BR is full of players, problem is that they are uptiered BR3 noobs.
Mains are a surprisingly small group in this game and aren’t enough to keep up the balance which is why faction trends constantly change.

Low BR German can be fun, but be prepared for 2 or 3 players sharing the same brain cell.

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It’s what I meant. it’s not really fun, but it’s what trends are about…

ppl follow em like sheeps.

axis sheeps, became Sovs sheep when the population switched a lil. it’s always like this.


played axis non stop for last few days and first allies game i get you two are in it and we roflstomp enemy… axis isnt really that bad, just that they get too many either shit maps/modes and they constantly get defense on BRV. if they got more attack side germans would be much better.


I mean, I mostly stopped playing the German faction for now since I’ve unlocked everything except for a handful of obsolete rifles and planes. Not much point to grinding when everything’s leveled.

So for now I’m just playing western allies and very occasionally I’ll play Germany


Since Germany didn’t get anything meaningful/non copy pasted in the past year, with the only exception being the königstiger H, there really isn’t an incentive to play for veterans.

Germany players are either grinding another faction or taking a break after the event.

Just for the record, until recently I was grinding Soviets as well.

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Yeah, Germany is my favorite faction. But at this point it’s the only one where I’ve unlocked everything of value. And with all of the research points I had, it took no time at all to unlock the King Tiger H, which was the only thing worth getting post-merge. The US and Soviets I’ve still got a ton of leveling to do so it just makes sense to play them instead, unless I’m feeling nostalgic.

Technically, I do need to level the engineer squad that gives you the FG-42 II, but it’s just tiresome since the rest of the squads are leveled except for them. I don’t want to recklessly kill my other squads just to get to respawn as that squad

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if DF didnt f people over with research requirements, i would have researched all the stuff i wanted few weeks after merge. ffs i needed to grind ~700k-800k xp for KT cause i couldnt continue research from tiger E, but had to grind everything before it as well.

now i need to research few other things in axis tree and then i will probably not play axis for next few months cause US and soviets will have priority for research.

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Funnily enough, devs still thinks 2 queues policy is somewhat relevant.

As you can see, it isn’t. Popularity bias is real no matter how small number of queues is.


indeed…really need that 1 for 1 player team balance lock. (also group v group from warthunder where possible)

excess players can get put against pure PvE if necessary

Think Ill be in hibernation until next FOMO or 3rd queue implementation (and customisation fix…was really excited to use my customisation orders with merge, but I wont spend them while its like this)


No it’s not.

What is this “huge advantage” to attackers that you speak of? I’ve never seen it. I gun things are pretty decently balanced atm